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									                      “SOYBEANS GO TO SCHOOL KIT”
                  Soylock Says, “Get a Clue About Soybeans”
            (Recommended for Michigan 3rd, 4th, or 5th Grade Teachers)
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Theme 1 Racey Soys!                                      Theme 3 Where has the Soybean Been?
What are soybeans? How do they grow and                  How do people from diverse cultures use
thrive?                                                  soybeans?
____ Lesson 1. Examining the Bean                        ____ Lesson 1. Contributions of Scientists Made
____ Lesson 2. Racey Soys!                                              Through Soybeans
____ Lesson 3. What do Plants Need to Survive?           ____ Lesson 2. Theme 3 Power Point
____ Lesson 4. Theme 1 Power Point
                                                         Theme 4 Can the Golden Bean Be “Green”?
                                                         How do advancements in technology afford us
Theme 2 Why Soybeans?                                    different choices about the environment?
How do we use soybeans in our everyday lives?            ____ Lesson 1. Beans give gas: Soy Biodiesel Fuel
____ Lesson 1. Those Oily Chips                          ____ Lesson 2. Growing a Car
____ Lesson 2. Why Soybeans?                             ____ Lesson 3. A Line-up for Henry Ford’s
____ Lesson 3. Theme 2 Power Point                                      Assembly Line
                                                         ____ Lesson 4. Theme 4 Power Point

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