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  1. Clinical Issues: May 2003: Rapid diagnostic testing in microbiology
  2. Cover Story: September 2000: Biological weapons: Preparing for the worst
  3. Clinical Issues: September 2003: Anatomy of an exposure:
  4. Cover Story: January 2004: Direct nucleic acid diagnostic test for bacteruak…
  5. Cover Story: July 2006: Use of NAATs for STD diagnosis of GC and CT…
  6. Cover Story: November 2004: Tuberculosis: Keeping an ancient killer
  7. Continuing Education: April 2004: Bacterial resistance: How to detect three
  8. Cover Story: January 2001: Nematodes: Worms of the World
  9. Cover Story: December 2002: What’s cooking with E.coli?
  10. Cover Story: March 2004: Controlling blood-culture contamination rates
  11. Cover Story: April 2000:The risk of transfusion-transmitted prion infections
  12. Continuing Education: April 2001: Gram stain: the key to microbiology

  1. November 23, 1998, Coughing Up an Answer- Shirley Adams
  2. December 10, 2001, Parasitology

Emerging Infectious Diseases
      1. Consumer Attitudes and use of Antibiotics: Vol. 9, No.9, September 2003
      2. Cutaneous Injury and Vibrio vulnificus: Vol. 12, No.8, August 2006

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