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									         The Wortley House Hotel
                                        Pub Classics

Homemade Soup of the Day (Vegetarian option available)                                  £3.95
Made with the finest seasonal produce and served with a warm crusty roll.

Fish & Chips                                                                            £6.95
Battered Pollock with chunky chips, mushy peas & fresh lemon

Scampi & Chips                                                                          £8.50
Deep fried Scampi Tails served with chunky chips, garden peas & Lemon

Ham, Eggs& Chips                                                                        £6.95
Home baked hand carved ham served with two fried eggs & chips

Steak & Hobgoblin Pie                                                                   £8.95
Served with mash or chips, & fresh vegetables

Beef Chilli & Rice                                                                      £7.25
Home-made spicy beef chilli served with rice or fries& topped with Nachos

Pasta with Attitude                                                                     £7.95
(Vegetarian option available)
Penne pasta with pepperoni slices, cooked in a fiery sauce served with
A slice of garlic ciabatta

Homemade Lasagne                                                                        £8.50
Served with choice of chips, salad & garlic bread

Battered Sweet & Sour Chicken                                                           £8.95
Freshly battered chicken Served with half rice & chips with a sweet & sour sauce

Home-made Ciabatta Pizza                                                                £8.50
A choice of various toppings, cheese, ham, pineapple, pepperoni, spicy beef, BBQ chicken,
Sweetcorn. Served with fries & salad
     Freshly prepared to our special recipe, our burgers are grilled to order
All served in a soft bun with fries, salad garnish and a side of our home-made
                             special recipe coleslaw

                               Classic Burger
                             Prime ground beef

                               Cheese Burger

                           Bacon & cheese Burger

              Burger- topped with Mushroom, Onion & Stilton

                   Jack Daniels Burger topped with cheese

                                BBQ Burger
                         BBQ Sauce & melted cheese

                             Chilli beef Burger
                     Topped with chilli & cheddar cheese

                          California Chicken Burger
            Grilled chicken breast with lettuce & Caesar dressing

                             Vegetarian Burger
                   Hand Cut Triple Decker’s £4.50
   A choice of white or whole meal bread served with salad garnish & crisps

                        Mature Cheddar & Pickle
                       Mature Cheddar & Tomato
                          Roast Ham & Mustard
                          Roast Beef & Tomato
                            Tuna Mayonnaise
                       Roast Turkey & Cranberry
                       Prawn & Marie Rose Sauce
                        Roast Beef & Horseradish
                         Roast Beef & Red Onion

                        Warm Baguettes £6.95
  Freshly baked white or brown baguette served with salad & Fries

Club sandwich - turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, crispy bacon, & mayonnaise

      Sausage & onion - grilled Lincolnshire sausages & sautéed onions

           BLT - bacon lettuce & tomato bound in a Caesar dressing

              Cajun spiced - grilled Cajun spiced chicken & salsa

                 Breakfast - bacon, sausage, tomato, & egg

                              Paninis £4.95
                   Served with salad garnish & crisps
                             Bacon & Brie
                              Tuna Melt
                            Brie & Tomato
                         Pepperoni & Cheddar
                           Cheese & Onion
                           Ham & Cheddar
                          Baked Potatoes £4.50

      Oven Baked Jacket Potato & Choice of various fillings
                 Served with a salad garnish

                                Tuna Mayo
                              Cheese& Beans
                            Cheese & coleslaw
                                 Chilli Beef
                       Prawns with Marie Rose Sauce

Chicken Caesar Salad                                                 £8.50
Chicken with crisp leaves tossed with Ciabatta croutons, bacon, parmesan
And anchovies

Chicken & Bacon Salad                                                £8.50
Crisp continental leaves and salad vegetables, topped with warm chicken
& bacon, drizzled with French dressing

Greek Salad (V)                                                      £8.50
Feta Cheese and olives served with a mix of salad leaves & sliced tomatoes
Drizzled with a Greek vinaigrette

Salad Nicoise                                                        £8.50
Flakes of tuna over mixed leaves with olives, anchovies, a poached egg and
A creamy mustard dressing
                                     Side Orders

8 Crispy Onion Rings £2.75
Pot of Coleslaw £1.75
Chips/Fries £2.50
Garlic Bread £2.75

                                 Kids Menu £5.00

(A smaller portion of the main selection may be available on

Chicken nuggets chips & beans or peas
Burger & chips & salad
Sausage, chips & beans or peas
Fish fingers chips & peas
Pasta in tomato sauce
Meat/cheese salad

Please advise staff of any food allergies & we will either identify suitable meals
or create them for you.

      Our Hotel policy is not to utilize GM Foods however, we are currently unable to
       guarantee the origin of some foods; therefore, some of our foods may arise from
       genetically modified Maize/Soya.
      If you have any queries please contact a member of staff.
      Fish may contain small bones
      Some dishes may contain nuts
      v - Denotes Vegetarian Option

Cheese & Biscuits                                                    £5.95
A fine selection of cheese accompanied by savory biscuit selection
Fresh grapes, apricots and dates

Chocolate Fudge Cake                                                 £4.20
A rich chocolate fudge cake served with luxury vanilla ice-cream

Posh Banana Split                                                    £4.95
Sliced bananas, fresh cream & vanilla ice-cream, topped with chopped nuts,
Chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries

Selection of Ice-creams available                                    £4.50
Please see your server for flavors
Topped with fruit coulis, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts and
Fresh strawberries

Hot Sponge & Custard                                                 £3.95
A choice of Jam, chocolate or syrup

Cheesecake & Cream                                                   £3.95
Chef’s choice of cheesecake

Cafetiere of Coffee & Biscuits                                       £2.50pp

Pot of Tea & Biscuits                                                £2.50pp

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