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                                   INFORMATION REMINDERS

Welcome to all of our new residents and homeowners! Western States Property Management and your HOA
Board are ready to assist you with any questions or issues you may have upon joining our community. See the
Contact Information and Frequently Asked Questions sections located at the end of this newsletter. Please keep in
mind that we are governed by a homeowners association, so let us know if you have not yet received your copy of
the Rules & Regulations, which you are responsible for observing.

One reminder, every owner/resident must have the proper car insurance and homeowners/renters
insurance coverage of your vehicle and interior of your unit. The HOA insurance does not cover your car
or interior damage to your unit.

       Spring/Summer reminders: Warm weather welcomes pests so please remember to place all trash in the
        dumpsters. Enclosed and back patios should only contain patio furniture and grills for storage all other
        items are not allowed. Please note we work to keep the lights functioning, however please turn on your
        porch lights for safety.

            o   Grilling - Please remember when grilling to have grills away from the buildings and shrubs,
                please remember the siding is flammable.

            o   Trimming/Pruning/Mowing – Mowing is scheduled for Tuesdays as long as weather permits.
                Pruning and trimming will take place in late May or early June weather dependant.

            o   Sprinklers/watering – The sprinklers are timed to water during the allotted times by the city of
                Aurora. Please do not water between the hours of 8:00am – 8:00 pm. Those who hand water
                please assist in conserving water and observe the rules by City of Aurora.

            o   Car washing – Car washing is not allowed on the property at any time.

            o   Garages and gutters - have been cleaned, please place your trash in the dumpsters, not the
                garage gutters or garages, this aids in clogging drains and assists in flooding. Sump pumps will
                be serviced in the upcoming weeks.

       Car vandalism/Burglaries: Please remove all valuables including loose change, iPods, cords, CDs,
        car charges, clothing, stereo faceplates & GPS. – Please note there have been a group of teenagers
        who are breaking windows and stealing small items. If you see a group of teenagers who seem to be
        frequenting the garage, please inform the police and also the HOA. There is a group of 3 – 5 including a
        young lady, who have been stealing items by breaking windows. Also note the homeless to look for loose
        change and items. Any suspicious activity call the Aurora Police immediately.

       Noise: Please remember you have neighbors below you and next to you, therefore loud conversations
        surround sound TV’s and stereos should be kept at a reasonable level and the bass to tolerable level that
        does not vibrate your unit as well as the surrounding units. 2 bedroom residents, remember your
        neighbors below you can feel you jumping and walking around on your floor it is their ceiling. Please
        contact the Aurora Police Department if you have a noise complaint. Open windows allow for noise to
        carry and echo, so please be considerate of your neighbors after 9:00 during the week and after 10:00 on
        weekends, please turn your volume down and lower your conversations.

       Stairwell closure update: The construction of the new stairs wells in both garages will take place
        beginning in June. More details to come, please be aware and careful, do not utilize these stairwells while
        construction is taking place. They will be taped off do not remove the tape.

       Trash & recycle bins: All items placed in the dumpsters need to be in bags. The residents who continue
        to place trash in the recycle bins will be contacted and potentially fined for continuing to create additional
        costs and work of having remove trash from the recycle bins. Large items are not allowed in dumpsters:
        Furniture, computers/TV’s, hot water heaters, appliances, etc. Please contact Western States if you have
        large item removal. Your money is paying for the extra charges to remove other people’s trash.

       Child Supervision: Please know where your children are at all times. Children are not to play in or
        around the parking garages. Adult supervision is required while they use the playground equipment.
        Please make sure that all bicycles, toys, and outdoor items are taken inside every night and not left on
        the sidewalks or anywhere it obstructs walking path. If so the item may be disposed of without warning
        to the owner.

       Parking: Please make sure you are parking in your assigned spaces at all times. If there is a car parked in
        your space, please contact TNT towing to have that vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. Visitor
        parking is for your guests, not you as a resident, please use your assigned space. If you require an
        additional space or long term parking please contact Western States Property Services @ 303-745-2220
        or Regina Johnson@ 303-908-4385 with this request.

       Dog waste/ Pet Leash Law/Pet registration –– Clean up after your pets at all times. There are a couple
        of residents who do not clean up after their dogs and leave it clearly on the sidewalks. That area to must
        be cleaned by the Dog owner not the HOA association. It is mandatory that all dogs be kept on a leash
        at all times, every resident must comply with this rule, regardless if your dog is trained or not. The HOA
        Board is currently working on a pet registration policy for every pet on the property. It will carry an
        annual fee, more information to come soon to pet owners.

       Satellite dishes: Every resident is required to fill out a form and get approval from the HOA to
        have a satellite dish installed by Dish or DIRECTV to a certain standard of the HOA rules and
        regulations. Please see attached form, please fill out and return to Western States before the
       Harassment: There is no need for any resident to harass another resident. Engage and try to work
        together to resolve your issues. If you are unable to reach a resolution the Aurora Police Department may
        be an option for helping resolve the problem.

                              BASIC SECURITY & BASIC SAFETY REMINDERS

Please follow these basic security tips:

       Observe your personal surroundings and IMMEDIATELY report any suspicious activity you see to
        Custom Security or to Aurora Police Department.

       Remove all valuables from view in your car                    If you haven’t yet gained computer access to
        (face plates, CD’s, shopping bags, GPS                         the garage security cameras, please request
        units, etc...) and always lock your vehicle                    instructions from HOA president for the
        doors.                                                         initial setup.

       Lock your condo doors and windows and
        close your curtains/blinds when you are

Please also adhere to these basic safety tips:

       Water/gas leaks: Please check your furnaces, hot water heaters and internal pipes, walls for water at least
        once month for good repair, as you are responsible for water damage to both your condo and your
        neighbors both next to you and below you in the event of a pipe rupture or leak. Make sure that if your
       unit does have a leak or experience issues with your appliances, you can be contacted immediately to
       resolve the problems if you are not at home at the time. YOU are responsible for the resulting excessive
       water bill as well. For gas leaks please contact Xcel immediately at 1-800-895-1999.

      Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms: Based upon the new legislation, when you rent or sell you unit,
       you will be required to have a Carbon monoxide detector as well as the standard smoke alarms installed in
       your property. Detectors can be purchased at hardware and other retail stores for $40-$50.

                                        CONTACT INFORMATION

                                         Aurora Police Department

                      Emergency – 911         Non-emergency Number – (303) 739-6320

                                           TNT Towing: (303) 780-7754

                                   Western States Property Services:

                              9145 E Kenyon Ave, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80237

                                    Accounting- Christan (303) 745.2220

                    Property Manager - Ina Meyer (303) 745-2220 Email:

                                        HOA Board Representatives:

                   Regina Johnson (303) 908-4385             Email:

                                           Paul Stepherson

                                       FAQ’s of NEW RESIDENTS

      Where do I mail my HOA payments? Are there other payment methods available?
   Please make sure you mail your payments and any correspondence to: Western States Property
   Management Company, 9145 E Kenyon Ave, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80237. Payments are due no
   later than the 10th of each month; otherwise an additional $10 late fee is assessed. Please call
   Western States to work out late payments you may also now pay your dues via credit card.

      Where do I get my mailbox keys, mailbox number, & where’s our Post Office Branch?
You must contact the local Post Office to obtain the specific location and keys for your personal
mailbox if you were not provided these items by the previous owner or landlord. It is the residents’
responsibility to pay the fee for the key and locks to the mailbox. The Post Office is located at 6th Ave
and Peoria in the strip mall on the east side of Peoria. This is the Hoffman Heights Branch.

      Where is my Circuit Breaker – inside the unit and outside of the building?
 There is a main breaker located on the back of each building by the utility meters in the center. They
are not marked clearly by unit, so think carefully and observe when you are resetting as you may by
accidentally reset your neighbors’ breaker. Xcel may not provide assistance in doing this so please note
where they are located; take a flash light with you and realize that it may be located near some shrubs,
but should be accessible next to the meters. If you have questions, please call Xcel and then the HOA
Board or Western States if you continue to have some issues.


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