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					                                      Senior English
                                          Ms. Ray
                                         Fall 2012
                    Check SWiFT website or hac for supporting documents

Course Description:
        Senior English is a course in literature, grammar, and composition. Student practice opportunities are
designed to promote reading comprehension, vocabulary development, writing skill, speech and effective
communication. Direct instruction in Culminating Project papers will be provided.

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions:
          A student in Senior English will understand that all aspects of a successful personal and professional life
requires creative, reflective, and critical thinking as a reader, writer and communicator:
 How does the literature of a society reflect its people?
 What role does effective communication (including speaking, writing, listening) have in being a discerning,
  involved citizen of the world?
 How can the literature of various cultures and time periods be applied to one’s life and enhance understanding of
  self and others?

Instructional Materials:
   The Language of Literature: World Literature-McDougal Littell
   Hamlet by William Shakespeare
   Oedipus the King by Sophocles
   Night by Elie Wiesel
   Tuesdays with Morrie
   Selected Articles, Poems and Short Stories

*This list is subject to change.

           Thematic Units Include:
   Development of Self and Identity
   Self and society
   Choices and Challenges

         Formative and Summative Assessments May Include:
 On-Demand Writes
 Personal Essay
 Prepared Presentations
 Tests
 Discussion
 Projects
 Various forms of Writing Including: Reflective, Expository and Persuasive Essays, Creative Writing, Technical
  Writing, Journals and Notebooks
 Book Talk


                 A =     93-100            B- =     80-82             D+ = 67-69
                 A- =    90-92             C+ =     77-79             D = 60-66
                 B+ =    87-89             C=       73-76             F = 59 and below
                 B=      83-86             C- =     70-72

Grading Categories

                                   Formative: 40%
                                   Summative 60%
Supplies Needed:
    Three ring binder with plenty of college ruled paper
    Pencil and/or Pen (blue/black ink)


Class Expectations: “I wasted time, and now time doth waste me.” Richard II
            Be on time to class.

              Be ready to work. Keep your notes for this class handy and organized. Please keep ALL handouts;
               photocopied materials are essential, yet costly and I will NOT have extras.

              No cell phones allowed in class. All cell phones are to be turned off during class. Exceptions
               may be made when used as a reference in class. Example: Look at Ms. Ray’s SWIFT website

              Mp3 Player usage: Enter class without headphones on or earbuds in. It is common courtesy.

              Be prepared to turn in work on the day and at the beginning of the period that it is due.    Late
               work (within seven days) receives a 50% deduction.

              Be informed about what you missed if absent. There is a notebook at the front of the room with
               this information updated daily. ALSO, SWIFT website will show daily agendas. There are many
               ways to find out what you have missed. Please check these before approaching your teacher.
               AFTER checking these sources, do not hesitate to ask me questions. I will answer emails daily.


           Please feel free to contact me through email, phone, or in person with any questions or concerns that you,
or your parents/ guardians may have. I am available for extra help and support, so please ask
           I do utilize the SWIFT program to post our daily agendas and assignments. For updates during the course
of the year please feel free to visit our classroom SWIFT website at: It is also linked to the RHS web site, which is available

                           Please keep this as a resource throughout the year.

          In lieu of signing and returning this, your first homework assignment is to go to the DISCUSSION tab on
our SWIFT website and post that you have read and
  understand the classroom expectations, . At the
 same, carefully answer the question I have posted
 there. This is DUE by MONDAY, SEPTEMBER
                       10, 2012.

          Remember to include your full name and
                                                period number.

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