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					How well do you know the rules for
becoming a US citizen? Read the 10
 examples given and be the judge!
Margaret Paulino was born in Guam. Her
 father is native to Guam, but her mother
 was born in Minnesota.
   Greta Krupp arrived from Germany six
    months ago to work in the United
    Nations building in New York City. She
    gave birth to a son, Hans, during her stay
    in New York.
   Rosie O’Donnell adopts a child from the
   Dharma and Greg, a United States couple
    traveling abroad, gave birth to twins in
   Madonna, a United States citizen, gives
    birth to a baby boy (Rocco) while
    traveling in Paris.
   Maria Rodriguez has worked as a
    salesperson in a large supermarket in
    Houston for six years. She reads and
    speaks English fairly well, and has
    completed a night class in United States
   Michael Jones has had several jobs since
    he arrived from England twelve years
    ago. He has been arrested twice for
   Sixteen-year old Lee Uyang arrived in
    the United States six years ago as a
    refugee. Her parents have not become
    citizens. She goes to school, where she
    does well in all subjects, including
    English .
   Frederico Cuzzi was born in the United
    States 22 years ago when his father, a
    diplomat, was at the Italian embassy in
    Washington. After living most of his life
    in Italy, Frederico has applied for
    citizenship. His English is perfect and he
    has a job as a banker.
   Chiang Lee has lived and worked in Los
    Angeles since his marriage to an
    American citizen three years ago.
    Chiang speaks little English, but does
    read it well.
   Dharma and Greg, a United States couple
    traveling abroad, gave birth to twins in

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