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									Policy Work Group: School Food (Table 7)

Policy Area Issues
What are some of the issues surrounding your policy area?

Fruits and vegetables not thawed when serving to kids
Thaw and serve system
Calorie requirements (Needs to be changed/updated)
Self-Sustainability of school food service (not part of school budget)
USDA School Food Standards
Availability of different foods within the school
Food preparation and quality
Costs of “healthy” foods
Better understanding of school food system
Labor costs associated with food service
Affordability of food for schools
How to work with outside food contractors
Unhealthy Ala Carte Items
School operating costs
Integration of the school food environment as part of the learning process
What issue will you focus on today?

Effective engagement of all key stakeholders to gain a better understanding of the school food
system in order to upgrade, update, and change policy regarding the school food environment
Policymaking Target
Who are your target(s)?

Food Service Directors
Board of Education
School Superintendent
Bishop (Faith-based schools)
School Wellness Advisory Council
Missouri SNA
DESE School Foods
What do you know about them?

They are trying to please many different interest groups
They have to follow many regulations
They are misunderstood
They have a different time schedule
What do you need to know?

How they operate
Their concerns
USDA Regulations
Their barriers
Their food contractor limits
How can you find out?

Talk to them
Read up on the regulations
Volunteer in the school cafeteria
Eat lunch with your children
Partnership Development
Who are your obvious partners?

KC Healthy Kids
Action for Healthy Kids
Parent/teacher organizations
Public Health Department
Who are your potential partners?

Missouri SNA
School Administrators
Teacher Associations
School Nurse Association
Missouri Rural Educators Association
How will you engage them?

Attend association meetings
Attend school board meetings
Meet with individuals within these groups to discuss concerns and goals
What kind of relationships do they have with your target/s?

Similar concerns about student health
Good health improves graduation rates
Who are your competitors? -- (the ones who are fighting for the same resources)

Beverage companies
Fast food and other restaurants
Media that markets to kids
Funding competition and priorities
Who are your foes?

Advertisers that market to children
The fast food industry
Large agribusiness
What are their arguments?

People should have free choice about what they consume
Fruits and vegetables are too expensive
Foods would take too long to prepare
Kids don’t like it
Family responsibility for student health, not schools
Ala Carte gives students more choices
Kids won’t eat fresh vegetables
How will you engage them? (think about the timing here)

Invite them to public events like this one
Do a lot of homework on the subject before approaching them
Invite author of “School Lunch Politics” Susan Levine
Find out who has common interests and engage with them
Who is the messenger?

Peer groups
What is the action message?

We want to partner with you
Where will you get your information?

Peer Reviewed Research
What stories will you tell? (given the time restriction)

Give examples of best practices that have been implemented
Oatmeal bar, etc.
How will you frame your message in the positive?

“Treat everyday like a MAP day”
How will you engage your membership?

What sorts of messaging media will you use for your target/s? (especially with different time

Emails (Personalized) followed up by a personal phone call.


Marge      Cole           DHSS-School Health                
Karen      Cooper         Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Erika      Devore         KC Healthy Kids                   
Meredith   Dreyer         Children's Mercy Hospital         
Alma       Hopkins        Extension/Nutr Sciences           
Cheryl     Mack           Principal, Ralls Co RII Middle School
Chris      Matthews       Extension/Nutr Sciences           
Shelly     Summar         Children's Mercy Hospital         

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