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									                                                                                                                                                           Kuna School District
                                                                                                                                              Science Curriculum revision, 2008

                                                First Grade Science Scope and Sequence

                Earth                                           Life                                       Physical                                Technology
Theme: Air and Weather                      Themes: Plants & Their                            Theme: Solid, Liquid and Gas             Theme: Tools & Technology
Content:                                     Habitats                                         Content:                                 Content:
 Identify the four seasons and their        Content:                                          Describe properties of objects.         Create a tool to perform a specific
  characteristics for a local region.        Describe the life cycle of a plant (seed,        Recognize and classify matter as a         function. Use available and
 Experience air as a material that takes        growth, reproduction, death).                    solid, liquid, or gas.                   appropriate technology.
  up space and can be compressed into           State that living things need food to         Recognize that matter can change        Observe and describe the properties
  a smaller space.                               survive.                                         states (solid, liquid, and gas).         of different kinds of wood and
 Compare monthly and seasonal                  Describe the life cycle of an animal          Recognize differences between              paper.
  weather conditions using bar graphs.           (birth, development, reproduction,               solids and liquids.                   Compare different kinds of wood
 Observe and monitor the location of            death).                                       Explore a number of liquids.               and paper to discover how they are
  the Sun and the Moon in the sky over          Identify the characteristics of local         Observe and describe the properties        alike and how they are different.
  a day and the change in the                    natural environments (playground,                                                      Observe interactions of wood and
                                                                                                  of solids and liquids.
  appearance of the Moon over a
                                                Experience some of the diversity of           Sort materials according to                paper with water and other
  month.                                         forms in the plant kingdom.                      properties.                              substances.
 Organize and communicate                      Provide for the needs of growing plants.      Combine and separate solids of          Become aware of natural resources
  observations through drawing and              Observe and describe the changes that            different particle sizes.                in our world.
  writing.                                       occur as plants grow and develop.             Observe and describe what happens       Communicate observations.
                                                Become familiar with the structures and          when solids are mixed with water.
Resources:                                       functions of flowering plants (root, stem,    Observe and describe what happens      Resources:
 FOSS Air and Weather kit                       leaf, bud, flower, and seed).
                                                                                                  when other liquids are mixed with     FOSS Wood & Paper kit
 Delta Science First Reader: Air and           Organize and communicate observations                                                  Delta Science First Reader: Wood
    Weather                                      through drawing and writing.
                                                                                               Use information gathered to conduct        and Paper
 HM Reader: 7 Facts About the                                                                    an investigation on an unknown
    Weather                                                                                       material.                            Minimum Kit Activities:
 HM Reader: Weather and Seasons            Resources:                                                                                 (Add lesson #s here)
                                             FOSS New Plants kit                              Use written and oral language to
                                             Delta Science First Reader: From                    describe observations.
Minimum Kit Activities:
(Add lesson #s here)                            Seed to Plant and New Plants
                                             HM Reader: Plants
                                                                                               FOSS Solids and Liquids kit
                                            Minimum Kit Activities:                            Delta Science First Reader: Solids
                                            (Add lesson #s here)                                 and Liquids
                                                                                               HM Reader: Changes in Matter

                                                                                              Micron Program: States of Matter

                                                                                                                              First Grade Science Scope and Sequence, pg. 1 of 2
                                                                                                                                                      Kuna School District
                                                                                                                                         Science Curriculum revision, 2008

                                                                                       Minimum Kit Activities:
                                                                                       (Add lesson #s here)

Science Processes
Science processes that are integrated within content:

 Measuring - using standard measures or estimations to describe specific dimensions of an object or event.
 Inferring - formulating assumptions or possible explanations based upon observations.
 Communicating - using words, symbols, or graphics to describe an object, action or event.
 Measurement tools - rulers
 Formulating Hypotheses - stating the proposed solutions or expected outcomes for experiments.
 Experimenting - carrying out an experiment by carefully following directions of the procedure so the results can be verified by repeating the procedure several times.
 Acquiring Data - collecting qualitative and quantitative data as observations and measurements.
 Organizing Data in Tables and Graphs – tally and pictograph
 Analyzing Investigations and Their Data - interpreting data statistically, identifying human mistakes and experimental errors, evaluating the hypothesis, formulating
     conclusions, and recommending further testing where necessary.
 Understanding Cause and Effect Relationships - what caused what to happen and why.
 Formulating Models - recognizing patterns in data and making comparisons to familiar objects or ideas.

 Observing - using your senses to gather information about an object or event.
 Classifying - grouping or ordering objects or events into categories based upon characteristics or defined criteria.
 Predicting - guessing the most likely outcome of a future event based upon a pattern of evidence.
 Technology – integrate


                                                                                                                         First Grade Science Scope and Sequence, pg. 2 of 2

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