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									                                                           Thawsi School
                                                        English Department
                                             Weekly Lesson Summary for Kindergarten 2
                                       Year 2012/ Term 1/ Week _8_ / From 9 - 13 July 2012
     Theme                 Life skills      Language skills                   Vocabularies/                           Activities
                                                                             Conversations/                      (Games/Songs/ Stories)
EFL++ (T.             Respecting        Listening             sit down, stand up,                              Song(s)
Neemo)                 teachers and  Speaking                  turn around, clap, tap, click, up,                  1) I Sit, Sit
 Reinforcement        friends           Comprehension         down, left, right, front, back, under,              2) Back To Your
  of parts of         Mindfulness       Respond to and        cross-legged sitting, sit still, sit straight,         House
  plants               practice           give commands         parts of plants (seed, root, stem,                  3) The More We
                      Getting to                               branch, leaf, leaves, flower, fruit),                  Get Together
                       know parts of                            basket, shape, circle, square, triangle,
                       plants                                   origami, forest, size, big, small, paper,        Activity(ies)
*Please see new       Getting to                               recycled, fold, tip, stapler, colour,              1) Craft : Origami
song lyrics in the     know animals                             step, one, two, three, together,                        tree (Part 2 :
next page.             in a forest                              animal, elephant, lion, rat, deer,                      Continue from
                      Learning                                 snake, rabbit, turtle, frog, panda,                     last lesson)
                       about unity                              shark, sea                                         2) Singing song
                       and living
                       together                                 - Good morning                                   Note: There was a
                                                                - keep quiet please                              flood in Soi Ekamai
                                                                - look at me                                     and Thawsi School
                                                                - listen to me                                   area on Thursday 12th
                                                                - repeat after me                                July, 2012. This caused
                                                                - thank you                                      T.Neemo could not get
                                                                - Good bye. See you next time.                   in the school to teach
                                                                - Time’s up                                      the pupils.
                                                                - What is this animal? / What is it?
                                                                - point to the _(item) .

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Phonics (T.Pang)      Bow to the            Say simple            S /s//s/ sit down                            Song(s)
 Reinforcement        Triple Gem             greeting              S /s//s/ stand up                            1) Bow to The Triple
  of ‘A’              Spreading             Comprehend            S /s//s/ slowly                                 Gem
 Revision of ‘S’      loving-                taught vocabulary     Sunrise, sunset, sky, stars, sit with legs   2) May All Be Well
                       kindness              Count from 1-10       to the side                                  3) Cross-legged sitting
                      Self-control          Follow instructions   Cross-legged sitting, L sitting              4) Sit on your heels
                       and                   Say rhymes and        Big vs S /s//s/ small                        5) Big Incy, Wincy
                       leadership             sing along with       S /s/s/ sing, S /s/s/ song                      Spider/ Small Incy,
                      Observation            the teacher           An Apple A Day rhyme                            Wincy Spider
                       skills                Respond to            Ant, arm                                     6) Jolly Phonics songs
                      Thai-style             commands              Alligator, animals, angry birds,                (/a/, /s/)
                       sitting               Name and form of      Aladdin                                      Rhyme(s)
                       positions              ‘A’ and ‘S’ and       I, my mother, my father, my teachers,        1) An Apple A Day
                                              their phonemes        my friends, all living beings, be well       An apple a day,
                                             pronounce sounds      May------be well.                            Keeps the doctor way,
                                              and words                                                          An apple a day,
                                              correctly                                                          That’s what they say !!
                                             recognize and                                                      Activity(ies)
                                              identify sounds                                                    1) Instructions game
                                              taught in friends’                                                 2) Sing along with
                                              names                                                                 actions
                                                                                                                 3) Read flashcards
                                                                                                                 4) ‘Missing letter’ game
                                                                                                                 5) ‘Queen Ant/ King
                                                                                                                    Ant’ Hat
                                                                                                                 6) Chanting rhyme with
                                                                                                                    the teacher
                                                                                                                 1) Rhyming with
                                                                                                                    Alphabet Book
     Next week plan:
     EFL++: Introduction to plants life cycle (how to plant seeds). Reinforcement parts of plants. Revision of numbers

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Phonics: Reinforcement of the name, the sound and the shape of letter ‘A’, introduction to little ‘a’. /a/
vocabulary in ‘Rhyming with Alphabet’ book and environmental print
Suggested Home Activities:
   1) Continuously revise parts of plants with your child by making it a bit more difficult step by step ( adjust to
      your child’s potential )
         a. identifying parts of plants which your child sees in daily life by asking him/her to point to _(a part of
             plants or item) . (practise listening skill)
         b. or the other way round by pointing to a part of plants and ask your child “What is it?” and let
            him/her answer. If your child cannot answer in the first place, give him/her a hint with a beginning
            letter.) (practise speaking skill)
         c. asking your child ‘What is the part of plants that begins with ‘F’? ( The answer is fruit and flower)
            (practise speaking skill)
         d. asking your child ‘What is the part of plants which begins with ( then you write the beginning letter
            ( for example ‘F’) for him/her to see or give him/her an alphabet piece or point to a letter in
            environmental print that starts with a letter)? (practise reading and speaking skill)
         e. write down vocabulary from parts of plants (in capital letters) and ask him/her “What is it?” . The
            parent can help your child by hinting with a beginning sound of that word. (practise reading,
            listening and speaking skill)

   2) Practise bowing to the triple gem with your child at home. Reinforcing the word ‘The Buddha‘The
      Dhamma’ and ‘The Sangha’. Reinforce the sound of /s/ when saying the word ‘Sangha’ by saying
      S/s//s/ Sangha
   3) Encourage your child to observe environmental print and look for the letter ‘S’ and ‘A’.
   4) Starts spreading loving-kindness using the below provided lyrics after finish chanting with your child.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
Teacher Neemo and Teacher Pang

The more we get together                                    ‘May All Be Well’ song
The more we get together, together, together               (Sung to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars’)
The more we get together                                    May I, may I be well,
The happier we'll be                                       May my mother be well,
Cause your friends are my friends                          May my father be well,
And my friends are your friends                            May my teachers be well,
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The more we get together                    May my friends be well,
The happier we'll be                        May all living beings be well. (Satu)

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