Over 180 professionals and students attended our first networking event.
                                         We are hosting a second event for New York City area
                                  mental health professionals to connect, share, and learn from others
                                            interested in CBT and evidence-based practice.
NYC-CBT Association
                                                             Monday, July 27, 2009
                                                                  8-10 p.m.
                                                          PS 450 Restaurant/Lounge
                                                     450 Park Avenue South (30th/31st Sts)
                                                                  Cash Bar

                                                       Please RSVP to

                                                                   Door charge:
                                                     $15 for professionals ($10 for members)
                                                    $10 for students ($5 for student members)

                      Established professionals, early career professionals, and students from all applied,
                      research, and academic settings are invited to attend. We reserved a larger space to
                                          more comfortably accommodate everyone.
                       Take advantage of our membership discount by joining NYC-CBT now! Simply
                      complete the attached application.

                       Throughout the year our programs will alternate between social networking, lectures, and
                           workshops. Save the date for our September 15, 2009 event featuring a talk by
                                     Dr. Robert Leahy, “Treating Treatment-Resistant Anxiety”.

                      Founding Members: Anne Marie Albano, Doris Chang, Suzanne Davino, Susan Evans, Baruch Fishman, Jonathan
                      Kaplan, Robert Leahy, Lata McGinn, Deborah Melamed, Alec Miller, Kate Muller, Lisa Napolitano, Simon Rego, Laura
                      Reigada, Shireen Rizvi, Robert Schachter, Dennis Tirch, Deborah Walder, Rene Zweig

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