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									Toward a Global Internet RFID

 Rudy Van Hoe
 Software Practice Manager
 Sun Microsystems

1. AutoID/EPC/RFID: What is it? What is new?

2. AutoID/EPC/RFID Standards

3. Application and Business benefits of the EPC

4. Sun and the EPC network

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RFID/EPC Overview
What is it? What is New?

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RFID/EPC Network
• What?
  –   “Identify Any Object Anywhere Automatically”

• How?
  –   Use tags to encode objects with an unique ID
  –   Use Computers to track the tagged objects
  –   Use/exchange ID, time, place with others parties

• Why?
  –   Improve business efficiency by enabling automatic
      and timely tracking, tracing and control of enterprise
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       RFID Tags – What’s New?
• New Technology
 – New Manufacturing
 – Smaller & Better Chips

• New Standards
 – Auto-ID Center/EPC Global
 – Cheap, Standard Tags

• New Economics
 – High Quantity/Low Price
 – A Few Cents per Tag

                                             Smaller, Cheaper & Better RFID
• Industry Mandates                         Tags are driving new applications
 – Wal-Mart, US DoD etc.
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Key Industry Mandates &
Drivers Date
 Entity         Specifics
   Wal-Mart       Jan 2005        Top 125 suppliers, case and pallet
   Wal-Mart       Dec 2005
                                  All suppliers, case and pallet level
 Metro Stores     Nov 2004
                                  Top 100 suppliers, some item level
 Target Stores   Spring 2005
                                  Selected suppliers, case and pallet
 Target Stores   Spring 2007
   US DoD         Jan 2005
                                  All suppliers, case and pallet level
  Albertsons     April 2005
                                  Top 100 suppliers, all items
    HDMA            2005
                                  Top 100 suppliers, case and pallet
    HDMA            2007          level
     FDA            2007          Case level for pharma manufacturers
European Union        -           Item level for pharma manufacturers
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RFID/EPC Network
Standards and Architecture

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The Auto-ID Center
• A global consortium of industry and academia
  headquartered at MIT, to develop and
  promote Auto-ID standards – founded in 1999
  by UCC, P&G and Gillette
• Vision: “revolutionize the way we make, buy
  and sell products”
• 103 sponsors (End users and Vendors)
  –   Sun was an early sponsor since June 2000
  –   Sun chair the Technology Board and the Software
      Action Group
• Working on Technical specifications for all
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    The Transition to EPC
Auto-ID Center (MIT)                       EPCglobal (UCC/EAN)

              Focus                        Focus
                        Oct 2003
          Research -                       - Commercialization

     Drive Adoption -                      -Continue to drive
   EPC Network Arch
               V1 -                        -Increase overall size of
                        Sun confidential   community
Sun confidential   10
       EPC Network
       The Internet of Things
                                                      IP      Unique Address for
      Unique Identifier
        for Objects
                           EPC                                 computers on the
                                                      Address      Internet

Resolves EPC to a URL                                          Resolves Web Address
    where more info       ONS                          DNS      to an IP Address of
 on the Object is found                                               a Server

  Language used to                                                Language used to
  describe Objects &      PML                         HTML      describe WWW content
 Data on EPC Network

   Server that provides                                         Serves up information
     information on       EPC IS                      Server     formatted in HTML
   Objects & Products

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 Applications and Overall
Benefits of the EPC Network

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RFID/EPC: The Benefits Are
“Gillette expects that RFID/EPC will help in
reducing shrinkage (product losses) and
improving retailer relations. We estimate
the current impact on these to be
approximately 3% to 5% of annual
        - Dick Cantwell, VP of Supply Chain, Gillette

“Procter & Gamble expects to save $1.5
Billion annually in supply chain costs
through the use of RFID/EPC”
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Sun and the EPC Network

          Sun confidential   16
Sun RFID Offering
●   Sun's systems approach to RFID
    –   Software
    –   Hardware
    –   Systems Architecture
    –   Services and Test Centers
    –   Best-of-Breed Partnerships
    –   Word-class support

                       Sun confidential   17
RFID Projects
by Sun

      Sun confidential   20
EMEA Retail customer
                 (Retail Asset Tracking)

     Sun confidential                      21
Project Profile
●   Company:
    –   EMEA retail company

●   Objective:
    –   Track roll cages between distribution centers and
        retail outlets
    –   Produce better accountability of roll cages in

                           Sun confidential                 22
Roll Cages

 Metal wire frame
 cage on wheels for
 moving inventory
 between Distribution
 Center and Stores.

 Two single dipole
 ruggedized tags
 attached to each

                        Sun confidential   23
Reader Gantry

Two rows of readers
to detect movement
and direction

                      Sun confidential   24
ASTREC/Tokyo Narita Airport
     (Passenger Luggage Tracking)

       Sun confidential             25
Project Profile
●   Company:
    –   Consortium for advanced airport systems

●   Objective:
    –   Luggage tracking at airport terminal and airline
    –   Also part of “Hands Free Travel” trial

●   Scope:
    –   Up to 200,000 pieces of luggage; largest pilot of its
    –   Cooperation between Airport, Airline, and Luggage
        Delivery Company
                           Sun confidential                     26
Luggage Tag and Reader

          Sun confidential   28
 ●   Solution included:
      –   Sun RFID Technology
      –   Sun Professional Client Services
      –   Reader/Tag Partner
      –   Local partner

 ●   Even though a local pilot, affects international
     organizations such as TSA

 ●   What are the next steps
      – Open interface to airlines and delivery companies
      – Global specifications for world wide interoperability
                           Sun confidential                     29
      Goodyear Tires
         (CPG/Wal-Mart Mandate)

Sun confidential                  30
Project Profile
●   Company:
    –   World's largest tire company

●   Objective:
    –   Tag testing on tires; seek optimal tag placement
    –   Determine effects of material (rubber, metal)
    –   Prepare for Wal-Mart mandate and tire tread act but
        also leverage for ROI

●   Scope:
    –   Single tire tagging and testing
    –   Various orientations
    –                        Center
        At Sun's RFID TestSun confidential in Dallas, Texas USA   31
Tire Orientation
1               2             3               4              5              6             7            8
Conv ey or      Rolling       Rolling         Pallet         Pallet         Pallet        Stacked on   Stacked
                through a     through a       (arranged )    (arranged )    (arranged )   horizontal   stov epiped on
                threshold     threshold       through a      through a                    racks        f loor
                                              threshold      threshold

Ov erhead       Dock door      Dock door      Dock door      Dock door      Handheld      Handheld     Handheld
mounted         reader - sides reader -       reader - sides reader -       reader        reader       reader
reader                         header                        header
500 f eet per   500 f eet per 500 f eet per   500 f eet per 500 f eet per   Static        Static       Static
minute          minute         minute         minute         minute

                                                    Sun confidential                                                    32
   Sun Manufacturing Project
(Inventory Management/Tracking)

    Sun confidential              33
Project Profile
●   Company:
    –   Sun Microsystems, Inc.

●   Objective:
    –   Improve Material Transfer Accuracy in manufacturing
    –   Determine the ability to tag metal computer parts
    –   Integrate data with back-end systems

●   Scope:
    –   Implement with single Tag Type
    –   Data integration limited to one back-end system
    –   At Sun's Manufacturing facility in Newark, CA
                          Sun confidential                    34
Sun Pilot - “Project Sun Beam”



                  Sun confidential              35
 ●   Solution included:
      –   Extensive tag testing of metal parts in production
      –   Sun RFID Technology
      –   Sun Professional Client Services
      –   Integration to Oracle Back-End

 ●   100% read rates were achieved with metal parts
 ●   Material transfer accuracy improved by 7%
 ●   Learned lessons re. training operators
 ●   NPV analysis indicated a positive ROI possible in a
                            Sun confidential                   38

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