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scHooL oF nuRsing Rn to Bsn PRogRAM oPtion
The RN to BSN program individualizes learning experiences for completion of the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree.
The sequence of courses for registered nurse students is designed to build upon existing knowledge and skills, and
integrates a professional, research-based, family oriented, and community-focused perspective.
Registered nurse students may earn advanced placement in the nursing major for a maximum of 30 credits. Advance
placement is awarded for most students through the articulation agreement among nursing programs.
Fairfield University School of Nursing has partnerships with the School of Nursing CT Community College Nursing Program
St. Vincent’s College and Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing. These unique programs provide seamless transition from
the associate to bachelor’s degree in nursing, and grant 34 credits in advanced placement nursing.
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, students in the RN       Social Science (4 courses)
to BSN program must:                                            Social	Science	(12)
•	 Complete	60	credits	of	core	curriculum	in	general	           (four courses from at least two disciplines)
   education/liberal arts through transfer, testing, or
   enrollment in courses including one course that meets        Math and Science (4 courses)
   the University world diversity requirement.                  Science (3-4)
•	 Complete	19-22	credits	in	nursing	at	Fairfield	University.   Science/Math	(6-8)	
•	 Enroll	in	at	least	9	credits	of	general	education	courses	   Statistics (3)
   at	Fairfield	University	(in	addition	to	the	19-22	credits	
   in	Nursing)	in	order	to	meet	the	60	credit	residency	        sequence oF nuRsing couRses*
   requirement.                                                 (19-22 cRedits)
•	 Earn	a	cumulative	grade	point	average	of	2.8	or	higher.      Professional Nursing (3)
•	 Complete	the	last	30	credits	at	Fairfield	University.        Health Assessment (3)
                                                                Research in Nursing (3)
geneRAL educAtion couRses RequiRed                              Leadership	&	Management	(3)
FoR A BAcHeLoR’s degRee in nuRsing                              Public Health Nursing (4)
                                                                Transition: Professional Nursing (3)
Humanities (12 courses)                                         Nursing	Elective	(3)
English	Composition	(3)
English	Literature	(3)	                                         *Completion Time: The maximum time frame for
Western Civilization (3)                                         completion	is	10	years.	Students	have	completed	the	
History elective (3)                                             BSN in two and one half years.
Visual	&	Performing	Arts	(two	courses)	(6)	
  or	2	modern	languages	at	intermediate	level                   AduLt PRogRAM diRectoR
Philosophy (3)                                                  carole A. Pomarico
Ethics	(3)                                                      (203)	254-4000,	ext.	2711
Religion (3)                                                    capomarico@fairfield.edu
Humanities	(three	courses)*	(9)	
  *Select from Classics, Communication, Modern                  APPLicAtion PRocess
  Language,	or	any	of	above	disciplines                         Before entering the program, qualified students must:
                                                                a) Possess an active (RN) registered nurse license
General Electives (2 courses)                                   b) Have completed an associate degree in nursing or
Two	courses	(6)                                                    diploma in nursing
                                                                d) Schedule an interview with the Adult Program Director
                                                                e) Complete an application at www.fairfield.edu/son_al
FoRMAL AdMission PRocess                                       AdMission And MAtRicuLAtion:
Students seeking admission must complete and submit            Admission to the RN to BSN program is on a rolling basis.
the following to:                                              When your application is complete and reviewed, you will
  Fairfield university                                         be	notified	of	your	status.	NS	250	Professional	Nursing	
  office of graduate and continuing studies Admission          is	the	linkage	course	to	your	BSN.	Once	this	course	is	
  Kelley center                                                successfully completed, you are considered to be fully
  1073 north Benson Rd.                                        matriculated into the School of Nursing.
  Fairfield, ct 06824
                                                               tuition/FinAnciAL Aid
APPLicAtion RequiReMents                                       Academic Year 2011/2012
1.	 Apply	online	at	www.fairfield.edu/son_al                   Tuition:	$595/	credit	hour	for	less	than	12	credit	hours
2.	 A	non-refundable	$60	application	fee.	Application	fee	     $19,995	per	semester	for	12	or	more	credit	hours
    is waived for graduates of the CT Community College
    Nursing Program, St. Vincent’s College and Bridgeport      oFFice oF FinAnciAL Aid
    Hospital School of Nursing.                                There is a limited amount of need-based federal and
3. A professional résumé                                       university aid available. Financial aid programs consist of
4. An admission essay                                          federal and university grants and federal student loans.
5.	 Official	transcripts	from	all	universities/colleges	       Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    attended (all foreign transcripts must be evaluated        (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov at least four weeks
    by an approved evaluating service. A list of approved      prior to the start of the semester. Additional application
    evaluators can be found at www.fairfield.edu/eval          information can be found online at www.fairfield.edu/
6.	 Two	recommendations,	one	of	which	must	be	from	a	          csa_eligibility
    current supervisor or professor
7.	 All	international	students	whose	native	language	is	not	   We encourage all Fairfield University students to speak
    English	must	demonstrate	proficiency	in	the	English	       with a Financial Aid Counselor. Please contact the office.
    language	by	taking	either	TOEFL	or	IELTS	exams.	For	       contact information
    admission	to	the	graduate	school,	a	TOEFL	composite	       Phone:	(203)	254-4125
    score	of	550	for	the	paper	test,	213	for	the	computer-     Fax:	(203)	254-4008
    based	test,	80	on	the	internet-based	test	or	an	IELTS	     E-mail:	finaid@fairfield.edu
    score	of	6.5	is	strongly	recommended.		Scores	must	
    be	sent	directly	from	the	Educational	Testing	Service	     office operations
    (TOEFL)	or	IELTS.org.		Fairfield’s	ETS	code	is	3390.       Days: Monday-Friday
                                                               Hours:	8:30	a.m.-4:30	p.m.
MeAsLes And RuBeLLA iMMunizAtion                               Location:	Aloysius	P.	Kelley,	S.J.	Center
Connecticut law requires that students born after
December	31,	1956	provide	proof	of	measles	and	rubella	        tax deductions
immunization. This includes two doses of measles vaccine       Treasury	regulation	(1.162.5)	permits	an	income	tax
administered at least one month apart (the second dose         deduction for educational expenses (registration fees
must	be	given	after	December	31,	1979)	and	one	dose	           and the cost of travel, meals, and lodging) undertaken
of rubella vaccine after the student’s first birthday. The     to maintain or improve skills required in one’s employment
exception to this is students who provide laboratory           or other trade or business; or meet express requirements
documentation of immunity to measles and rubella.              of an employer or a law imposed as a condition to retention
Although this is not required to complete an application,      of employment job status or rate of compensation.
you must provide proof of immunization prior to course
registration. Please keep in mind that this process can        Veterans Pride Program
take some time, and that you must be in compliance             Veterans may apply educational benefits to degree
before	registration.	Immunization	information	should	          studies pursued at Fairfield University. To learn more
be submitted directly to the University’s Health Center.       about our enhanced financial aid benefits for veterans,
Download the necessary form at www.fairfield.edu/              see www.fairfield.edu/veterans.
immunization. Any questions should be directed to the          Contact:	Sheila	McEnery
University	Health	Center,	(203)	254-4000,	ext	2241.            Office	of	Graduate	and	Continuing	Studies	Admission
                                                               (203)	254-4000,	ext.	2500
Questions about the application process or                     smcenery@fairfield.edu
requirements should be directed to the office of
graduate and continuing studies Admission:                     scHooL oF nuRsing WeBsite:
Phone:	(203)	254-4184                                          www.fairfield.edu/nursing
Toll-Free:	(888)	488-6840                                      onLine cAtALog:
Fax:	(203)	254-4073                                            For detailed course descriptions and other University
E-mail:	gradadmis@fairfield.edu                                information, please refer to our online catalog:

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