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June, 2012                                  Volume 12
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Administrative Corner

                                On Vacation
           2012-2013 PACE Execs

     Anita Tatge                 Lacee Clinger           Shonna Parsons            Tina Standlee
      Classified                   Classified              Professional              Classified
     1st year term               1st year term            1st year term            1st year term

          Erin Devlin                         Lena Paxton                      Merry Olson
         Professional                          Classified                      Professional
         2nd year term                        2nd year term                    2nd year term

           Picks from the Shelf
La Vie En Rose, DVD – Talk about someone totally immersing themselves in a role. Marion
Cotillard plays Edith Piaf, the extraordinary singer from Paris. Edith rose from the ranks of
poverty to become one of the most breathtaking singers of the 20 th century. She survived a
variety of troubles with her battle to survive and sing. This is an extremely well made
biographical film. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

The Book Thief, Book – Written by Markus Zusak. Not quite the book one might imagine it to
be from the title. It is more than a story about a book thief. And the story teller telling the
story isn’t one you would generally think of as a story teller. It is an enlightening story full of
sorrow, love, bravery and tragedy. It is the story of a young girl who sees the truth in the
wrongness of the Führer after becoming a lover of words. I most especially love the story
teller’s last sentence in the book. This is a story I would recommend whole-heartedly. – Ann
Keane, ADC Office Spec.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, DVD – This movie received a Golden Globes Best Picture of
the Year Foreign Language and Julian Schnabel Best Director. The cinematography in this
movie is astoundingly beautiful. The story is based on the true life event of Jean-Dominique
Bauby, renowned editor of the French magazine Elle. Jean-Do, as he was called, suffered a
severe stroke that left him with locked in syndrome. He was completely paralyzed from his
neck to his toes and could not talk. He learned to communicate with his eyelid. During this
time he decided to write a book with the help of a therapist. This movie is full of hope and is
seen through the eye of the stroke victim. This is an absolutely beautiful story of imagination
and hope and one you will be happy to have watched. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

Those Who Save Us, Book – This novel by Jena Blum gives one much to think about. I walked
by this book several times in the library. The cover kept calling to me. There was something
so intriguing about it. Then I had to read the comments from others on the back cover and
just inside the front cover. Finally, I listened to the call of the book. I’m glad that I did. It’s a
moving story about memories of war and beyond. What memories do you try to forget so that
you can get on with life? Can it be forgotten? No, those memories speak to you in the dark of
night and trouble your innermost self. Can there be healing? Read the book and decide for
yourself. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

If you have a favorite book, movie or CD from our very own CSI library you would like to recommend to
your co-workers, let me know about it. You don’t need to be a professional critic. All you need is two to
four sentences giving info on why you think it is something folks might want to spend their time on. –
Ann Keane, PACE newsletter editor, ext. 6530,

                                 New Faces on Campus

                            Perri Gardner, replacing Brandi Turnipseed
                                            Grant Writer
                                      Taylor 120-D, ext. 6248
Perri was born and raised in Idaho but has only recently returned home after attending
graduate school in Colorado and working in government affairs in Washington, DC. She has
also worked as a research assistant in the Idaho Legislature and helped manage several local
legislative campaigns in Idaho. She is excited to be back in the community she loves and
working at CSI. Perri received her B.A. in Political Science from Boise State and is an avid fan
of Bronco football. In her free time she loves to raft, camp, cook, and read novels.

                            Tara McFarland, replacing Kathy Evans
                                  Social Services Specialist
                                  Refugee Services Center

Hi everyone! I am Tara McFarland and I am a 100% Southern Idaho native. I was born and
raised right here in the Magic Valley area. I am the youngest of 4 children, plus am the only
girl. I grew up on a small farm out in the Raft River Valley complete with all kinds of animals
and things to keep kids entertained. My dad bred and raised Quarter horse racehorses and
my grandpa was one of the last cowboys to trail cattle with J. R. Simplot; so naturally I was
riding a pony before I could walk and chasing after my brothers getting into trouble. Well no
serious trouble….

In Jr. High and High School I got into athletics. I played softball, volleyball, basketball and
track (track was my least favorite so I only participated for a couple years). In College I found
martial arts. In 1997 I entered the First Security Games in Pocatello and I won the Silver
Medal. I earned my Black Belt in Tai Kung Fu in 1999 and currently have achieved my Brown
Belt in Wu Wei Gung Fu.

Even though I have worked at the CSI Refugee Center for the last 2 years, I am very excited
about my new position and invite you all to come out to the center and see what we are

                         Familiar Faces in New Places

                         Karrie Hornbacher, replacing Eric Studebaker
                            Coordinator for Accelerated Learning
                                    Region IV Tech Prep
                                   Taylor 269, ext. 6276

My name is Karrie Hornbacher and I’m the new Coordinator for Accelerated Learning at the
College of Southern Idaho. I have stepped into the position that was previously held by Eric
Studebaker and I now have the pleasure of working with Mr. George Arrossa and Dr. John

To tell you a bit about my background, I began working at CSI as a Work Study in the
Financial Aid Office and, after completing my degree at CSI, I applied for and received a
position as the Financial Aid Receptionist. I later became a Financial Aid Advisor and remained
in that position for six years before accepting my new position as the Coordinator for
Accelerated Learning. Along the way I also completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Human
Resource Training and Development through Idaho State University.

I am excited to represent CSI and to have the opportunity to work with area high schools in
my new role.

                                         Scott Rogers
                                Instructor, Physical Education

My name is Scott Rogers. I am excited to move into a teaching position with Physical
Education teaching classes with an focus in Sports Safety, First Aid/CPR, and Recreation. I am
excited to be working in the same building working closely with students in an education
format. I have been teaching Physical Education classes for CSI as an adjunct profession for
over 5 years and can’t wait to get started in the fall.

Fitness and Wellness are a passion of mine, and working with students and employees to help
make healthy changes to increase their happiness is the best job on earth. Every day I am
rewarded with positive results from their hard work, what an amazing way to spend your
day. I will continue to work with the Recreation Department on special events like the Red
Cross Blood drives and on the Challenge Course. I am excited to join the faculty at CSI and
thankful for the opportunity to work with an amazing department

                                The Good Old Summertime

                R   S   L   A    D   N   A     S   E      W   S   S   I   N   N   E   T    O     Y   T

                F   E   L   A    S   D   R     A   Y      K   H   W   E   O   D   R   U    K     H   B

                N   L   D   H    I   K   I     N   G      H   A   D   I   I   Y   T   O    G     Y   L

                D   O   K   R    C   I   N     C   I      P   A   L   L   M   D   O   I    R     A   O

                N   O   I   T    O   L   N     A   T      N   U   S   L   O   M   N   Y    E     R   W

                S   O   B   H    L   V   L     C   O      S   Y   S   O   A   O   I   M    E     T   I

                E   T   L   K    A   E   E     M   R      P   H   R   F   T   C   O   N    N     E   N

                X   P   R   E    X   L   E     R   P      E   M   A   T   R   T   O   Y    G     B   G

                S   U   O   O    M   L   T     I   R      O   A   U   D   H   U   L   L    R     U   B

                Y   T   F   R    H   R   L     E   V      E   O   M   E   E   F   S   I    A     C   U

                O   B   I   B    P   S   E     I   R      E   D   R   S   R   T   C   I    S     E   B

                B   A   S   U    N   M   E     T   R      T   M   R   E   I   E   R   O    S     C   B

                H   R   H   G    S   P   U     A   A      A   O   T   O   D   C   T   E    C     I   L

                C   B   I   E    L   G   S     J   Y      W   T   P   T   V   I   L   B    E     U   E

                A   E   N   T    U   R   N     I   N      U   W   E   E   Q   E   X   E    E     K   S

                E   C   G   Y    A   D   A     I   B      E   A   C   H   P   A   R   T    Y     I   Z

                B   U   R   E    D   L   I     G   H      T   G   R   E   E   N   L   I    G     H   T

                E   E   B   I    C   Y   C     L   E      T   S   E   S   S   A   L   G    N     U   S

                P   O   P   S    I   C   K     L   E      A   A   F   L   I   P   F   L    O     P   S

                N   H   C   T    O   C   S     P   O      H   J   B   L   O   O   P   Y    T     I   C

Barbecue                                     Bathing Suit                         Beach Boys
Beach Party                                  Bicycle                              Blowing Bubbles
Butterfly                                    City Pool                            Creamsicle
Fishing                                      Flip-Flops                           Green Grass
Halter Top                                   Hiking                               Hop Scotch
Ice Cube Tray                                Iced Tea                             Jump Rope
Lemonade                                     Local Lake                           Mother May I
No Bears Are Out Tonight                     Outdoor Movie                        Picnic
Popsicle                                     Red Light Green Light                Red Rover Red Rover
Sandals                                      Shade Tree                           Shorts
Slippy Slide                                 Sun Glasses                          Suntan Lotion
Surf’s Up                                    Swimming                             Tennis
Watermelon                                   Yard Sale                            Yo-Yo

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