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									Layout of Displays Texpo, 2012,
CoorparooVision Australia’s Texpo 2012 features displays
across the ground floor of the Coorparoo centre. Further displays
and the technology presentations are located on the first floor:
please check with our friendly staff for the presentation times.Along
the ground floor the route to check out all the displays is via a loop
with an extra walk down the corridor to see some further displays.
The first floor can be accessed by a stairwell at the back of the
building or the lift/stairwell at the front of the building.
This year, the Coorparoo centre will also be celebrating Seeing Eye
Dogs’ Meet and Greet day where you have a chance to meet some
of the graduating Seeing Eye Dog puppies of 2012. This is taking
place on the outside of the building on the Saturday of Texpo.

Please note that the drop off zone for visitors arriving by car is
located in the building next door called Queen Alexandra House.
There will be volunteers here to guide you to the Coorparoo centre
and the Texpo entrance.
There will be volunteers and staff available to guide you so please
do not hesitate to seek assistance.Ground floor displaysWhen
you enter the building turn right and head down the first corridor on
the left.Along this corridor on the left are two large rooms that
contain the following supplier exhibits. In the first room there is:C &
P Design
Oricom Easy Phones
Gero Vision
Pacific Vision
Sight Management
Lions Visual Independence Foundation
In the second room there is:
Quantum RLV
Visitech Magnifiers
European Eyewear
Optek Systems
Australian Independence Products
Along this same corridor on the right are the following:Accessible
ToiletMale ToiletsFemale ToiletsQueensland Braille Writers’
AssociationChildren’s Services and Feelix Library
Turn right at the end of the corridor. The room on your right
contains the following display:Audio Description Cinema Lounge
Past the cinema lounge is a room on your right where Blind
Citizens Australia have a display.

Turn right again at the end of the corridor. There are six rooms on
your right along the corridor displaying the following
services:Library and Accessible Information Services and Audio
Description ServicesTelephone Services
Seminars about NVDA, the free Australian-made screen reader for
computer access
Technology and Training ServicesDisplay Kitchen with hints and
strategies for everyday living Recreation Services
Low Vision Clinic Services
Bionic Vision Australia
Seeing Eye Dogs and Orientation and Mobility Services
Employment Services
Stakeholder Relations
At the end of the corridor turn right to enter on your left:Technology
and Training services display area 2 and the Equipment Solutions
shop with a number of Texpo specials.
Once you have walked past Equipment Solutions on your left, you
are back at the front reception of the Coorparoo centre. Continue
past front reception on your right to visit the Woodwork Services
display room on your left First floor for the Technology
presentationsand other displays
Go back past reception and walk up the stairwell on your left to the
first floor (a lift is also available here if you have difficulty managing
stairs).At the top of the stairs or outside the lift turn right and follow
the path through the office area to the large meeting room where
the Technology presentations are being conducted. Two
presentations topics are being covered at this year’s Texpo: ebook
technology and the new Library i-access online catalogue; and
handy and accessible apps for people on the go.

Exit the other side of this presentation room to visit displays on the
balcony from CBM Australia and meet with Local Client Group

You have now completed the route to check out all displays at
Texpo. To head back to the exit, proceed down the stairs that lead
from the balcony. At the bottom of the stairs turn right and proceed
down the corridor to front reception where you can exit the building.
Be sure to complete an evaluation form with one of our staff so you
can let us know how we can improve this event for next year.Thank
you for visiting Vision Australia’s Texpo 2012!

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