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					 How Can Sedation Dentistry in Burbank Benefit You?
Do you avoid seeing your dentist annually—let alone every six months
(recommended for best dental health)? If so, you are not alone because there
are millions of people living in the United States that are in the same boat as
you. To combat your fear of dental visits, sedation dentistry is available for
those that suffer from dental phobia. Sedation dentistry in Burbank offers
many benefits such as comfort during dental procedures, little or no memory
of the treatment, and better dental visits.

Comfort :
Sedation dentistry allows patients to have a more comfortable dental visit by
using medications specifically used to relax the patient prior and during
dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is often referred to as “sleep dentistry,”
but that is not always the case unless general anesthesia is used. In most
cases, patients are given a specific level of sedation to make them relaxed
but are still conscious. Those who have low pain thresholds, need a lot of
dental work, or have sensitive teeth will sit more comfortably in the dentist
chair when sedation is used. Ask your local Burbank dentist if they provide
sedation services.

Little to No Memory of Treatment :
In order to get the dental treatment you need and feel at ease at the same
time, you should consider visiting your local Sedation dentistry in
Burbank office for your next dental treatment. When moderate sedation is
used, you are relaxed and probably will not remember undergoing the
procedure at all. The thought of having a drill pass by your teeth can prevent
one from ever seeking dental treatment again. That, of course, is not good
for the health and well-being but with sedation dentistry, you can walk out
of your dentist’s office not having to fear your next dental visit. Not having
much memory of your dental procedure allows you to feel more relaxed and
have a better outlook for the next dental checkup.

Better Dental Visits :
Having your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled can make you cringe at the mere
thought. With sedation dentistry, you will not have to endure the torture of
having your teeth picked at and drilled into, feeling every little scrape. You
can walk out of your dentist’s office feeling good about the visit which will
ultimately enable you to schedule your next dental appointment without
feeling anxious and scared. If you have had bad dental visits in the past you
will jump at every chance to avoid seeing your dentist. This is not
recommended as prolonged tooth decay and other dental work can be
detrimental to one’s oral health.

Do you use every possible excuse to not schedule regular teeth cleanings and
treatment? Going to the dentist biannually is a preventive measure against
dental decay but many are forever traumatized from childhood visits and
horror stories. Sedation dentistry is available in Burbank to those who suffer
from dental phobia by offering comfort during dental procedures, little to no
memory of the treatment, and overall better dental visits. Planning your next
dental appointment with a sedation dentist in Burbank will more than likely
ease your anxiety prior and during your dental exam.

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