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									Maintenance Grass & Artificial Grass

Actions needed to prevent and redress against:
Fiber Compression
Birth of Herbs
Even with proper installation of artificial grass herbs can sometimes occur if the turf is placed
on a natural surface. Such herbs may be disposed surface through spraying with a herbicide
dilution smooth.

Any irregularity that is not described in this document, please contact Marisol. We are
delighted to help.

Artificial turf has maintenance requirements significantly lower than natural turf, but over time,
will be performed simple tasks to improve the appearance.

Artificial grass is a synthetic floor and, like any other, is exposed to the weather and their
appearance can change with the movement of people.

For these reasons, depending on the cause, should take the following steps during
Life Turf:

Dust, deguts animal, spills, etc.. Can be eliminated by a simple washing with water.
The continuous movement of persons on the pitch can change their appearance which can be
completely renewed with a passage and comb addition of silica.

This process helps to recover from the vertical position of the pitch. As a synthetic product,
the artificial grass can increase temperature due to sunlight especially during the summer

To refresh the recommended lawn irrigation for several minutes.

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