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					Google Chrome OS: A New Frontier in the World of OS
So I bet you are already wondering, What is the difference in Chrome OS
and a standard OS like windows or snow leopard?...

                                      I’m glad you asked.
  Taking a closer look at Chrome OS.
- Chrome will be for download on systems only with
a solid state hard drive

- Solid state hard drives allow for faster boot up
time plus faster write time.
- One major downside is price difference. SSD tend to
cost $3 per GB where as standard HDD cost 20 to 30
cents per GB
Using a SSD allows for faster boot up times

- The current boot up speed is 7 seconds and Google
promises times to be even faster when the project is

           Can your windows do that?
   Other awesome features
   Other awesome features of Chrome OS

Other awesome features of Chrome OS…

- Even better than mac…

                          - No viruses possible!
                 - How can this be?
   The firmware verifies the signature of the optimized
   kernel, and, if it is OK, it loads the kernel which in
   turn loads the browser. In case one signature is
   incorrect, possibly due to virus activity, the firmware
   will download a default safe kernel and OS, the
   whole process being automatic. This recovery is
   without losing system or application data, without
   losing settings and even without losing the cache.
   Also, Chrome OS updates itself with newer versions
   when available.
Chrome OS will run applications online instead of
installing the apps on the local machine. As seen
      There will be a wide variety of applications

- Application will include notepads, calculators, online tv, plus your
favorite social networking sites.

- Since information is not saved locally, a user can access His
data from different computers.

 So now you’re saying these apps are great, but
 what happens if I still need to edit my Word or
 Excel files?

                                         I’m glad you asked…
Since Chrome is open and non proprietary, If you have an excel
or word file you need to edit from a storage source i.e. a flash
drive, Chrome OS will access MS Windows Live to open it up
for editing.
                   In conclusion…

- Chrome OS is in no way replacing standard operating
- Chrome is built for netbooks and people who only need
a computer for internet purposes.
- Chrome will pave the way for more operating systems
with the cloud computing technology.

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