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Synthetic turf


VIVATURF is one of the leading Chinese manufacturer of artificial grass, synthetic turf, artificial lawns, landscape lawn, golf green.

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									Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf VIVATURF, offers you its new News and Trends section, where you will find
great ideas to enjoy with friends and family in a beautiful garden or terrace.

Garden with artificial turf, fashion and comfort to your home. Through the new RSS reader we
offer you the latest fashion and trends for decorating your home, enjoy the summer and get
even more from your garden!

The landscape design was necessary to match the architectural style of the interior and
exterior of the house.

Often one of the best solutions for a sloping garden with many outstanding is the division of
space with one or more retaining walls to flatten and create a usable space.

Customers today want more from their garden or terrace spaces that only an extension to the
back of his house.

Golf is a sport that each year has more followers in every corner of the world. Thank synthetic
turf VIVATURF services, who wants to can practice daily a knock a few steps from your room.

The solution is to create an artificial turf putting green made ​​with a company that offers
VIVATURF exclusively for individuals interested in playing the sport of bats in your home and
for firms wishing to maintain a field next to their facilities.

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