Health Overview by n94516af


									  Understanding quantitative information included in articles written
                            about health
                         Melisa Mena, Ph.D.
             Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences
                       Colby-Sawyer College

Subject Areas: Health, Wellness, Exercise Science

Course level: Freshman/sophomore

Quantitative concepts/skills: Calculating and manipulating percentages,
correlation versus causation, understanding numbers in health articles

Overview: This activity is designed to help students read articles and
interpret the numbers included. Students will also learn how to interpret
scientific studies.
First, the students read an article about a health issue and discuss answers to
a series of questions about the statistics in the article. Then two more
articles are given to the students and they are asked to interpret quantitative
information. Finally, students work in groups to discuss their responses, and
then present their conclusions to the class.


Outcomes or learning goals:
Understanding scientific studies
Critical reading of factual news articles
Facts and statistics on obesity and health

Attached materials:
     Student Activity
     Student Activity Instructors Version
     Three Articles
           Belly Fat and Dementia
           Giving Birth and Diabetes
           Cholesterol and Heart Attack Article
     Pre Test
     Post Test

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