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									                                            Mediterranean ABC book

Task: To create an ABC book on the various aspects of Greek and Roman society.

SSWH3 The student will examine the political, philosophical, and cultural interaction of Classical
Mediterranean societies from 700 BCE to 400 CE.
a. Compare the origins and structure of the Greek polis, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire.
b. Identify the ideas and impact of important individuals; include Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and describe the
diffusion of Greek culture by Aristotle’s pupil Alexander the Great and the impact of Julius and Augustus Caesar.
c. Analyze the contributions of Hellenistic and Roman culture; include law, gender, and science.
d. Describe polytheism in the Greek and Roman world and the origins and diffusion of Christianity in the Roman
e. Analyze the factors that led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.

You will be assigned to create an ABC book in which each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a Greek or Roman
aspect of society.

You will have at least 2 library research days, or time in class with computers and books. It is my suggestion that
you use your time in the library effectively to get your research done. Feel free use your notes, textbook, and other
resources without plagiarizing them to your advantage. You must write the definition for each term and provide an
image. Can be drawn or computer generated.

You may choose one of the options below for each letter. You might not get an option on all letters
A- Aristotle OR Augustus Caesar OR Alexander the Great
B- Barbarian Invaders
C- Christianity OR Consuls
D- Athenian Democracy
E- Economy/Trade of Greece and Rome
F- Factors leading to the fall of the Greek AND Roman Empires
G- Gladiators
H- Hellenistic Art and Culture
I- Ionic Pillars
J- Julius Caesar
K- The first Kings of Rome- Who were they and why did Monarchy fail?
L- King Leonidas of Sparta
M- Mythology
N- Roman Numerals
O- Oligarchy
P- Punic Wars OR Plato OR Peloponnesian War
Q- aQueducts
R- Roman Republic
S – Socrates OR Senate
T – Twelve Tables
V- Nike the Goddess of Victory
W- Women in Greece AND Rome
X- eXports and Imports of Rome
Z-Zeus the Greek good

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