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					                  TOWNHIP BOARD MEETING
                      Thursday, November 8, 2007
                           7:30 P.M.

                    Ela Township Senior Center
                   1025 East Old McHenry Road
                     Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047

1. Supervisor Prouty called the meeting to order at 7:30

2. Roll Call: Trustee Dobbertin, Trustee Schweda, Trustee Siri, Trustee
   Thompson, Supervisor Prouty, Highway Commissioner Kruckenberg,
   Assessor Hoffman (excused), and Clerk Donnan were present.

3. Supervisor Prouty led those in attendance in the pledge of allegiance to the
   flag of the United States of America.

4. Public Comment: No public comments.

5. Meeting minutes of the October 11, 2007. Motion by Trustee Siri, seconded
   by Trustee Schweda to approve the minutes. Motion passed 5-0.

6. Motion by Trustee Siri, seconded by Trustee Schweda to approve the board
   audit for disbursements for time period 10/11/07 to 11/06/07 for a total of
   $190 541.96. Motion passed 5-0. Totals were as follows: General Town
   $92,083.51, General Assistance $5,687.88, Park $480.85, General Road
   $68,758.66, and Permanent Road $19,534.13 and Cemetery Maintenance

7. Monthly updates from elected officials and department heads.
     a...Lucy Prouty, Supervisor. Holiday party is on December 7, 2007. We
     are asking for a donation of between $2.00 and $5.00 this year. We
     planted about 100 tulip bulbs with the Highway Commissioner sending
     two of his workers to do the job. Thank you to Bill Kruckenberg and
     his workers. We have our TOI Conference from Sunday thru
     Wednesday. Please keep your receipts and your mileage, I will get the
     hotel rooms on the township credit card. You have $50.00 a day for
     food and remember to keep your receipts. Sue, Susan, and myself met
     with Good Shepherd Hospital to discuss bringing more outreach
     programs into Ela Township for our youth and seniors.. We discussed
     Great Americas Smoke out, operation cool, cardiac screening and kids
     fitness challenge. Tuesday morning at the award breakfast in
     Springfield, both Susan and I will graduate from the second year
     Leadership class. I cannot express how wonderful this class was. I
     would like to say good bye to Pam Hoffman and wish her lots of luck in
     her next venture and thanks for the memories as we had some fun
        b. Pam Hoffman, Assessor, read by Deputy Assessor John Barrington.
        We have our final equalization factor from the county and it is 1.0173.
        The last day to file appeals in Ela Township is November 26th . We are
        very busy in the office now. If you try to call and cannot get through
        you can always e-mail John at JBarrington@co.lake.il.us. To all those
        that wished me well, I thank you.
        c. Bill Kruckenberg Highway Commissioner. No Report.
        d. Bill Donnan, Clerk. No Report
        e. Sue Neuschel, Senior Director. Report in full in part 7 of Board
        Packet. I need to know how many board members will be available to
        work at the December 7th Senior Christmas party.
        f. Susan Kostner, Social Worker. Report in full in part 7 of Board
        Packet. She is very busy and Anna is doing a great job. Brenna left the
        intern program so we have one less to help with the program. The
        charity knitting is going great, we are getting more young people in the
        program. Ela Township and Lake County Emergency Preparedness is
        way ahead of others in preparation for a disaster. The youth program
        is in need of more supervision, some are just doing their own thing.
        g. Nancy Thompson, Trustee. I think the leadership school sounds
        great, I may sign up for the program.
        h. John Schweda, Trustee. Thanks to Pam for her good work and long
        time working for the township.
        i. Jeff Pathmann, Architect. Final meetings and annexation are
        approved by the Village of Lake Zurich. They did an excellent job
        getting the process completed in relatively short time. The engineering
        is still not finished, should be done in a week to 10 days. We may have
        40 separate bids for the projects main areas. It is recommended that we
        have a fee for those wishing the plans. With discussions we will set the
        fee at $75.00. I expect to look over the bids and then meet with the top 2
        or 3 and see if they have another approach that would be better and less
        costly. We are looking to make this an environmentally green project.

 8. Cemetery Signs. Highway Commissioner Kruckenburg recommended that
    the signs be smaller. 4 foot rather than 9 foot as bid. Board recommended
    having the cemetery board make this decision.

 9. Resolution for waste disposal referendum. Motion by Trustee Thompson,
    seconded by Trustee Siri to place resolution 2007-02 on the February ballot.
    This is to hire waste disposal firm for the unincorporated area with no
    additional cost to the participants. The service to be paid for by the users.
    Motion passed 5 – 0.

10. Tax Levy Ordinance for Town Funds. Motion by Trustee Siri, seconded by
    Trustee Dobbertin to approve Ordinance 2007-05 for the tax year 2007
    and collected in 2008. Motion passed 5 – 0. Sum of $2,019,200.00.
11. Tax Levy Ordinance for Highway Funds. Motion by Supervisor Prouty,
    by Trustee Scweda to approve Ordinance 2007-06 for the tax year 2007
    and collected in 2008. Motion passed 5 – 0. Sum of $242,117.00.

12. 2008 Holidays. Motion by Trustee Siri, seconded by Trustee Schweda to
    set the 12 holidays as in the board handbook. Motion passed 4 – 1.
    Supervisor Prouty voted nay.

13. 2008 Board Meeting Schedule. Motion by Supervisor Prouty, seconded by
    Trustee Thompson to set the dates as in the board packet. Motion passed
    5 – 0.

14. Social Work Intern Agreement with WINGS. Motion by Trustee Siri,
    seconded by Trusted Schweda to accept the agreement as presented to
    the board (included with the minutes). Motion passed 5 – 0.

15. Assessor Replacement. Motion by Trustee Dobbertin, seconded by Trustee
    Siri to accept the letter of resignation by Assessor Pam Hoffman. Motion
    Passed 5 – 0. Board will advertise for qualified replacement and set
    meeting date for interviews with the candidates.

16. No executive session.

17. No action, no executive session.

18. Motion by Trustee Dobbertin, seconded by Trustee Siri to Adjourn at 8:40
    P.M. Motion passed on voice vote 5 – 0.

        William L. Donnan, Ela Township Clerk      November 9, 2007

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