Kingdoms Gallery Project Instructions by 3CVp5o2Z


									                          Kingdom Gallery Project Instructions
Purpose: To demonstrate knowledge of the organization of organisms.
   Specifically to understand:
     Organisms carry out common life processes differently.
     All organisms and systems are organized from simple parts into complex systems that must
       maintain homeostasis in order to survive.
     The millions of different species of plants, animals, and microorganism that live on earth today are
       related by descent from common ancestors.
     The great diversity of organisms is the result of over 3.5 billion years of evolution that has filled
       every available niche with life forms.
     Modern classification systems are based upon biochemical and genetic evidence that indicates
       evolutionary relationships.
     Evolution explains the number of different life forms we see including similarities in anatomy and
     Viruses are complex structures and their evolutionary relationship is still under investigation.

Materials: Project sheet, individual kingdom assignments, rubric, textbooks, online and other reference
            materials, poster-board, markers and/or colored pencils

Individual: Each student is responsible for their own kingdom gallery picture homework, working on and
            completion of their assigned poster section and participating in collaborative work.

Groups: Groups of four to six. Each student will combine their individual knowledge, work, and research to
          present on a poster with the knowledge, work, and research of the other group members.

Schedule & Due Dates

Wednesday HW:
Kingdom Gallery Picture HW:
   Each student turns in two labeled pictures
    Completed assignment will be checked by teacher in class on Thursday for grade.

Thursday in-class:
   Each group will assign roles to all group members and begin creation of one poster until checkpoint is
   Checkpoint: -poster layout with headings complete (think template) on poster paper.
                -all group members names on front of poster next to their sections
                -students work on their individual section
                -checkpoint signed off by teacher

Thursday HW:
   Each student completes their individual section if not completed in class

Friday in-class:
       Each student completes their assigned section on poster
       Each student works to complete the overall poster in class
       Group posters are submitted and hung in hallway gallery.
                                6 Kingdoms Gallery
                       Each group must represent on the poster:

o Cell type:
          Prokaryote or Eukaryote AND multicellular or unicellular or both

o Cell Wall Present or No Cell Wall
         If there is a cell wall, you must state what it is made of?

o Energy/Nutrient Source:
         Autotroph or Heterotroph or Both

o Method of Reproduction:
        Sexual or Asexual or Both; be specific

o Environments/Habitats your organism live in? Describe the ecosystem (biotic & abiotic factors)

o How do organisms w/n your kingdom benefit and/or harm humanity? Be specific

o You must have at least 4 different pictures or drawings representing your kingdom and the
  common and scientific name.

o You must have at least 3 more examples of organisms from your kingdom that are not pictured,
  common and scientific name.

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