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Thawsi School - DOC 4 by 9F9Zc3GG


									                                                           Thawsi School
                                                        English Department
                                             Weekly Lesson Summary for Kindergarten 1
                                         Year 2012/ Term 1/ Week _8_ / From 9- 13 July 2012
    EFL++ : Teacher Pang
    Theme            Life skills              Language skills             Vocabularies/                      Activities
                                                                          Conversations/                (Games/Songs/ Stories)
 Keeping away      Hand-washing            Say simple         Wash your hands, hands,            Song(s)
  from germs         steps                    greeting           finger, water, soap, towel,        1) Bow to the Triple Gem
 ‘Parts of the     Bow to the              Listening          ‘Goodbye germs’,                   2) Good Morning to You
  head’ theme        Triple Gem              Comprehension      sit down, stand up, eyes to        3) I Sit on My Heels
 Function of       Listening skill         Respond the        look for/ look around/ see,        4) Cross-legged sitting
  parts of the      Respecting               commands           ears to hear/ to listen, nose      5) ‘Looking for and Point to’
  head               teachers and            Sing along with    to smell, mouth to eat/drink/      6) ‘Big and Small’ song
 Animals            friends                  the teacher        keep quiet/ speak                  7) ‘Two Little Eyes’ song
 Size              Greeting                Say rhyme          fingers to point to…..             8) ‘May all be well’ song
                     others                  Pronounce          Head, shoulders, knees,            9) ‘This Is the Way’ song
                    Thai-style               words correctly    toes, eyes, ears, nose,
                     sitting positions       Say taught         mouth                              Story (ies)
                    Proper use of            animals’ name      Good morning                       1) ‘Goodbye Germs’ by Marian
                     parts of the            Describe main      Goodbye                               Lim
                     body                     body parts and     teachers, friends
                    Observation              parts of face      up, down,                          Activity(ies)
                     skills                  Comprehend         Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha,            1) Rhyme chanting with action
                    Not harming              and respond to     bow                                2) Sing along with action
                    Spreading                simple questions   L sitting, Cross-legged sitting,   3) Bow to the triple Gem and
                     Loving-                  in one word        Sit on your heels, sit with legs      spread loving-kindness
                     kindness                Print awareness    to the side                        4) Story-reading
                                                                 Big- Small                         5) Observe and look for the
Please see new                                                   Book                                  picture of the animals called
song lyrics and                                                  Bear, dog, cat, bird, horse,          out by the teacher and point
new rhymes in                                                    frog                                  to the pictures
the next page.                                                   I, my father, my mother, my        6) Pretending to press a remote

      41775d0d-2225-4c65-9c11-afd7b7bbde42.doc                                                                    Page 1 of 3
                                                       teachers, my friends, living       control and count numbers
                                                       beings, be well                    to choose the song with the
                                                                                       7) Repeat vocabulary after the
                                                                                       8) Learning hand-washing steps

Next week plan: 1) Reinforcement on ‘Parts of the head’ and key function (s) of each part of the head,
classroom commands 2) Introduction to daily routine.
Suggested Home Activities:
   1) Review hand-washing steps with your child and make sure they are trained to wash their hands
       according to the steps. To add fun to the activity, encourage your child to wave hand and say
       ‘Goodbye germs’ when they finish washing their hands 

   2) After chanting ‘Bow to the Triple Gem’ with your child, have him or her sit quietly for about 10 seconds
      and spread loving-kindness using the taught song

 41775d0d-2225-4c65-9c11-afd7b7bbde42.doc                                                            Page 2 of 3
   3) Use commands e.g. please listen, be quiet, look for, point to….. in your child’s daily life

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation,
Teacher Pang

‘This Is the Way’                                              ‘May All Be Well’ (Lyrics by Teacher Pang, Sung to
This is the way I wash my hands, wash my hands,                the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars)
Wash my hands, early in the morning !                          May I, May I be well,
 This is the way I brush my teeth, brush my teeth,             May my mother be well,
brush my teeth, early in the morning !                         May my father be well,
This is the way I wash my face, wash my face,                  May my teachers be well,
Wash my face, early in the morning !                           May my friends by well,
This is the way I put on my clothes, put on my clothes,        May all living beings be well 
put on my clothes, early in the morning !

 41775d0d-2225-4c65-9c11-afd7b7bbde42.doc                                                             Page 3 of 3

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