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					Introduction to Colossians
Introduction: Colossians is one
 of Paul’s shortest letters. One
     of the most significant
   problems being dealt with
  today in this book has to do
     with the opponents at
             The city
The city proper- The city was situated
100 miles east of Ephesus and was
significant for its wool industry.
The People- they seem to have been
very cosmopolitan where differing
cultural and religious elements mixed.
The church- The brothers and sisters
who are addressed in 1:2 were probably
not converted through the ministry of
Paul himself.
        Critical Questions
Authorship- There has been a great deal of
argument over the authorship in the last 100
years. Almost none before that. These
arguments are based on the following
Arguments against Pauline Authorship:
Arguments in favor of Pauline Authorship- The
most compelling argument is the close
connection of the letter with Philemon, a letter
that is almost never questioned as being
Date- This leads us to ask the question of what
kind of prison that Paul was in when he wrote the
letter. There are three possibilities:
Ephesus during the 3 to 3 1/2 years spent there
(Acts 19:10, 22; 20:31). c. Fall of A.D. 52 to
Summer 55
Caesarea where he spent two years in enforced
confinement (Acts 24:23, 27). c. May A.D. 57 to
September 59.
Rome, where he was under house arrest for two
whole years (Acts 28:30-31). c. February A.D. 60
to late 61 or early 62.
   What was the Colossian
Was there a heresy?
Some Marks of the Heresy. (see The
Colossian Syncretism by Clinton Arnold)
The veneration of Angels (2:18)
Mystery initiation and Local Cults- (See
Ferguson, pp. 249-282)
Evil Angels-
How Paul dealt with the heresy.

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