FLORIDA NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY
                          PAWPAW CHAPTER
                         SEPTEMBER 19, 2004



   FNPS CHAPTER GRANT: Our grant application has been approved. The
    signs are to be delivered thirty days from receipt of payment. A work-party
    has been tentatively scheduled for Sat., Nov.13, at 9:00 a.m. There are 25
    signs to install.

   CHAPTER MEETINGS - SPEAKERS: Author, Ruffino Osario has not
    responded to Walter Jubinsky's requests to present a program at a future

   RAY JARRETT/ GROUP DONATION: To honor Ray, a donation collected
    from our chapter members of $100.00 will be sent by our Treasurer Fran
    Burdick, to the FNPS Science Research Fund in his name.

   VCARG DEFENSE FUND: A donation of $100.00 was sent to: Volusia
    Citizens Alliance for Responsible Growth (POB205, Osteen, FL 32764), along
    with a $50.00 personal donation by member John Carr at our Chapter
    meeting in August.

   CHAPTER WEBSITE: Education Chair, Elizabeth Flynn, has been up dating
    'Up Coming Events' and 'Announcements' on our website. She will continue
    to try and keep website content current. Charles Cuidera will e-mail Don
    Spence a copy of the By-Laws for posting on-line.

   HOLLY HILL LIBRARY: Walt and Charles are to provide Don with the
    necessary site-plan details he will need to develop a Florida Native landscape
    plan for the building frontage. A Chapter 'planting work-party' will be
    established when the landscape plan is approved and plant availability has
    been established.

   SUGAR MILL GARDENS: The Florida Native Plant Festival with "Full Moon
    Natives" nursery has been postponed indefinitely due to recent storm

   MASTER GARDENER WORKSHOP: The Flagler County Master Gardener
    Workshop celebrating Florida Native plants is scheduled for Sat., October
    23rd (8:00a.m. - 3:00p.m.) at the Flagler Agricultural Center. A Chairperson
    and more volunteers are needed. Elizabeth has volunteered to co-chair this
   LIABILITY INSURANCE: We are continuing are search for affordable
    Liability Coverage for our Chapter meetings and official Field Trips. Charles is
    investigating our past coverage (Mitchell-Noel Ins), and current market
    availability. The Lease for our meetings at SICA Community Hall states that
    'the Lessee is responsible' for any Personal Injury or Property damage

   NEW CHAPTER KIOSK: We are in need of a functional kiosk and folding
    table for our public out-reach activities. Charles has been investigating the
    desirable design features and reviewed the purchase specifics for an "Eclipse
    II Aluminum" model (Minimum Cost delivered = $528.40, without optional
    FNPS logo and other supporting graphics) from "EZ-UP" (Costa Mesa, CA). A
    number of Board members present felt that incurring such an expense (for
    equipment used so infrequently) is prohibitive. No further action on this issue
    was decided upon.

   NEW FNPS BROCHURE: Don has taken delivery of a limited number of new
    FNPS informational brochures. We all concur, --they're terrific!

   CHAPTER ANNUAL BUDGET: A suggestion was made that, a projected
    'operating budget' (based on our financial records, recollection, and forecast)
    be developed by the Board of Directors in Jan/Feb. of each year. It is
    believed that this would a significant aid to the Board in establishing goals for
    the Chapter, and allocating the resources necessary to accomplish them.

   NOMINATING COMMITTE 2005: Don has volunteered to Chair this activity.
    Barbara Kieran has volunteered to serve on the Committee. A third member
    will be solicited at our next Chapter meeting (Tuesday, Sept. 21st.)

   ANNUAL PLANT ACTION: Our December meeting will start at 6:00p.m.
    Charles will ask Ray Jarrett to be our Auctioneer. Everyone is asked to bring
    Florida Native plants and related paraphernalia to donate for sale, and to
    bring a dish and (or) beverage for a potluck feast.

   CHAPTER MEETING FORMAT: Beginning with our regular meeting in
    October, it was agreed that we would try 'opening-the-doors' to our regular
    meetings at 6:30p.m. We believe that this would promote more socializing
    and educational discovery for our members. Members are encouraged to
    initiate activities and discussions germane to the mission of FNPS during this

    Meeting schedule was also discussed. It was agreed that welcoming our
    guests and introducing our featured speaker promptly at 7:00p.m. --allowing
    forty minutes for program presentation and NMT fifteen minutes for
    subsequent Q & A and discussion seems reasonable. Furthermore, the target
    time-length of our Business meetings will be thirty minutes. Our meetings
    should end with enough time for adequate clean-up and building exit by
    9:00p.m. The Board solicits everyone's cooperation in making our meetings
    both informative and enjoyable!

   NEXT BOD MEETING IS NOVEMBER 7TH AT 3:00- 5:00 P.M. Hosts:
    Elizabeth & Tom Flynn tf@pobox.com Tel: 386-673-9543 Location: 4
    Maryann Terrace, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

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