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					                                                             Thawsi School
                                                          English Department
                                               Weekly Lesson Summary for Kindergarten 2
                                        Year 2012/ Term 1/ Week _5_ / From 18 - 22 June 2012
     Theme                  Life skills       Language skills                    Vocabularies/                            Activities
                                                                                Conversations/                   (Games/Songs/ Stories)
EFL++ (T.              Bow to the         Listening             school, home                                   Song(s)
Neemo)                  Tripple Gem        Speaking              sit down, stand up,                               1) Bow to the
 Introduction of      Respecting         Comprehension         turn around, clap, tap, click, up,                    Tripple Gem
  plants : parts of     teachers and  Respond to and             down, left, right, front, back, under,            2) I Sit on My Heels
  plants                friends             give commands         cross-legged sitting, sit still, sit straight,    3) I Sit, Sit
 Revision of the      Getting to                                big, small , bag, basket, one, two,               4) Circle, Square,
  colours               know parts of                             three, the Buddha, baby, Vesak day,                   Triangle
 Revision of the       plants                                    birthday, born, enlighten, die, holiday,          5) t/t/tree
  shapes               Observation of                            flower, leaf, Sala Tree, school
                        surrounding                               observation, seed, root, stem,                 Activity(ies)
                        plants in the                             branch, leaf, leaves, flower, fruit,              1) Outdoor activity :
                        school                                    apple, pear, tomato, orange, green,                   observation Sala
*Please see new        Revision of                               red, tall, drink, water, see, pin, sharp,             tree in the school
song lyrics in the      Vesak Day                                 shape, circle, square, triangle                   2) Singing songs
next page.                                                                                                              and doing
                                                                  - Good morning                                        actions ( learning
                                                                  - keep quiet please                                   new actions for
                                                                  - look at me / look at the tree                       the ‘t/t/tree’
                                                                  - listen to me                                        song)
                                                                  - repeat after me                                 3) Yoga:- tree pose
                                                                  - thank you
                                                                  - Good bye. See you next time.
                                                                  - Time’s up
                                                                  - What is this / that colour?
                                                                  - What is the colour of _(item) ?
                                                                  - point to the _(item) .

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Phonics (T.Pang)     Learning from    S/s/ (the name,       Starfish, sky, sun, sunrise, sunset, stars   Song(s)
Reinforcement         environmental     the sound, the        Starbucks, Spagetti, Swensen’s,                  1) Bow to The Triple
of the letter ‘S’     print             writing directions)   Samittivej, Smurf, Snow white, 7-                   Gem
writing              Yoga exercise    The concept of        Eleven, Sizzler, Suzuki Swift, Spiderman,        2) Sunrise, Sunset
directions                              ‘beginning sound’     sit, stand up, slow, fast                        3) Jolly Phonics /S/
                                                              String, snake                                       song (The Snake
                                                                                                                  is in the grass)
                                                                                                            1) Using parts of the
                                                                                                               body to write the
                                                                                                               letter ‘s’ in the air
                                                                                                            2) Using a string to
                                                                                                               make shapes and
                                                                                                               the letter ‘S’ shape
                                                                                                               on the floor
     Next week plan:
     EFL++: Reinforcement of parts of plants.
     Phonics: Reinforcement of the letter ‘S’ and introduction to the letter ‘A’
     Suggested Home Activities:
        1) Practise observation skill by identifying parts of plants which your child sees in daily life. Also practise the
           sentence ‘point to _(a part of plants or item) .’ with your child.
        2) Revise more about the colours (relate to parts of plants (especially colourful flowers) would be a good
           idea to integrate things he/she has learnt.
        3) Practise yoga:- tree pose, sunrise/sunset with your child at home.
        4) Whenever you or your child find the letter ‘S’ as the beginning letter of words in environmental print,
           encourage your child to use their finger, their elbow, their shoulder or even then knee to draw the shape
           of letter ‘S’ in the air or on the floor 
     Thank you very much for your kind cooperation.
     Teacher Neemo and Teacher Pang

     t/t/tree                                                    Jolly Phonics ‘S’ song (Sung to the tune of ‘The Farmer
     T/t/tree stands tall on the ground.                         in The Dell)
     Using its leaves to breath in and out.                      The snake is in the grass,
     Using its root to drink water.                              The snake is in the grass.
     T/t/tree, I see you all around.                             /s/, /s/, the snake is in the grass.

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