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									 Ek wil asb inteken op Verskil
 Kanselleer asb my intekening op Verskil
 Verskil-argief                                                                   14 Mei 2010

.Sokker     Wêreldbeker 2010                                                                 Nog net
     TUC-nuusbrief                                                                          dae oor!!
        Aangeheg is die jongste nuusbrief met baie interessante inligting
         en kontakbesonderhede.


        Vir 'n interessante inligtingsbrosjure besoek:

     Uitreikaksies, tolke/vertalers, behoeftelyste

        Besoek: en lees meer oor uitreikgeleenthede wat
         deur PEN en NG Universiteitsoord aangebied word.

        Aangeheg 'n behoeftelys van die Central Baptist Church (Schoemanstraat, skuins oorkant die
         Amerikaanse Ambassade)

        Tolke en Vertalers : indien jy meertalig is, veral in Duits, Spaans, Italiaans ens, dan is hierdie oproep net
         vir jou:
         Are you looking for an opportunity to serve during the soccer? - There is an unique opportunity to
         serve the Brooklyn Police and Hatfield CID (they are responsible for the security in Hatfield) as
         translators on a “standby basis” during the soccer. If you can speak any language that is not
         indigenous to South Africa, like German, Spanish, Italian, etc, please consider to offer your
         service as a volunteer during the soccer.

         * The process and the registration form is attached. [Dokument by epos aangeheg]

         If you need more information, please contact myself or Elzaan at


                                                                                            6 May 2010

Dear Friends in Christ,

This week we focus on the hosting of TUG Public Viewing events. We have various documents providing
more detail on this topic under on
our web. We add more technical guidance in this Newsletter.

1. Licensing: Free Non-commercial Public Viewing licences

Thanks to the support of the Official Broadcast Partner in South Africa, SABC, no licenses will be required
to project the matches in a non-commercial environment. Organisers of the events simply have to comply
with the terms and conditions stipulated in FIFA's Non-Commercial Public Viewing Regulations (see web
Download address above).

2. Flow diagram: For consideration of equipment in selection for AV systems for DVD based Big Screen
See Attachment

3. What to consider when planning a TUG Viewing Event
a. Decide on what you want to achieve!
b. Decide on the programme of your event.
c. Comply completely with FIFA regulations for Non-commercial Public Viewing (see under Downloads).
d. Take into consideration the time of day for the viewing.
e. Determine your capacity and whether your audio and video capability can meet this need.
f. Arrange to hire or purchase a video projector if you do not have one.
g. Have an up to date TV license. SABC is the Official Broadcaster.
h. Prepare, fabricate, hire or purchase of big screen.
i. Choose a suitable venue, sufficient power supply, natural light.
j. Enlist the help of someone who is technically proficient
k. Consider how you will use the event for meaningful outreach, e.g.
   1. Friendship evangelism – connecting with the church?
   2. Direct evangelism – testimony, short message, DVDs?
   3. Add on to another event?
l. Catering: Free or tuck-shop?
m. Resources: Do you need DVD’s, evangelistic material, etc.
n. Consider follow up: Invite to church, home visit?
o. Safety and Security: Cars, alcohol free zone, etc.
p. Consider parking implications.
q. Advertising: Do not violate FIFA rules.
r. Partnership with other churches for maximum impact.
s. Advise people in advance of your programme.
t. If you decide to have a Christian presentation, inform people beforehand so that they know what they
   are coming to.
u. Entry should be free of charge.
v. Should your gathering be more than 150 people ensure you have public liability cover.
w. Ensure sufficient ablution facilities are available.
x. Medic/First aid person on duty.
y. Evacuation plan is clearly visible and in place.
z. Fire equipment is serviced/in a working condition.
   aa. Set up the equipment in plenty of time. It may be advisable to have a trial run the day before.
   bb. Test the equipment again just before people are due to arrive.
   cc. Ensure that the equipment is stable that it cannot be knocked over and that power cables are taped
        to the floor.
  dd. Inform the neighbours that the event is taking place and that there may be some noise. Aim to keep
      the noise to a minimum.
  ee. Feedback: Please give TUG feedback afterwards - send us testimonies, photos and footage!!

4. FIFA regulations for non-commercial Public Viewing events
a. Matches must be broadcasted live. No delays, replays, alterations or modifications.
b. No entry fee is charged.
c. No sponsorship or other rights exploited.
d. Sale of food, beverages and other goods permitted.
e. No use of Competition Marks except for the use of the words “World Cup” in a standard font for purpose of
f. If a genuine non-commercial event, no application to FIFA is required.
g. Breach is prosecutable

5. Equipment and Resources
* To order from the variety of DVDs, including the Jesus film (in all national languages) and the Prize 2
with testimonies of international soccer players.

* To order the compact viewing box which is a complete condensed mobile unit ideal for Big Screen

Promotion: Show Movies as part of your 2010 Soccer World Cup outreach event -

                           Show 3 movies for the Price of 1 – only valid June 2010!

Humble Pie Entertainment, in association with The Ultimate Goal brings you this wonderful opportunity to
   reach more souls and have a better impact on your outreach events in the 2010 world cup period.

 We are giving you the opportunity to show 3 of our 12 Films for the price of one (R350.00). Please select
                                      from the list of movies below.

 Please take note that one of the screening options must be selected when applying for this Special offer.

 “Faith Happens”, “God Of Wonders”, “Hidden Secrets”, “The Calling”, “Tornado and The Kalahari Horse
 Whisperer”, “The Ten Commandments”, “Pilgrim’s Progress”, “A Letter To Dad”, “The Genius Club”, “A
                           Greater Yes”, ”The Wager”, “End Of The Spear”

                                       Offer valid 1 June – 30 June 2010.

              Humble Pie Entertainment – reaching the world for Christ through entertainment!
                           Tel: 079 183 7164 / 021 802 6809 / Fax: 0866 978 506

6. Contact detail regarding TUG Viewing:
Technical support and advice: Friedl, 082 416 4936, / Jaco, 082 385 2926,

General, Evangelising and viewing beyond World Cup: Willem, 083 306 6311,

May you experience the love and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ in awesome ways during this time of
preparation for the coming outreaches in June/July!

The TUG Team


                                 Behoeftelys : Central Baptist Church

Central Baptist Church 2010 Outreach Team leaders and description

For any questions feel free to contact Quentin at 082 883 0813 or
1) Security – Peter Broli 084 597 8895


       Security personnel must be adults
       Security will be posted at both upper and lower parking areas
       Security will be visible wearing identifiable clothing or vests.
       They will regulate the flow of the people.
       Security will remain and watch areas until posted times expire
       Security needs to make contact with local police, notify them of events that we will have (network and build
        relationships) Show the love of Christ to police who will be working in the area. E.g. give free coffee and
       Network with Chub- Central’s own security.

Needs: People, security vests, torches, two-way radios (walkie-talkies) and prayer!

2) Evangelism - Derek Waterson 082 413 4370


       Must be willing to share the gospel verbally.
       They will receive continual training in how to share the gospel using various tools and methods.
       During all times the church is open for the World Cup, there will be those with the particular assignment of
        sharing Christ verbally.
       Make sure that those who make a commitment to Christ or those who would like to stay in touch with us fill
        in a follow up sheet! (coordinate with the follow up team) NB

Needs: Biblically sound gospel tracts (thousands), evangelistic literature, people and prayer.

3) Catering - Judit Paul 082 888 8651


       Servers serving guest from 3 kitchen service points
       Upon entry, a complimentary ticket will be given for tea and biscuits
       They will be serving free biscuits and snacks when they receive a ticket that will be handed out at the gate.
       They must make sure the snacks that visitor will receive are ready.
       People will sell tickets for other food and drinks that will be sold at cost or minimum profit.
       They must make sure tables etc. has been set up.
       The must serve tea and coffee.
       Must help out in a coffee bar setup where food will be sold.

Needs: biscuits, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, cold drinks, hot chocolate or Milo, bread rolls, cheese, ham, tomato
sauce, candy, other food items that will be sold in coffee bar etc. Polystyrene cups and plastic spoons, serviettes,
take away paper coffee cups etc They also need people and your prayers!

4) Visiting Teams- Krista Smith 079 477 3191


       Will coordinate the housing and event scheduling of Baptist Bible College in particular and possible other
        visiting teams that has arranged with Central

Needs: Host families, people to help with transport. And prayer!

5) Big Screen/ Media- Ryan Van Rensburg 082 678 7010

    Central will provide viewing of Loftus World Cup games, SA games, and              semi-final and final
        games in the hall.
    This is a free FIFA-approved service for non-profit organizations.
    Make DVD’s are ready for pre or post match viewing
    Make sure music is available to be played softly during fellowship and as people arrive.
       Make sure that a church sound system can be heard from the entrance, maybe even set sound system up
        on resource centre with open windows?

Needs: Technically savvy personnel for posted times, appropriate music and other DVD’s and prayer!

6) Prayer- Les Bray 072 041 2400


       We need as many prayer warriors as possible to be praying for this amazing opportunity to reach the lost.
       Specific one-on-one prayer for those who may have specific needs during the World Cup.
       Two “prayer warriors” should be on grounds each day the church facilities are open.
       Someone visible and available at a prayer wall in the hall.
       Please write your name, e-mail address & contact number legibly so that we can send prayer requests via
       We need people to be praying at home - list will be forwarded
       We need people to be available for prayer at the church, for the 12 games that will be screened at Central

Needs: Your availability, prayer warriors, sheets of large/white construction paper, 15 felt-tipped pens

7) Ron and Anne Matthews 072 236 7452/ 083 955 2673

    Maintain the cleanliness of the grounds at all times.

Needs: Rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, large trash bags, 5 large trash containers, trash deposit area/pick up,
helpers and prayer

8) Public Relations- Pastor Eric Robins 082 859 3251


* In the event of radio, television, or other coverage on the church grounds, Pastor Eric will coordinate what goes

9) Follow up- John Nowlan – 082 883 1877

       Design an appropriate follow up card that evangelism team can hand out and take back in.
       Work on possible fundamentals of the faith material to give to new believers.
       Have good resources available e.g. Good websites to download sermons, as questions, churches in area
        where the new believers stays etc.
       Make a follow up list.
       Keep Central in touch and give feedback on those who have committed to the Lord

10) Special events- Eugene Van Heerden

       Eugene will coordinate with Quentin, Kevin and Central leadership regarding the special services.
       Needs worship teams to get involved

11) Volunteers- Pastor Quentin Saunders 082 883 0813

    Assign and coordinate all Central and partnering church volunteers during the World Cup event
    Make sure volunteers clearly know their duties and have the proper equipment to perform their duties.
    Work with the leadership of Central in making sure the facilities are used in an acceptable manner under
        their guidance.

Needs: Volunteers from Central and different church to get involved.

12) Special services and events - Eugene Van Heerden 082 443 5723

    Coordinate with Central’s leadership all special services of the church during the World Cup
       Coordinate special service teams in music and possibly other areas (drama, etc.), utilizing partnering
        relationships with churches and other groups, to be used during the special services and also on grounds
        at specified times.

Needs: Volunteers to get involved.

13) 2010 Coordinator and advertising - Kevin Zakariasen          072 553 7675

    Gain access to other current and solidly evangelical literature and make it available at the literature tables
        when church facility is open for the World Cup.
    Make sure the signage alerting public outside the church to our “openness” is clearly and attractively
    Make sure all signage at the church is clear (ill. Signage directing public to the toilets, “no smoking zone”,
        First Aid, etc.)

Needs: Event Booklet, advertising and marketing related people, testimonies of participating Christian soccer
players, banners etc, T-shirts or vests for helpers that can be printed, 50 soccer balls etc

14). Greeters

    Upon entry and exit to church facility, visitors should be greeted and given a complimentary voucher for
    Where appropriate, inviting to the services/given a Central events handout.
    Closing time of church facility made clear - signage/verbal/etc.

Needs: Name Tags of some sort, T-shirts and prayer

15) First Aid

    First aid point in the event of any on grounds injury
    During all open church events during the World Cup, a qualified First Aid worker will be available at the
        assigned First Aid point.
    First Aid worker should personally care for minor first aid requirements and should have contact details and
        a plan of action should there be any major first aid need.

Needs: First Aid supplies and contacts details of doctors or hospitals in case of emergency.

16) Flyer distribution- Lourene 0727173817 and Marlene Strydom 0787210541

    Will coordinate any flyer distribution of special events that will take place.
    Will work closely with the evangelism team.

Needs: Helpers for distribution of flyers


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