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									Smarty Web Development

         PHP Smarty Development:
         Why you should opt for websites to be developed using
         Smarty PHP and MySQL?
         The benefits of PHP programming for your website are many.
         For e.g. PHP scripts can function on open source platforms like
LINUX with the help of any web server like Open Windows IIS Server
or Apache HTTP server. PHP can function on Windows, Linux, Solaris
and many other operating systems.
PHP can connect with almost all databases available these days. In a nut
shell developing website application is inexpensive as the LAMP
platform is an open source. So hosting a web site at a PHP based server
is much more cost effective.

Why PHP Smarty Web Developent :
    Smarty is a web template system or open source framework written in
    PHP. Smarty is termed as a "Template Engine", but it can also be
    described as a Template/Presentation Framework." It provides the
    programmer and template designer with plethora of devices to automate
    tasks generally undertaken at the presentation level of an application.
    Smarty PHP template engine focuses on rapid and easy development and
    deployment of the application, while sustaining high-performance,
    security, scalability, and future development. A few of the most
    remarkable features of Smarty Web Development are:
   Easy to Use and Maintain
   Configuration Files
   Filters
   Plugins
   Add-ons
   Caching
   Compiling
   Template Functions
   Variable Modifiers
   Resources
   Debugging
   Performance
    So now, it's up to you to decide is Smarty Web development or Smarty
    Ajax development right for you? If you want to have a robust templating
    framework with several devices to facilitate you as your application
    evolves into the future, Smarty is likely to be an ideal choice.

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