Causes of Math Anxiety by 8lhHc75x


									      What’s Cooking in School?

            Italian                   Hawaiian

 Japanese                                  German

      Puerto Rican

   Irish                               Cajun and Creole
“Cooking is a great way to teach some
important skills, like math and science.
I think kids learn these concepts more
easily through cooking because it’s a
hands-on experience. When we measure
out three cups of water for a recipe, they
can actually see what three cups of water
is. I also think that cooking is a great
bonding activity.” Local Elementary Teacher
• “Almost every aspect of learning can be
  incorporated in cooking activities from colors,
  textures, smelling, pre-science, developing
  vocabulary, visual awareness, and
  measurements. Children constantly learn
  literacy in cooking activities because they are
  picking up on new words for foods that they are
  being introduced to and are cooking with. They
  learn how to follow directions and you can even
  teach geography by introducing foods from
  different areas or discussing where certain
  ingredients come from.” Susan Singer
                   Los Angeles Unified School District
Give 20 minutes to read aloud to the class
The Most Magnificent
Strawberry Shortcake

What were some of the difficulties that
 the characters had in creating the
 strawberry shortcake?

What did the characters learn?
Work in a group to Solve a
▫ Problem: How many shortcakes will fit
  on the tray to fill it, and how many
  cups of whipped cream and
  strawberries will we need?
▫ Create roles for each group member:
      Supplier, recorder, artist,
      spokesperson, or board recorder
 Great-Granny’s Magnificent
   Strawberry Shortcake

Before the students begin, demonstrate
 how to create one individual shortcake
using 1/4 cup of whipped cream and 1/3
 cup of strawberries. Then pass around
   one 16-inch pizza pan so that each
student has a chance to hold it. (Do not
 tell the students the dimentions of the
▫ When each group has seen the tray
  restate the question:
  How many shortcakes will fit on the tray to
  fill it, and how many cups of strawberries
  and whipped cream will we need?
▫ Leave the sample shortcake sitting in the
  tray for students to observe as they solve
  our problem.
   Once students record and share and
    compare group results. Have the students
    sit around you while you count and you
    add the amount of actual ingredients
    needed. While the students are enjoying
    their shortcake ask them why they
    thought that their estimations were less or
    more than the actual total.
Causes of Math Anxiety

•Lack of variety in the teaching/learning process
(variety adds interest and interest leads to learning)

•Emphasis on memorization (this doesn't mean things
shouldn't be memorized)

•Emphasis on speed (who cares how fast)

•Emphasis on doing one's own work (sometimes we
learn from and with others)

•Authoritarian teaching (my way is the only way!--Didn't
                you hate this in school?)

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