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Random shots whilst shaving

• COP – Shared mental image vs mental images
  of shared data & presentation.
• User’s perspective—
     • Need common framework for NATO COP
     • Need 70% solution NOW.
     • Directed telescope & drill down
           Fusion & Filtering vs Anomalies
• Commanders live on anomalies & outliers
    – Emergence, disconfirm assumptions, outside expectations

•   Fusion vs Synthesis
•   Raw COP vs Filtered COP
•   Filtering vs Clutter Suppression
•   Change Detection vs what you now know that wasn’t so
•   Alerting
•   Display uncertainty with audit trail
•   Time to decide & time to resolve uncertainty

                Work in user’s decision space,
                      not in data space
             The Importance of Speed

• Commanders make decisions under risk – That’s their job.
• Uncertainty, potential consequences, shortness of time
  raise stress.
• Stress promotes tunnel vision, reducing options.
• Rapid understanding, including ambiguities, promotes
  better decisions and earlier decisions.

          Work in the user’s decision space
                  Take away thoughts

• 2D vs 3D, exocentric vs egocentric – provide both
   – 3D from 2D --- SLAR to 3D
• Pliable display techniques – retaining reference

• Change detection – experts perform poorly, need

• Reduce mental transformations KISS

• Network metrics & topology – infotheoretics
• No mention of anastomatic networks
• Network as a Battlespace to be visualized
                   Your Challenge

• User’s perspective—
       • Need common framework for NATO COP
       • Need 70% solution NOW.
• What are YOU going to do about it?
• Report what is possible in short term
  –   Time to technology demo with local user
  –   Time to prototype for field testing
  –   Reject papers that fail to address these points.
  –   Users influence paper selection
 “Saltbush” Bill Cunningham
    Agent Provocateur et Magouilleur

   Plots Plotted Scams Schemed
Riot & Revolution at reasonable prices

   “No scheme is beneath our dignity.”

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