ATHENRY PARISH NEWSLETTER.                            We Pray for our Dead:                                                    Lenten Talks:
                                                                 Sr. Fintan Cannon, Texas,                                                We are lucky to have Fr. Benny Mc Hale for a series
                                                                 (sister of Tom Cannon, Cullairbaun);                                     of talks on the Sacraments, beginning on Tuesday,
           Fr. Tony King PP      (091) 844076                                                                                             th
           Fr. John O Gorman CC  (091) 844227                   Rose Mary Bowley, London                                                 4 March, 8p.m. – 10p.m. A worthwhile experience
           Fr. Ciaran Blake CC  (091) 844169                    (sister of Sean Casey, Ard Aoibhinn);                                    that should not be missed.
           Website Address:                      Michael Waldron, Mulpit;                                                 Promoted by Athenry Pastoral Council.
 th   th
8 /9 February 2003. www.athenry.netSunday of the Year.           James Killeen, Carnaun;
         Website Address:
                                                                 Eileen Mc Cann, London                                                   Candles.
Church of the Assumption Athenry.                                (sister of Josie & Paddy Crosby, Ard Aoibhinn);                          Thanks to all who left candles in for use in the Church.
Sat 8th   7.30p.m. Oliver Higgins, California & Derrydonnell.                                                                             We are very grateful.
Sun 9th 10.00a.m. John Staunton (months mind), & his wife,       The Offertory Collection in Athenry last amounted to
                   Margaret, Galway and Park.                    €3,100 and €520 in Newcastle. Thank you for your                         St. Brigid’s Cross:
         11.30a.m. People of the Parish.                         support for the upkeep of the parish.                                    We are grateful to the Mullins Family, Cussane, for
          7.30p.m. Evelyn, William & Sarah Connell,                                                                                       providing the supply of St. Brigid's Crosses from
                   Lisheenkyle.                                  Neighbourhood Masses – 2003.                                                        st
                                                                                                                                          February 1 .             Many Thanks.
Mon 10th 10.00a.m. William & Margaret Kelly, Cussane.             Feb-11 Ard Aoibhinn ( 1 - 20)         JOG   Teresa & Eamon Torpey
                                                                  Feb-12 New Line                       TK    Christy & Teresa Archer     The All-Ireland Finals of the National Readoiri
          7.15p.m. Michael Glynn, Fr. Thomas Glynn and the
                   deceased of the Glynn Family, Ballyboggan.     Feb-13 New Line                       CB    Sean & Mary Mc Govern       Competitions in music, song, dance and drama will
Tue 11th 8.00a.m. John Hynes, Castle Ellen.                       Feb-15 Square/Bridge St./ Davis St.   TK    Bridie Hession (12 noon)    be held in the Royal Theatre, Castlebar, on Saturday
         10.00a.m. Edward & Mary Anne Conroy,
                                                                  Feb-17 Ard Aoibhinn (45 - 51)         TK    Padraig & Sylvia Ryan       22 February at 1p.m. Tickets cost €10 and are
                                                                  Feb-18 Ard Aoibhinn (21 - 32)         CB    Gerry & Elizabeth Farrell
                   and Bridie Coyne, Moyvilla.                                                                                            available only by applying in writing to the tickets
                                                                  Feb-20 Caheroyan Rd.                  TK    John & Barbara Coyne
Wed 12th 8.00a.m. Mick Mannion, Ballydavid.                                                                                               secretary, Tom Carroll, Mountbellew. Tickets are
                                                                  Feb-21 Raheen                         TK    Noel & Eileen Grimes
         10.00a.m. John & Nora Healy & deceased of the            Feb-28 Ard Aoibhinn (33 - 44)         JOG   Pat & Noreen Mc Namara      limited, so early booking is advisable
                   Family, Greethill.                             Mar-21 Caheroyan Park                 JOG   Joe & Pat Rabbitte
Thu 13th 8.00a.m. Larry Kelly, Abbey Row.                                Cross St.                      JOG                               Set Dancing Classes in the Community Hall on
         10.00a.m. Tom Rabbitte, Carnaun.                                Northgate St/Court Lane        CB                                Monday nights at 8.30p.m. All are welcome.
Fri 14th 10.00a.m. Cecelia Curran & Frank Curran, Farnablake.            Barrack St./Abbey Row          JOG

          7.15p.m. Deceased members of the Commins Family,
                                                                         Caheroyan Ave                  TK                                NCAG are holding a road meeting in Hanberry’s
                                                                         Caheroyan Crescent                   Sean & Linda Meyler                           th
                   Ballygurrane.                                                                        CB                                Hotel on Monday 10 February at 9.30p.m.
                                                                         Clarin Crescent                JOG   Paul & Ann Hanley
Sat 15th 10.00a.m. Bridie Cahill, Caheroyan.
                                                                         Cullairbaun (1 - 15)           TK
                                                                                                                                          FOROIGE Activities are changing to Thursday nights,
          7.30p.m. Bridget Kelly, Castle Lambert (Months Mind)           Cullairbaun (35-54)                  Patsy & Helen Mc Donagh
Sun 16th 10.00a.m. Frank Kilkelly, Caheroyan Rd. (Months Mind)
                                                                                                                                          8.45p.m. – 9.45p.m., starting on Thursday next,
                                                                         Cullairbaun (70-79)            CB                                  th
         11.30a.m. People of the Parish.                                 Park                                 Paul & Mary Kilkelly
                                                                                                                                          13 February in the Community Hall.
                                                                                                                                          New members Welcome.
          7.30p.m. Peter & Kathleen Flannery & deceased
                   members of the Flannery Family, Mulpit.       Readers – February.
                                                                               Sat. 7.30p.m. Brid Kilkelly                                A meeting of the Athenry Parish Sports and
                                                                               Sun. 10.00a.m. Mary Cullinane                              Community Games will be held in the Canton Hall on
Newcastle Church.                                                                                                                                   th
                                                                               Sun. 11.30a.m. Madeline Brody                              Tuesday 11 February at 8.30p.m. All are Welcome
Sat 8th   8.00p.m Anna Hunt, New York & Knockbrack
                   (Months Mind).                                              Sun. 7.30p.m. Patricia Costelloe
Sun 9th 10.30a.m. Delia O Connor & deceased of the O Connor                                                                               Community Council AGM will take place in the
                   Family, Lenamore.                             Movement for Perpetual Prayer for Marriage                               Community Hall, Clarke St., on Tuesday 11 February
Sat 15th 8.00p.m. Gerard & Emily Hynes, Ballymacward.            and Families:                                                            at 8.30p.m.
Sun 16th 10.30a.m. Sr. Dolores Cloonan & deceased members        We wish to remind those who have committed themselves to
                   of the Cloonan Family.                        pray for one hour on 15 of each month to please take note                Athenry Community Council Lotto:
                                                                 the next day of prayer is on Saturday next, 15 February.                 Numbers Drawn:          3, 7, 17, 23.
Readings next Sunday:                                                                                                                     No Jackpot Winner. 3 Match 3 Winner.
Lev. 13:1-2, 44-46. Ps. 31. 1 Cor. 10:31-11:1.                                                                                            Next weeks jackpot will be €6900.
Mk. 1:40-45.                                                                                                                              Thank you for your support.

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