Stall No by bwIjXO


No.         Stall Type                                                               Website
        1   Lingerie and Outer wear                                        
        2   Handmade home décor items & papercrafts incl Stampin' Up       
            Intruments, advice and resources for using music in play, learning and
        3   therapy settings                                               
        4   Greeting Cards and Stationery                                  
        5   Display of photographi/wall art/collage, Crazy Photobooth      
        6   Body Shop pamper party, mini hand/shoulder massages            
            Cookie cutters, chocolate mould, cake pans and cake decorating
        7   products
            Handmade treasures for little boys and girls, reusable hot/cold kids
        8   packs, hair clips and toys
        9   Home made cupcakes and Sri Lankan and Indian cultural savouries
            Biscuits, slices, sweets - Rocky Road and coconut ice, Relishes,
    10      Butters, Jams and Pickles. Some knitted Coat Hangers
    11      Art classes for 2-13, school workshops, art parties, and art supplies
    12      Old fashion coffee cart and sweet treats                       
            Handmade jewellery for all ages and boutique hair accessories for
    13      little girls
    14      Cookware that saves on fuel bills - "An Oven on top of the Stove"
    15      Handmade Up-cycled Lego and Barbie jewellery and accessories   
            Personalised handstamped jewellery using Sterling silver, semi-
            precious gemstones, leather and pearls                         
    17      Lazy susans, decoupage giftware                                
            Homewares - unique designer cushions, soft furnishings and bunting
    18      handmade in Brisbane, plus accessories and craft items         
    19      Books donation                                                 
    20      Seedlings and herbs
21 Tupperware and Cooking show
22 Scented candles, bath and body                                 
23 Cosmetics, skin care, mineral make up                          
   Clothing and accessories for girls aged 4-14. Limited gift-line for
24 mums                                                           
25 Delectable tantalising chocolate treats
   Comic, figurines, books, stickers, posters, pencil cases, cosplay,
26 wallets, cards, confectionary from various cartoon and anime series
27 Handmade Beaded Jewellery and Giftware                         
28 Pet beds and Paradise Nutrients/Olive Leaf ext.                
29 Woodfired pizzas                                               
30 Sausage sizzle and cold drinks
   Handmade bits and pieces, inlcuding kids dressups and things that
31 glow in the dark
32 Educational products of all ages, In Home Get Togethers        
33 Candle making workshop                                         
   Handwoven baskets made with raffia and pandanus, some scarfs,
34 place mats                                                     
   Beanie kids, money boxes, character mugs and glasses, posters,
35 etc.
36 Kids T Shirts and fairy skirts
37 Children's Bags, Gifts and Homewares                           
   Variety stall - hats and sunglasses, sun parasols, coloured zinc. 100%
   Natural Healing Products for people and animals as well as some
38 jewellery and toys.
39 Framed sporting & music memorabilia

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