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									                                  The Great War:
                                1) What are the different
                                types of propaganda?

                                2) What purposes does
                                propaganda serve?

                                3) How does propaganda
                                connect to the concept of
                                “total war”?

War & Hunger w/ Kaiser (1916)
Primary Functions?
1) Maintain patriotism &
support for the war.

2) Encourage fear & hatred
of the enemy.

3) Discourage or
undermine enemy morale.

4) Censorship of dissent
or demoralizing images.
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Johnnie, get your gun,
Get your gun, get your gun,
Take it on the run,
On the run, on the run.
Hear them calling, you and me,
Every son of liberty.
Hurry right away,
No delay, go today,
Make your daddy glad
To have had such a lad.
Tell your sweetheart not to pine,
To be proud her boy's in line.

Over there, over there,
Send the word, send the word over
there -
That the Yanks are coming,
The Yanks are coming,
The drums rum-tumming
Ev'rywhere . . .

                                    Over There (1918 version)

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