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During primeval period, the summons serving was deemed a majestic proceeding which
had a grave effects on a defendant citizen. It was intended to summon up a defendant
citizen in the King’s court forcing the citizen to respond to the charges or demands of
imperial power. In Persia, a death sentences was pronounced upon the failure to answer
the King’s summon. Now in present days, in most of the liberal countries specially
USA, by the introduction of Private Process Service , a simple fine and money default
decision would be given upon ignoring the summon of the court of law empowering the
Private Process Service jurisdiction. Whereas, in many other countries, with the absent
of Private Process Service method, defendants would not know that there are legal civil
or criminal actions against them until the court magistrates and other law personals show
up to their door step to put them into the regular or debtor’s prison until the debts are
paid ( in case of illegal default), seize the property , or fine at the door.

Fortunately, however, in USA with the successful civil movements, federal and state
governments are prohibited by the introduction of 5th and 14th Amendments to the United
States Constitution to deprive the citizens of security liberty, life or property without
Due Process of law. Consequently, the most advance and correct system of Private
Process Service has been paved in the United States of America. In almost all states of
the USA, for means of handing out the process, Private Process Service server is
limited to entering or, in other word, trespassing on the property of a citizen. This sort of
incursion is considered unacceptable and illegal and may effect a punishment for the
offender. Further, beside most of the US apartment residences administration are
obligated to permit Private Process Service process server to enter, however, it may have
many obscurities depending on the law restriction of different states. State like California,
on other hand, grants partial exemption to Private Process Service server for direct
entering into the buildings. Still, a security guard or building personal is not restricted by
the law to inform and alert the resident, who is being served the summon or complaint
that the Private Process Service server is approaching his/her door.

After the Private Process Service summon serving process is completed, an officer or
process server has to file a verification document called Return of Service or Proof of
Service or Affidavit of Service with the court. By law, any of these documents must
show the name of person served and address and time at which the service was
achieved, and any other data required to prove that service was correctly established.
Finally, the signed return or proof of service by both the process server and served one
is provided to place in plaintiff file. Thanks to the Private Process Service, the recipient
citizens are benefited with the notice of their constitutional and legal rights to Due
Process of law.

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