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Present: Councillors M. Deacon (Chairman), S Ulyat, C. Nicholson, D. Bennett and Mrs B.
Coleman (Clerk). Cllr Peter Heath arrived later.

Apologies – were received and accepted from Cllrs. L. Green and R Patterson.

Minutes of the Meeting of the 09.07.2009 were proposed, seconded and signed by the
Chairman as being a true record.

Register of Member’s Interest. Members of the Council were reminded that at any time
during the meeting they could declare an interest. There were none at this point in time.

Highways . The Chairman had received a reply from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership,
regarding the Speed Reduction Measures in the village. They explained that the only funds
currently available were through Local Safety Schemes and that Scampton falls far short of
their current criteria. The only option open to us was to contact our County Councillor who
could suggest our site when asked for a nomination for speed reduction signs. The Clerk
would forward all correspondence to Councillor Kinch.

Village Website. The website is now live and three members of the Council had attended
training on use of the site. Suggestions were made that information on bus times, the
Dambusters and the BSA Hall should be included on the site. The Clerk had received a
telephone call from Kenneth Bannerman, Director General of a site that featured disused
airfields. He would be prepared to set up a link to their site if we were interested. ( Anyone
wishing to view the website can do so by entering “ Scampton Parish Council “ on their
search engine and follow the links).

Flooding. Cllr. Nicholson reported that the gardens of the houses at the end of the lay by near
the school were still flooding when it rained hard. Some residents had had to go to the
expense of having a hump build to stop the ingress of water. She said the drains silted up very
quickly and that the Council did come and clean the drains but that it does not solve the
problem. Something had happened as the problem had only arisen in the last few years. The
Clerk and Councillor Heath would write to highways and request a detailed examination of
the drains along this side of the B1398 in an effort to resolve this problem properly.

Village Project The project was progressing, although had come to a temporary halt as our
contact at Groundwork Lincolnshire was on holiday. It was planned that once we had definite
information and a selection of detailed plans etc we would hold a meeting for residents to
allow them to view the project and comment. The next meeting between the council and
Groundwork Lincolnshire was scheduled for 29th September at 11.00am to progress the
matter further.

RAF Liaison The Clerk would contact the RAF with a view to arranging a meeting as it was
a while since we had met. There was a meeting tonight of the Residents Committee and we
would be informed of any discussions or problems soon.

New Councillor We had had no applications from anybody wishing to become a Councillor
but would continue to look.
Planning. Permission in respect of the following had been received:-
                  Full extension at 27A, High Street, Scampton
                  Garden room at 6, Manor Farm Court, Scampton
                  Rear extension at 21, Sussex Gardens, Scampton
           WLDC – Minutes of Committee Meetings, Notice of Council Meeting and
             Agenda for the Standards Committee. Various leaflets, Parish Matters,
             information on the gambling act. The Corporate Plan can be viewed on the
             website www.west-lindsey.gov.uk . There also notified Parishes of the
             withdrawal of the per capita subsidy.
           LCC – Sustainable development guide and the Trees for Lincolnshire order
           Hemswell/Scampton Neighbourhood Policing Team News.
           LALC Annual report and notification of the AGM and Conference to be held
             on 7th November between 10.00 and 4.00pm at Horncastle College.
           Community Lincs Autumn Debate to be held on 24th September at 7.00pm in
             Metheringham Village Hall.
           Letter from Peter Heath, asking to be kept informed of the dates of Parish
             Meetings as he would like to attend more now he was less busy.
           Letter from E-On regarding our unmetered supplies. The Clerk reported that
             she had tried to ascertain what these were in respect of and would contact
             them again requesting further information.
           A request had been received from Village Venture for funding. At this point
             the Chairman declared an interest and left the room. The meeting was chaired
             by the Vice Chairman Cllr. S Ulyat. After some discussion it was proposed,
             seconded and agreed unanimously that the Council would support the Village
             Venture to the same degree as last year, namely £196.00.
           A letter from County Way Management Co. Ltd. had been received. At this
             point Cllr. D Bennett declared an interest and took no further part in the
             discussion. The Management Company were asking for help in purchasing
             bulbs to improve the environment at the camp and £100 donation towards the
             repair of the notice board ( bought by the Council) which had been vandalised.
             The Clerk would write to say that the Council would purchase some bulbs for
             them and suggest that they had the notice board repaired and passed the bill
             for up to £100 to the Council for settlement.
           BT were offering us the opportunity to purchase the telephone box in the
             village for £1. The box had only been used 161 times in the last 12months. We
             would need to contact the Chief Planning Officer as they would need to give
             permission for BT to remove the telephone equipment. The Clerk would
             follow this up. It was suggested that the kiosk could then be used as a parish
             notice board.

Finance –

There was a resolution to make payments to The Village Venture and Green Grass. It was
proposed, seconded and resolved unanimously that the following payments should be made:

Green Grass (grass Cutting)                                      £ 95.97
Village Venture                                                    £196.00

The Council discussed the effectiveness of the Internal Audit. They were happy with the
Clerk presenting the printout of the balanced accounts each quarter and the Internal Audit had
shown no discrepancies nor had any queries been raised. They were confident that accounts
were being run properly and were pleased that they were now audited by a qualified

Matters for the next Meeting

      RAF Liaison
      Village website
      Highways

The next meeting will be on Thursday 1st October 2009 at 7.30pm at BSA Hall, Aisthorpe.

Being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.

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