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					       Creative Development
          (Art, D.T. Music)
                                                                                   Physical Development
  Make pirate ship models, flags, maps,
        treasure chests and hats.
                                                                            Create balances using the body.
   Make a pirate ship using recyclable
                                                                            Try to get involved in physical activities
 materials e.g. milk carton, cereal boxes           Pirates                 that your child is interested in.
 Sing pirate songs- A pirate went to sea,
      sea. Make up own pirate song.               Spring term

                                                               Communication/ Language & Literacy

                                                            (Phonics,   Speaking & Listening, Reading and
      Problem Solving, Reasoning &
               Numeracy                                 Practise sounds and new spellings.
                                                        Keep practising writing sentences using full stops and
                                                        capital letters.
 Play shop using really money discuss the value
                                                        Write a story about pirates. Use interesting adjectives to
 of each coin.
                                                        describe the characters.
 How many was can you make 2p 6p 10p 20p
                                                        Read stories about pirates with your children. Ask your
 50p using different coins.
                                                        child questions about the story. What happened? Who are
 Keep practising counting in 2s 5s and 10s
                                                        the characters in the story?
 number bonds to 10 and 20 and doubles to 20.
 Use the number line to add and subtract.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World                                 Personal, Social and
    (Geography, History, ICT, Science)                                  Emotional Development

 Look at maps around the home, in your local area or
                                                                    Discuss what makes a healthy and
even using the internet. Talk about globes and maps.
                                                                    unhealthy lifestyle.
Look at the different countries and discuss with your
                                                                    Identify to what special groups we
child if you may have travelled to any of them.
Read about real pirates. Find out when they lived and
how they lived.

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