Coffee County Young Farmers by 8lhHc75x


									                               Coffee County Young Farmers
                                   Program of Activities

   To have 100 active members

      To raise enough money to sponsor the Founder’s Day goat show. ($3,500)
      To sponsor 3 couples to the YF State Convention
      To sponsor 3 members to the Summer Tour
      Sponsor 1 member to Legislative Conf.

Educational Programs and Classes:
    To have 20 educational classes on a variety of subject matter.

Social Activities:
    Local Banquet
      Ladies Night

Community Service:

Public Relations:
    Member of the Coffee County Chamber of Commerce
    Monthly newspaper articles
      Articles in the Young Farmer Magazine
      Grain Drill Use for Young Farmer Members

State YF Activities:
     5 members to State Conv.
     2 members to Region Caucus
     2 members to the Summer Tour
     Participate in the Sunbelt Expo Que- Fest
     10 members to the Sunbelt YF Event

Local YF Activities:
    5 meetings

Youth Activities:
    Sponsor a jackpot youth goat show
    Ag Awareness –5th grade class

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