EDGE Program 6th Grade School Supply List by n94516af


									                 EDGE Program 6th Grade School Supply List


                     * 12” metal ruler       * 5 spiral notebooks

                     * Compass               * Protractor

                     * Scissors              * 3 clear plastic shoe boxes

                     * Erasers               * Pencil erasers

                     * Red ink pens          * Black ink pens

                     * 3 boxes of Kleenex    * Markers

                     * 2 Pocket Folders     *3 large glue sticks

                     * 1 pencil sharpener- individual sharpener w/cover

                     * 3 boxes of colored pencils

                     * 10 pencils (Ticonderoga only)

                     * (Binders are NOT needed) *

                          Specials Classes Supply Lists

Art – one pocket folder

Music – one pocket folder

FACS - pocket folder, notebook or loose paper, pen, pencil

Reading Strategies – pocket folder, notebook

Keyboarding – one pocket folder

Health- one pocket folder, Kleenex

Phy Ed - shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt or sweat shirt, tennis shoes (no skater
shoes), pencil. A grant has purchased heart rate monitors for each student.
Students will need to purchase a strap for $5 for the monitors. This is only
purchased once, and will be used for the rest of their years in school.

Band/choir concerts - dress white top, dress black bottoms, dark socks/shoes

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