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									                               Job Description

Title:                  Chief Information Officer

Reports to:             Branch Manager Corporate Services

Responsible for:        Up to 4 Staff and contractors

Location:               Wellington

Date:                   August 2012


The Ministry for Culture and Heritage’s role is to help make our culture visible and
accessible. It provides advice to the New Zealand government on cultural matters
and assists government in its provision and management of cultural resources for
the benefit of all New Zealanders by funding a range of cultural agencies, and
through the direct delivery of various cultural and heritage products and services.


To manage the provision of information technology, information systems, and
information management to the organisation, to work closely with the Heritage
Services Web team to ensure web services across the Ministry are effectively
supported; and to lead collaborative IM and IT opportunities across the cultural

  1. Strategic Planning         Understand the Ministry’s
                                 strategies and plans and
                                 participate in strategic planning.

                                Maintain a comprehensive,
                                 strategic view of the Ministry’s
                                 information management and
                                 information technology.

                                Provide ongoing strategic planning
                                 capability within the IT and IM
                                 environment to support the overall
                                 business strategy. Review and
                                 update the IM Strategic Plan
                                 regularly to meet ongoing business
                                 requirements and remain in line
                                 with industry strategic direction.

                                Evaluate progress against
                                 strategies and plans and modify
                                 actions accordingly.

                                Ensure that, where appropriate, IM
                                 strategies are approved by the
                                 relevant government sector
                                 agencies and that the approved
                                 funds to implement the strategies
                                 are included in the Ministry’s
                                 annual capital and operating

                                Investigate options for outsourcing
                                 aspects of information or
                                 technology services where there
                                 are clear benefits.

                                Provide a single point within the
                                 Ministry for advice and approval for
                                 all information technology
                                 initiatives and purchases.

  2. IT Production Support /    Plan future software, hardware,
     Operation Planning          and information management
                                 needs of the Ministry in conjunction
                                 with key users and service
 New hardware, software, and
  services are budgeted for and
  purchased and license registers
  are maintained.

 Ensure that appropriate
  documentation is kept and
  maintained and that change and
  implementation plans etc are
  prepared and consultation takes
  place with stakeholders.

 Provide ongoing support to users
  for the IT and IM function.

 Ensure that Service Level
  Agreements with providers are
  reviewed and negotiated as

 Ensure that the Ministry IT systems
  are secure and provided in line
  with Government security
  standards and that risk to systems
  or processes are identified and that
  proper risk management
  techniques are applied.

 Ensure that the Ministry maintains
  backups of data and that disaster
  recovery plans are in place that
  meet the requirements of the
  Ministry and the Government.

 Maintain, and create, a set of IT
  and IM policies to ensure that the
  Ministry’s business operation is
  protected and that all staff
  understand their obligations.

 Develop IM team plans, and review
  and update them regularly to meet
  ongoing business requirements;
  evaluate progress against plans
  and modify actions accordingly

 Seek and evaluates tenders,
  quotes Request For Proposals etc;
3. Financial Management      Develop annual capital and
                              operating budgets for the provision
                              of information management and
                              information technology services to
                              the Ministry.

                             Manage the budgets and monitor
                              actual against planned
                              expenditure. Report discrepancies
                              beyond agreed limits.

                             Manage the provision of
                              technology solutions and
                              information services within the
                              approved budget.

4. Information Management    Be responsible for the records
                              management function.

                             Ensure that Records Management,
                              and other information systems
                              comply with Government
                              standards and legislative

                             Ensure that the information needs
                              of the Ministry staff are met in a
                              reasonable timeframe.

                             Ensure that the Ministry has
                              available to it the knowledge
                              required to provide effective policy
                              advice by
                              - Identifying information needs
                              - Involving staff in the
                                  development of processes and

5. Sector Leadership         Influence strategically across the
                              network of cultural agency
                              professional counterparts.

                             Identify and facilitate opportunities
                              across the cultural sector agencies

                               knowledge and services can be
                                  the Ministry can lead and/or
                                   encourage a collaborative and
                                   cost effective approach to the
                                   delivery of ICT; this could
                                   include direct provision of
                                   advice or services.

6. All of Ministry Digital       Work with the Heritage Services
   Services                       Web Team Manager to ensure
                                  web sites are effectively hosted,
                                  commissioned, decommissioned,
                                  and archived in compliance with
                                  the Public Records Act.

                                 Work closely with the Web team
                                  manager to ensure infrastructure
                                  related to web publishing needs,
                                  including technical support, web
                                  hosting, back-up processes and
                                  in-house production systems is
                                  developed and maintained.

                                 Manage all back-up processes
                                  and procedures for internal
                                  production systems.

7. Management of People          Manage the Information
                                  Management and Information
                                  Technology team in such a
                                  manner as to meet operational
                                  requirements, ensuring a highly
                                  motivated group of IT and IM
                                  professionals with the
                                  prerequisite skills are attracted to
                                  the organisation and retained.

                                 Understand and support the
                                  Ministry’s mission and culture.

                                 Lead by example.

                                 Value and encourage the opinion
                                  of others.

8. Relationship Management       Develop and maintain
                                  relationships with other IT and IM
                                  specialists within the Public
                                  Service and with counterparts in
                                  the cultural sector agencies to
                            ensure sharing of knowledge.

                           Liaise with any outsourced IT
                            service provider and maintain and
                            a good working relationship.

                           Build and maintain strong positive
                            business relationships with all
                            suppliers and internal customers.

                           Obtain and manage consultant
                            and contract services as
                            necessary to meet performance

                           Contribute to the maintenance of
                            positive and harmonious working
                            relationships within the Ministry
                            as a whole.

                           Create and sustain an
                            appropriate image and profile of
                            the Ministry.

9. Project Management      Manage, through to
                            implementation, the projects
                            defined in the IT and IM
                            Strategies and otherwise
                            approved, to ensure that they are
                            completed on time and within
                            budget. Use appropriate
                            methodologies to do this.

                           Ensure that appropriate
                            documentation is kept, and
                            project management
                            methodologies are used, when
                            managing projects.

                           Manage the provision of any IT or
                            IM related support or service
                            required to ensure the successful
                            implementation of projects that
                            are managed by other Groups
                            e.g. The Encyclopedia of NZ.

                           Ensure that proposals of
                            contractors and providers are
                            workable in the Ministry IT

   10. Contribution to the                Information relevant to the
       Corporate Branch Team and           Corporate Unit is shared freely.
       to the Ministry
                                          Responsibility is accepted for
                                           work allocated and a cooperative
                                           attitude is demonstrated when
                                           working with others.

                                          A desk file of tasks and duties is
                                           established, and updated on a
                                           regular basis.

                                          A personal work programme is
                                           agreed to on an annual basis for
                                           the Ministry’s performance
                                           management system.

                                          Other duties are undertaken as



  Position                           Nature
  Corporate Services Branch          Reports to
  Information Management team        Manages
  Branch and other Managers          Liaison, negotiation, advice and
  Web Team Manager                   Close working relationship
  Other Ministry staff               Liaison and information sharing

Note: The Ministry utilises a team-based approach: many projects are undertaken
on a cross-Ministry basis. In such circumstances the CIO will work with all members
of staff.


  Position                           Nature
  External Contractors               Liaison and Management of
  Cultural sector agency contacts    Regular liaison and networking
  Other government agencies,         Regular liaison and networking
  particularly DIA


To manage the provision of information technology, information systems, and
information management to the organisation, to work closely with the Heritage
Services Web team to ensure web services across the Ministry are effectively
supported; and to lead collaborative IM and IT opportunities across the cultural


Management of Information Management team (2 - 3) and contractors


Operating budget - $1,000,000 approx
Capital budget – variable each year; delegated authority to purchase minor items,
                but also responsible for managing all IT/IM capital expenditure.


1. End User Focus – Actively considers end users and their requirements
2. Self Management – can proactively manage workload, priority, and time
   effectively and efficiently
3. Communication – messages are clearly and appropriately communicated both
   orally and in writing
4. Ethics, Integrity and Trust – Acts with honour and integrity at all times
5. interpersonal Relationships – proactively creates and manages relationships
   within and external to the Ministry
6. Peer and Team Relationships – proactively forms and maintains constructive
   working relationships with colleagues
7. Decision Making – Makes sounds and respected decisions
8. Professional Skills – has the functional and technical knowledge to do the job
9. Maori Engagement – demonstrates knowledge of Maori culture and language


1. A relevant degree or other qualification in information management or
2. A knowledge of information technology strategic planning
3. Information management and information technology experience
4. Able to think and operate strategically
5. Experience in supporting an office environment, preferably in the public sector
6. Experience with web and multi media issues.
7. A good understanding of software standards and of public sector interoperability
8. Project management experience.
9.    Experience in managing people
10.   A high level of initiative and able to troubleshoot problems
11.   Understanding of the importance of equal employment opportunities
12.   An interest in the culture and heritage sector.

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