Youth Fall by 8lhHc75x


									Date              Activity                                       Time & Location
09/09/11          Muscle Beach Outing                            7PM; Santa Monica Beach
09/16/11          The Book of John Bible Study:                  7PM; UPC Youth Room
                  Intro and Chapter 1
09/23/11          Worship, Devotional, Discussion, & Prayer      7PM; UPC Youth Room
09/30/11          Movie Night (Possibly “Soul Surfer”)           UPC; TBA
10/07/11          Quenching Spiritual Thirst (John 7:25-44)      7PM; UPC Youth Room
10/14/11          Worship, Devotional, Discussion, & Prayer      7PM; UPC Youth Room
10/21/11          All You Need Is Love (John 13:31-35)           7PM; UPC Youth Room
10/28/11          Game Board Night!/Church Broomball (?)         7PM; UPC Youth Room
11/04/11          Do the Right Thing (John 14:15-26)             7PM; UPC Youth Room
11/11/11          Holiday: Veteran's Day-No Youth Group          No Meeting
11/18/11          Operation Christmas Child Packing Night       7PM; UPC Youth Room
                  (Shop in advance for gifts with your parents)
11/25/11          Thanksgiving Weekend-No Youth Group            No Meeting
12/02/11          Week 6: Deep Impact (John 20:1-18)             7PM; UPC Youth Room
12/09/11          Youth Christmas Party                          TBA
12/16/11          To Meet or Not? I'm in finals and can't come
12/23/11-1/6/11   Winter Break                                   No Meeting
01/13/11          Resuming Youth Group! Topic TBA                7PM; UPC Youth Room
Dear Parents,

We want to welcome you and your child back to this new school year and the youth group! We are
glad to be a part of your busy lives. This quarter we will be studying from the Live Curriculum on the
book of John with a mix of youth devotionals on Friday nights and fun activities.

The Gospel of John focuses on some of the key teachings of Jesus as they pertain to our life on this
earth and our life that is to come. It will challenge your students not only to think of the kind and
quality of their lives in eternity with God, but also the way they live “eternally motivated” lives here on
this earth. Last Friday, we just looked at how Jesus is the eternal Son of God, creator (with the Father)
of all things, and the light of the world. In the next lesson, students will learn that Jesus offers eternal
life to all who believe in him. Lesson 3 of John, shows students that Jesus has made it possible for them
to live an incredible life on this earth and an eternal life after this. Lesson 4 looks at how Jesus
commands us to be known by our love for others. Lesson 5 helps students understand that Jesus equates
our expression of love for him with our obedience to him. Finally, Lesson 6 helps students see Jesus’
resurrection as the key point in history. Your students will be challenged to articulate the impact
Christ’s resurrection has had on their lives.

    1. WHAT: Christ has purchased for us a rich life on this earth and in eternity.
    2. WHY: While there should be great focus put on our eternal life with God, our life on this earth
       ought to be marked by fullness and an importance that we sometimes overlook.
    3. HOW: Your students will apply the truths they learn in this unit to living a more abundant life
       on this earth.

To support the youth activities and snacks on Friday nights, we ask that each parent donate $50 for
each child for the entire quarter. Please make a check out to University Presbyterian Church with the
“Friday Youth Group” on the Memo line.

    Please keep praying over the youth group that it will grow according to his will.
    Please pray for each teenager that he/she will grow more of a heart for God this year.
    Please pray for continual wisdom, guidance, and direction for the Youth teachers.
    Please pray for daily strength and wisdom for you as the parents as you bring up your youth.

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