Tuition Fee Policy University of Bedfordshire by alicejenny


									                                                                                           2012-13 Tuition Fees


1        Background

1.1      The University of Bedfordshire is set up constitutionally as a charitable body. It
         operates sustainably as a not for profit organisation. It reviews and publishes
         its fees annually (including Tuition Fees, referred to as ‘Fees’) and charges (referred
         to as ‘Charges’).

1.2      The University has a mission and set of values which recognise that students have a
         variety of personal and financial circumstances. The University sets and collect Fees
         and Charges with this in mind. They are a significant and vital contribution to the cost
         of running the University. They enable the University to provide staff and facilities to
         help students succeed.

1.3      This policy is accompanied by notes. They do not form part of the policy.

1.4      This policy should be read carefully. Students who have difficulty reading or
         understanding the policy may contact their Faculty Student Finance Officer or the
         Student Information Desk (SID).
1.5      This policy is effective from 1 August 2012.

2        Principles

2.1      This policy applies to staff and students.
2.2      The Student Record System contains a list of Fees for courses . Annex 1 sets out a short
         form list of Fees for 2012/13.

2.3      Fees must be paid on or before students register with the University, subject to paragraph 4.4.

2.4      In addition to Fees, students may be required to pay Charges. Typically, these include
         Charges for accommodation, field trips, fines, booking fees, breakage and debt collection

2.5      Students must be in good financial standing with the University throughout their period of
         study. ‘Good financial standing’ means not owing the University money other than with the
         written consent of the University.

2.6      Students who are not in good financial standing may be subject to sanctions and, ultimately,
         have their studies terminated. Such sanctions include being stopped from using University
         resources and stopped from entering University buildings. Students whose studies are
         terminated are not allowed to finish their course, access information about examination
         results, receive award certification or attend their graduation ceremony. The debt they owe to
         the University remains outstanding.

3        Calculating Tuition Fees

3.1      The Board of Governors sets Fees except those for short courses, employer-supported closed
         courses and some award bearing courses. Such Fees are set by the Vice-Chancellor under
         delegated authority. Standard information is on the Tuition Fee Schedule.

3.2      The University awards scholarships, bursaries, fee scholarships and other support

  The Student Record System may not necessarily contain fees for very short or ad hoc courses. Where that is
the case, students should make enquiries of Faculties or Finance.
  Registering with the University is the process by which a student is confirmed as a student of the University.
University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                        1
                                                                                     2012-13 Tuition Fees

3.3      The Fee for each student is determined by the subject, the course, the mode of study, the
         number of academic credits that student is taking and the student’s fee status.

3.4      Mode of study means:

         •    Full-time mode
         •    Sandwich mode
         •    Part-time mode
         •    Distance Learning or blended learning mode
         •    Short course mode

3.5      Fee status means:

         •    Home/EU fee status
         •    Overseas Fee status
         •    Commissioned Fee status
         •    Islands Fee status
         •    ELQ (Equivalent or Lower Qualification) fee status
         •    Bespoke Fee status
         •    Exceptional fee status

3.6      Students receive information about Fees in an offer letter and in information sent to students
         each year prior to re-registration. The exact Fee is calculated once students have registered,
         at which stage the University will have information on academic standing, eligibility for
         scholarships, partial fee waivers, financial penalties, fee status, funding position etc.

3.7      Students who are uncertain of their fee paying status should contact the Admissions

3.8      The University reserves the right to correct administrative errors and to recover shortfalls in

4.       Payment of Tuition Fees and Charges

4.1      Unless otherwise agreed, international students and those paying for themselves without
         sponsorship from the Student Loan Company (SLC) or employer guaranteed arrangement
         (Self Funded Students) are required, unless otherwise agreed, to pay at least 50% of the
         Fees before Registration (Pre-Registration Deposit).

4.2      In addition, all students (whether Home/EU or Self-Funded) must ensure that they pay 100%
         of Fees (net of any deposit) by the date they register with the University, that is unless
         students have entered into an authorised payment arrangement or sponsorship arrangement.
         Sponsorship arrangements, through the Student Loan Company (SLC), must be supported by
         proof from the SLC of funding or application at the time of registration.

4.3      Home/EU students who are eligible for sponsorship from the SLC must ensure that their
         applications for sponsorship are confirmed at or before registration. An intention to apply is

4.4      Students (other than those registered on short courses) may ask the University for permission
         to pay Fees by instalments. Where permission is granted, the University will set up an
         authorised payment arrangement, whereby a minimum of 65% of the Fees is to be paid on or
         before registration normally followed by consecutive monthly payments, the first of which will
         be taken at the end of the month following the course start date. Students will also be
         required to pay a separate charge for setting up the authorised payment arrangement and the
         arrangement must be formalised by a credit/debit card /standing order agreement.

         Such an arrangement must be in place prior to registration unless students are suffering
         exceptional hardship. Authorised payment arrangements must be formalised by a direct debit/
         credit/debit card/standing order agreement signed at registration or at the time of the
         arrangement. The University will not normally agree to a request to pay by instalments of less
         than 5% of the Fee nor through more than 5 instalment payments. Instalment payments are
University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                 2
                                                                                      2012-13 Tuition Fees

         not available for Fees for a single unit, or for students studying less than 30 credits. Payments
         must be completed before the start of the relevant final academic assessment period in the
         academic year of the course. The University will not approve authorised instalment payment
         arrangements for students who have not been in good financial standing.

4.5      Self-funded Students may be eligible for a fee scholarship. The different types of Fee
         Scholarship are listed in the Fee Scholarship schedule as Annex 2.

4.6      The Vice-Chancellor has delegated authority to approve additional scholarships, fee waivers
         and discretionary grants on an ad hoc basis.

4.7      Students may ask the University to invoice external sponsors, such as employers or
         organisations in a student’s home country directly. Students must provide an original letter (on
         headed paper) from the sponsor confirming the amount or proportion of the Fees and charges
         they guarantee, during the application process or at registration, at the latest.

4.8      It is a student’s personal responsibility to ensure that Fees and Charges are paid on time. This
         is the case irrespective of whether Fees are being paid by a sponsor (including the SLC), an
         embassy, an employer, etc

5.       Help and Advice on Payment

5.1      Student Finance Officers in each Faculty and the Student Money Advice Team provide advice
         and assistance in relation to Fees.

5.2      If there is any difficulty in paying an agreed Fee instalment on time, students should talk to the
         Credit Services Team and seek their detailed advice and guidance.

5.3      Different bursary and scholarship arrangements apply to different groups of students.
         Students are referred to the University’s website for application arrangements and other
         information on support.

6.       Consequences of Failing to Pay Tuition Fees and Charges

6.1      In the event that a student misses a payment date for Fees, the student must contact Credit
         Services. In the event that a student misses a payment date for Charges, a student must
         contact the relevant Department or Faculty (e.g. Library for fines on late return of books, the
         Faculty Finance Officer for field trips). In cases of unexpected and significant hardship, the
         Head of Financial Services has the discretion to consider and agree special or exceptional
         payment arrangements.

6.2      Students not in good financial standing may be subject to sanctions. In addition, the UK
         Border Agency may decide to withdraw the visa of an international student not in good
         financial standing who is no longer sponsored by the University. The type of sanction
         imposed by the University will depend on the circumstances, including but not limited to, the
         size of the debt, the student’s payment history and how close a student is to completing a
         course. Sanctions are listed in 2.6 of this policy. In addition to sanctions, students may
         ultimately have their studies terminated. As a consequence, they will not be allowed to finish
         their course, access information about examination results, receive award certification or
         attend their graduation ceremony.

6.3      The following process is to be followed where a student is not in good financial standing: the
         student receives a written warning. If the student does not pay the debt within a period (the
         length of which is at the discretion of the University depending on the circumstances) set out in
         the warning, the University imposes sanctions. If the student does not pay the debt within 10
         working days after sanctions are imposed, the University may refer the debt to a debt
         collection agency (for which the University may make additional Charges). If the debt remains
         unpaid for a further period of 5 working days, the University terminates the student’s studies.
         The debt remains due following termination.

6.4      If a student pays a debt in full, the University will lift the sanctions. It will also re-register a
         student (where appropriate) provided a student can give clear proof of improved finances, has
         re-entry clearance confirmed by the University Finance Office, has re-admission approved and
University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                  3
                                                                                      2012-13 Tuition Fees

         re-registers at the next available registration period. Such students must also pay their new
         course Fees in full at registration.

6.5      The University takes seriously any attempt to pay through illegal means and invokes the
         Student Code of Conduct in cases of fraud, use of counterfeit credit cards or other false
         payments. This may result in a student being disciplined under the Code. Such incidents
         (including information about the University’s investigation) will also be reported to the police or
         other authorities.

6.6      Students must not assist other students, who are subject to sanctions, to access University

7        Withdrawing, Changing Course or Mode, Repeating Study and Interruption of Study

7.1      Students intending to withdraw from a course must contact their Personal Academic Tutor in
         the Faculty and the Student Engagement Officer in the Student Support Team. Students with
         a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies Letter (CAS) to support a Tier 4 visa application
         must also first contact the International Office as there may be adverse consequences for a
         student’s right to remain in the UK for the duration of a course. Students intending to withdraw
         must comply with the University withdrawal procedures.

         Changing Course or Mode of Study
7.2      Students who change course and are consequently registered for a different course or who
         change the mode of study to take less or more time to complete the course, to move from part
         -time to full -time or from full- time to part–time may be required to pay a different Fee.
         Students intending to change course or mode must comply with the University procedures for
         students changing course, mode or duration and contact their Personal Academic Tutor or one
         of the Student Engagement Officers.

7.3      No change of course or mode of study can take place without academic approval. Factors to
         be taken into account in deciding whether to give approval include the limitation on admissions
         numbers for courses, (externally imposed on the University and/or nationally set student
         number controls) and the University’s judgement of what is in a student’s academic interests.

         Repeating study
7.4      Students who repeat/retake (as distinct from having a referral) a course or unit must pay the
         appropriate Fee.

         Interruption of study
7.5      Students affected by a long period of illness, personal difficulty, pregnancy, change of
         academic direction or a work/life balance issue may ask to take time away from the University,
         interrupt their studies and return at a later point, usually the following academic year.

7.6      Where Students interrupt their studies, they remain liable to pay the Fee for the original
         academic year of study. If, for example, a student interrupts their study part way through a
         course having paid the Fee for that year in full, they will resume the course when they return
         and will not be charged a Fee for the year in which they return unless the Fee has increased,
         in which case the student will be required to pay the difference. Students in receipt of a loan
         from the Student Loans Company are subject to the ‘phased payment rules’ which are not
         described in this policy but which can be explained to Students on request.

7.7      For Students who started their course before September 2012, the size of the difference
         depends on whether they are able to continue as an ‘old regime’ Home or EU Student. Where
         an interruption is approved, the fee for the original academic year of study remains payable;
         the money (ie credit balance) unused is rolled forward and recognised when the student
         returns and registers for the next period of study after the interruption. This may result in a
         higher fee being incurred for the new period of study on return, depending on the length of the
         period of absence. Normally, no fee is charged for the approved period of absence in the next
         year while study is interrupted. For Students with support for their fees from the Student Loans
         Company the phased payment rules apply and charges calculated on those approved dates.

8        Refunds

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                  4
                                                                                  2012-13 Tuition Fees

8.1      Subject to what follows in the rest of paragraph 8 and Annex 3 Tuition Fee Refunds Schedule,
         the University will not refund Fees to Students who withdraw before registration. This usually
         only affects International Students and some Home/EU Students as they are required to pay
         50% of the Fee (known as a ‘Pre Registration Deposit’) before registration. However, if the
         reason for the withdrawal is due to an unforeseeable failure to secure an entry visa to the UK,
         the University may refund the Deposit. The University may also decide to refund Fees to
         international Students where a Student has been refused an entry visa.

8.2      If a Student withdraws from a course after registration, the Student must pay the Fee for the
         time they studied with the University and for the current academic year for which they
         registered. The decision whether to refund and the size of the refund depends on the
         circumstances of the withdrawal. Details are given in the University Refund Schedule Annex

8.3      Refund of Fees for a Student who is sponsored, is returned to the sponsor not to the Student,
         and is paid using the same payment mechanism that was used when it was originally made.
         Refunds made to overseas fee status Students are returned to their country of origin, also
         using the same payment mechanism that was used when the payment was originally made;
         unless the payment was made in cash in which case a refund payment will only be made into
         a bank account in the Student’s home country and additional evidence may be required.
         Payments are not returned through the University’s representatives outside the UK.

8.4      Refunds relating to Charges for accommodation or associated deposits are subject to
         separate refund arrangements through relevant Terms and Conditions of occupancy, etc.
         Cancellation fees are not refundable and normally Charges of under £20 are not refundable.
         Refunds for small deposits eg to secure a guest place at a Graduation Ceremony, are subject
         to separate rules on cancellation and Students are referred to the Ceremony arrangements
         notified to them at the time of graduation.

8.5      For Students with Student Loans Company (SLC) loans, separate rules apply as set out in the
         ‘HEI Guidance Note’. The University will not seek to recover Tuition Fees from such Students
         with Student Loans who withdraw in the terms of this guidance. However, the SLC may
         recover monies due from the Student pursuant to the Loan and the Student should contact the
         SLC to establish exactly how much is owed to the SLC.

9.       Partner Colleges

         British School of Osteopathy (BSO)
9.1      National arrangements for Fees apply to the setting of Fees but separate procedures apply to
         this independent Accredited Partner of the University of Bedfordshire regarding their Fees and
         Charges including definitions, registration and collection processes. There are BSO specific
         scholarships and bursary arrangements.

         Further Education Colleges
9.2      National arrangements for undergraduate Fees apply to the setting of Fees of higher
         education programmes based in the partner Further Education Colleges of the University.
         Where funding and Fees are routed through the University, the University of Bedfordshire
         Tuition Fee Policy applies. For Fees charged directly by the College, Students should consult
         the respective College Finance Office for information. Scholarships and bursaries for
         University of Bedfordshire Students based in FE Partner Colleges (where they are applicable),
         are distributed locally and the College Finance Staff should be consulted rather than the
         Student Loans Company or the University. In cases of serious concern about charges or
         dispute about Fees, however, matters should be raised with the Partnerships Office of the

         Other Partner Colleges
9.3      National and local arrangements for student tuition and other fees apply with respect to the
         courses leading to University of Bedfordshire awards based in the other partner colleges, in
         particular those under the University’s Transnational Education (TNE) structures. Where
         funding and fees are routed through the University, the University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                               5
                                                                                      2012-13 Tuition Fees

         Policy applies, otherwise for fees charged directly by the Partner College; students should
         consult the respective College Finance Office for information.

10       Fees Issues for Staff

         Queries from staff
10.1     Staff with queries on the policy or in need of further advice should raise matters with relevant
         experts as follows. Those academic and support staff based in Faculties can raise
         straightforward queries in the first instance with their Faculty Student Finance Officer for
         taught programmes and the Research Office for research fees queries. Queries regarding the
         detail of specific fees for particular courses, modes of study, timing of charges and fee setting
         for new courses should be passed the Head of Planning. General advice on Student loans
         and SLC-related matters, as well as bursaries and scholarships is available through the SID
         and the Money Advice team and also the Faculty Student Finance Officer. All other more
         complex financial based queries especially those concerning Students who are not in good
         financial standing or whose study may be terminated as a consequence, must be raised with
         the University Finance Office.

         Staff as Students
10.2     The University is committed to the development of its staff and encourages them to study for
         qualifications as appropriate. Tuition Fees chargeable and payment expectations for courses
         at the University taken by members of staff are the same as for all other Students. Members
         of staff may, however, make application for a University Staff Bursary through their line
         manager to cover all or part of the tuition fee charged for work related support. If the staff
         development and bursary is agreed by the head of department/ Dean, a Training Agreement is
         signed and action taken in line with the HR policies.

11       Complaints

11.1     Students who consider this Policy has not been correctly applied in their case, or who have a
         concern about the accuracy of the fee they are being charged, or the decision about the
         termination of their studies and cancellation of their registration with the University on financial
         grounds, may bring a complaint under the University’s Complaints Procedure by presenting
         relevant evidence to support their concerns. For more information about how to raise a
         complaint about a financial issue, students should contact the Student Experience Office and
         see information on the University Website

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                  6
                                                                                     2012-13 Tuition Fees

Annex 1            Tuition Fee Schedule - Academic Year 2012-13

                                 Home/EU          Home/EU       Overseas   Overseas     Overseas
                                 fee status       fee status    fee        fee          fee
                                 2012/13          2012/13       status     status       status
                                 entry            entry         2012/13    Cont         Cont
                                                                entry      students     students
                                                                           - 2011/12    - 2010/11
 FULL-TIME AND                                                             entry        entry
                                 FT/SW            PT pro rata   FT/SW      FT/SW        FT/SW
                                                  to FT
 Level 4/5 awards
                                 £6,000           £1500 -       £9,600     £9,300       £8,950
 Foundation Degree                                £4500#
                                 £6,000           £1500 -       £9,600     £9,300       £8,950
 HND / HNC                                        £4500#
 Other undergraduate                              £1500 -
 Level 4/5 awards                £6,000           £4500#        £9,600     £9,300       £8,950
 Awards studied by
 Distance learning Level                          pro rata to
 4/5                                              £4500#
 Undergraduate degree
 incl Hons degree UG
 BA, BSc, BOst, BEd,             £9,000           £2250-        £9,600     £9,300       £8,950
 MEng                                             £6750#
 Post Grad Cert Ed                                £2250-
 PGCE (ITT)                      £9,000           £6750#        £9,600     £9,300       £8,950
 Awards studied by
 Distance learning Hons                           pro rata to
 Level                                            £6000#
 Postgraduate Certs,
 Dips & Degree incl
 Taught Masters
 Postgraduate Taught                              up to         £9,900     £9,650       £9,300
 awards                          £9,000           £9,000#
 Postgraduate Taught                              up to
 MBA and equivalent              £13,500          £13,500#      £13,500    £13,500      £13,500
 Awards studied by
 Distance learning Hons                           up to
 Level                                            £9,000#
 Research awards **
 Research PhD, MPhil,
 MA/MSc By Research              £3,825           £1,915        £9,900     £9,650       £9,300

 Professional Doctorate          n/a              £3,825        £9,900
 Doctorate by publication        n/a              £2,020
 Research PhD split                                             £4,950
 Submission & viva yr            £3,825           £2,100        £9,900     £9,650       £9,300
 Submission & viva yr
 3mth/ 6mth - part time                                         £1000/
 intensity                                        £500/£1000    £2000
 Short courses ++
 Credit bearing                                   Bespoke
 Non-Credit bearing                               Bespoke

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                 7
                                                                                  2012-13 Tuition Fees

 These fees on the Schedule above must be read in conjunction with the University's Tuition Fee
 Policy of which they form an Annex

 Fee rates
 Fee rates are determined for each academic year. There is a residency status applied to fee charges
 which applies to non-EU students. For Home, EU and Island students the rates paid may differ during
 the course of study and are normally adjusted in line with inflation and Government policy. Full cost fee
 levels for Home/EU Hons Degree, Foundation and Other Undergraduate courses form part of the
 University's Access Agreement with OFFA. There is a transition period while full cost fees are phased
 in when continuing years have fees capped at the lower rate with a basic inflation increase.
 #The overall fee for part time students will depend on the number of credits taken within the academic
 **For Overseas fee status students the fee set on the year of entry is fixed and maintained for the
 duration of the unbroken course of study. In line with the Tuition Fee Policy some students may receive
 fee scholarships and some may in special circumstances have agreed discounts.
 Island Students
 The maximum fee for Island students is full cost and negotiated nationally. This is the same as the fee
 set for Home and EU students taking the same course. For continuing students in 2012-13 there is an
 inflation based increase with a fee of no more than £8,400 subject to Government guidance.
 The fee for research is based on Research Council guidance not yet received for 2013-14 but £3825 in
 2012-13 + inflation. For self funded Research students and those with Overseas fee status the fee set
 on entry is maintained for the duration of the unbroken programme of study. For the final submission
 period, different rates, adjusted annually apply. Students pay the rate applicable at the time they enter
 the submission period
 Other programmes of study and Bespoke courses ++
 There are some bespoke fees and fees for other courses confirmed by the Vice Chancellor for specific
 markets or for closed courses which have fees calculated on a case by case basis. These are aligned
 to the structure of the tuition fee schedule and responsive to market conditions.

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                              8
                                                                                     2012-13 Tuition Fees

Annex 2            Fee Scholarships Schedule

                                    Home/EU – self funded               International / Overseas – self funded
                                                      Fee less                                      Fee less
                            Tuition      Fee                            Tuition        Fee
Course                                              scholarship -                                scholarship -
                            Fee       Scholarship                       Fee       Scholarship
                                                     Payable fee                                  Payable fee

Foundation degree and other sub degree courses in £
Level 1 entry FT      6,000      1,250      4,750
Level 1 entry PT      Up to      Up to      Up to                       9,600        1,250              8,350
pro rata              4,500#     2,250      2,250

Undergraduate degree courses in £
Level 0&1 entry
                   9,000         1,250                        7,750      9,600      1,250               8,350
Level 2 entry FT   9,000         750                          8,250      9,600       750                8,850
Level 3 entry FT   9,000
                                 500                          8,500
                                 Up to                        Up to      9,600       500                9,100
All levels PT pro  Up to
                                 3,375                        3,375
rata               6,750#

PG taught and
other Masters
courses                        9,000               4,500        4,500    9,900      1,500               8,400
FT and PT pro
rata in £

MBA courses in £
100% paid                     13,500              2,500       11,000      13,500         2,500              11,000
65% or more paid              13,500              1,500       12,000      13,500         1,500              12,000

Research degree programmes
Research      PhD,
MPhil Prof Doc         3,825                        500         3,325    9,900       1,500             8,100
MA/MSC by Res
Submission year PT
3mth to submission    500                                     500        1000         NA                1000
6mth to submission    1000                           NA       1000       2000         NA                2000
1yr to submission     1900                                    1900       9900        1,500              8100

# In most cases a part-time fee is based on the number of credits taken within an academic year. This
is generally a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 90. The figure here is based on the upper 90
credit figure.

Fee Scholarships are restricted to self-funded students eg those with Student Loans Company (SLC)
funding are not eligible. However, for the cohort of part-time students commencing academic year
2012-13 a 50% fee scholarship is in place. For information on other programmes not indicated above
please enquire through the University Finance Office.

Additionally there is a one-off Alumni Scholarship Fee of £500 for full-time, self-funded students who
continue their studies from Undergraduate to Postgraduate programmes at the University within three
years of completing their Undergraduate course. This may be held alongside other fee scholarships at
the discretion of the Vice Chancellor. Other exceptional fee scholarships may be made as deemed
necessary at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor for example on advice from VCMG or Deans.

University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                                   9
                                                                                       2012-13 Tuition Fees

     Annex 3            Tuition Fee Refunds Schedule:
 Timing                                                            Proportion of full published fee refundable
 Before registration for approved reason                           100%
 Before registration not for approved reason                       0%
 Termination of studies for non payment                            0%
 Between registration and Early Withdrawal Date                    35%
 After Early Withdrawal Date                                       0%

 For courses starting                                              Early Withdrawal Date (EWD)
 On or after 1 September 2012 and before 1 December 2012           1 December 2012
 On or after 1 December 2012 and before 1 March 2013               1 March 2013
 On or after 1 March 2013 and before 1 June 2013                   1 June 2013
 On or after 1 June 2013 and before 1 September 2013               1 September 2013

1.   Approved reasons are:
     International students (Overseas fees status)
     1.1.   No CAS has been issued by the University; or
     1.2.   A CAS has been issued by the University but subsequently cancelled; or
     1.3.   A UK entry visa application is refused following issuance of a CAS by the University. (Original
            documentary proof of the refusal is required.)

     Home/EU students

     1.4.   Registration has not been completed and there are mitigating circumstances that are approved
            by the University.

2.   No refund of deposits or fees will be made to a student who has:
     2.1.   behaved fraudulently eg presented false documents to obtain a visa or false qualification
            documents to gain entry to a course; and/or
     2.2.   had their studies with the University terminated – for example where the University withdraws
            Tier 4 sponsorship due to poor attendance or for outstanding debt (for which the student will
            remain liable, even after termination).

3.   There is no refund on small charges or sums, such as deposits under £20.

4.   Charges for programmes of study designated as “short courses” are not refundable after any
     published cancellation date and cancellation fees charged are not refundable.

5.   Fee scholarships for prompt payment are not recognised in calculating return of monies where a
     refund is requested. Thus students who withdraw after registration and who have paid less than 65%
     of the full published fee by their withdrawal date may be liable for additional amounts.

6.   Students who have fees paid via a fee loan from the Student Loans Company will not receive any
     refund themselves if they withdraw because the SLC pays on their behalf. The University
     communicates directly with the SLC to adjust the amount owed depending on the time spent with the
     University because payments the University receives are phased across the academic year.

7.   Monies are returned according to the fee as recorded in the Student Record System; normally using
     the same payment method and back to the same card/bank from the place the payment originated.

8.   Refunds are made within 4 weeks of the receipt of notification to, and authorisation within, the
     Finance Office, provided the payment due to be refunded has been received and cleared through the
     UK banking system.

9.   Refunds relating to charges made by the University for living accommodation or deposits associated
     are shown in the Terms and Conditions of occupancy, etc.

     University of Bedfordshire Tuition Fee Policy 1 August 2012                                              10

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