Kindergarten Karen Skugrud by 9F9Zc3GG


									Kindergarten           Ms. Tibor   Room 118

Wednesday      April 27th 2011          12:30 - 1:30 pm

     Name                                      Title of Project

1) Kendra Goodroad                             Iguanas Gone Green

2) Jacob Payne                                 Mad Roaches

3) Gregg Vogel                                 Anoles

4) Peter Workman                               Fruit flies

5) Mikayla Handy                               Iguanas & colors

6) Rachael Stark                               Anoles and temperature affects

7) Ashley Chlebowski                           TBA

8) Hannah Coles                                TBA

9) Derek Sayles                                Anoles

10) Quinn Quaderer                             Guppies & Plants

11) Stephanie Palen                            Musical Plants

12) Megan Sweetland                            Colorful Guppies
Kindergarten            Ms. Seeley   Room 125

Thursday         April 28th 2011          12:30 - 1:30 pm

     Name                                        Title of Project

1) Danielle Stone                                Which floor grows more?

2) Chris Milham                                  Guppies

3) Taylor Mallinger                              Gold Fish Memory

4) Stephanie Taylor                              Turn you Orange?

5) Jo Severson                                   Day or Night? Snails and Light

6) Brittany Hemelgarn                            Pants or Not Iguanas

7) Sumayo Mahamood                               Color Change in White Tree Frogs

8) Cade Laufonberg                               Critters in Winona Water

9) Colin Dingfelder                              Does Gatorade make plants grow better?

10) Zak Charette                                 TBD

11) Anna Chau                                    TBD

12) Kimberly Mathieus                            Snakes! What do they eat?
1st Grade             Ms. Pomeroy Room 108

Monday                April 25th 2011   12:30 - 1:30 am

      Name                                     Title of Project

1) Elijah Velasquez                            Worms and plant growth

2) Kevin Nelson                                Growth of Plants

3) Mitch Larsen                                Growing Plants w/NaCi

4) Alex Krenzke                                Fish sizes compared to feeding rate

5) Katlyn Plound                               Fish pH light

6) Laruen Blegen                               Leopard Geckos

7) Sunny Perry                                 Annual vs. Perennials

8) Ashton Krogman                              Goldfish

9) Paige Abrahamson                            Plants and Music

10) Yash Volety                                Tree Frogs


1st Grade     Ms. Rasmussen      Room 109?

Wednesday     April 27th, 2011        12:30-1:30 pm

      Name                                     Title of Project

1) Eric Nowasiak                      Temperature effects on bean plants

2) Lauren Rosso                       Effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth

3) Megan Rasmussen                    The growth effect of plants and seed depth

4) Megan Berris                       Plants / gray water

5) Kaitlyn Graun                      Bettas

6) Nicole Caspary                     Fish interactions within environment

7) Kyle Segner                        Antibiotics and growth

8) Andy Bezek                         Pea Plants / soil

9) Brandon Boldt                      Diet of Rabbit

10) Kylie Cowdin                      Turtle color differentiation

11) Mariah Robran                     Can you turn plants color

2nd Grade               Ms. Taylor   Room 223

Thursday         April 28th 2011          10:00-11:00 am

     Name                                       Title of Project

1) Paige Peterson                               Breeding Betta Fish

2) Cassandra Atkinson                           How to train goldfish

3) Tasha Jappe                                  Plants

4) Alyssa Sweelberg                             Guppies

5) Jackline Oswald                              Cucumber Germination

6) Katrina Fasch                                Beautiful bones

7) Patrick Hager                                Energy in Growing Plants

8) Molly King                                   What makes plants grow better?

9) Mackenzie Popko                              Plants what makes them want to grow?

10) Nicole Edgar                                What is a Tarantula’s favorite food?

11) Jon Graziaro                                Different plants, different soil

12) Steven Ciochon                              Cricket Chirping

13) Morgan Woiff                                Smoking & Plants = Bad

14) Autumn Brown                                Basilisk Home
2nd Grade             Ms. Johnsrud Room 222

Monday         April 25th 2011          12:30 - 1:30 pm

      Name                                     Title of Project

1) Noah Pepper                                 Coke vs Diet Coke on marigolds

2) Erica Eischens                              Seed weight vs Plant Height

3) Jaclyn Gremley                       Guppies environment vs Stress & reproduction rate

4) Samantha Kosharek                           Hamster vs. food

5) Sam Sneve                                   The guppy house

6) Nick Kasdagly                               Fruit Flies / if they function in the dark

7) Amber Wright                                Anoles / Stress color change

8) Andrew Wyatt                                Anoles/ Stress color change




3rd Grade              Ms. Browne

Wednesday              April 27th 2011             12:45 – 1:45 pm

      Name                                         Title of Project

1) Zach Swanson                             Cricket development and diet

2) Zach Chaney                              Goldfish training / environment

3) Jocelyn Schaffer                         Vitamin C effect plants

4) Ben Martin                               Enhanced H2O and soda / plant growth

5) David Daly                               Cricket chirps

6) August & Katie                           Pit bull behavior

7) Kevin Bye                                Working on Title ATM

8) Nadia Koranteng                   How light and temperature affects anti-bacterial products

9) Kasey Buchheit                           TBD

10) Nafula Namuninia                        Water Treatment

11) Christina Slowinski                     Bon Bon the Bunny

4th Grade                      Ms. Palmquist      Room 217?

Friday           April 29th 2011     1:00 – 2:00 pm

     Name                                         Title of Project

1) Sean Hogan                                     Effect of music on plant growth

2) Taylor Wiech

3) Brandon Broccuen                               Basil Growth

4) Matt Dahl                                      What kind of soil makes tomatoes happy

5) Caleb Hammel                                   extreme sweet corn growing

6) Gabriel Velez                                  Do squash fight other plants

7) Barrett Anderson                               Plant durability in drought

8) Megan Flanigan                                 Plants & Hydrogen Peroxide

9) Jamie Hoisington                               Morning Glories

10) Kiley Bahl                                    Ball Python eating patterns

11) David Haugerud                                Eating Habits for Fish

12) Amanda Tussing                                Plant growing efficiency
4th Grade            Ms. Ellinghuysen   Room 215

Friday        April 29th 2011     12:30 – 1:30 pm

     Name                                      Title of Project

1) Michelle Jeske                              Purified vs. Tap Water

2) Cody Glennie                                Slime mold maze

3) Samantha Morris                             Singing Tree Frogs

4) Brittany Wylie                              Grow fish

5) Amber Schultze                              Guppies

6) Tom Wilcox                                  Music Theory and Plant Growth

7) Kiefer Dounle                               Painted Turtles and eating behaviors

8) Megan Carlson                               Bearded dragon temperaments

9) Gary Snorek                                 Mantids growth

10) Holly Garding                              Goldfish environment

11) Melissa Pond                               How to make a mouse fat

12) Logan Herber                               Bacteria & Antibiotics

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