Bannerman High School

                                       Staff & Pupil Bulletin No. 4

                                      Monday 10th September 2012


Assemblies for week beginning Monday 10th September 2012: S3 Theme: SQA/Expectations

        Monday          Livingstone
        Tuesday         Mackintosh
        Wednesday       Napier & Burns
        Thursday        Telford
        Friday          Wallace

Assemblies for week beginning Monday 17th September 2012: S2 Theme: SQA/Expectations

        Monday          Livingstone & Mackintosh
        Tuesday         Napier & Burns
        Wednesday       Telford & Wallace

HPV VACCINATIONS: On Tuesday the 11th September 2012 the 1st dose of the HPV and the MMR Vaccinations
will be taking place in the old conference room (Science Corridor). Please advise pupils to queue outside in the
playground at the fire exit and leave the conference room via the corridor. Any girls in 3rd to 6th year who missed any
of their vaccinations can also attend at 12 noon.
                              2B1/ 2B2/ 2L1/2L2/                9.10-9.35
                             2M1/2M2/2N1/2N2                   9.35-10.05
                             2T1/ 2T2/ 2W1/2W2                10.05-10.20
                             4B1/ 4B2/4B3/4L1                 10.20-10.35
                             4L2/4M1/4M2/4N1                  11.05-11.20
                             4N2/ 4T1/4T2/4W1/4W2             11.20-11.35
                             4W3/5L2/5M1/5M2/5N1              11.35-11.50
                             5N2/5T1/5T2/5W1/5W2              11.50-12.05

I would be grateful if you could advise pupils to make a note of their allotted time in their diaries. Thank you. L
Dickson, OSM
DRAMA TEXTS. Could all S5 and S6 Higher Drama pupils from last session, please hand in their copies of all drama
texts to the Drama Department as soon as possible. Thanks, Mrs Breen

LONDON MEETING. Could all pupils going to London next February please attend a meeting in Drama Room 1 at
1.00 pm on Wednesday 12th September. Thanks, Mrs Breen

BACCALAUREATE: Could all S6 pupils taking the Baccalaureate IP project attend a meeting in ICT 3 on Tuesday
11th of September. Mr Frame

PUPIL INFORMATION: The Scripture Union and Greyfriars Youth Project group will meet in the old S6 common
room every Thursday at lunch time. Ms Purdie

NEW LUNCHTIME LIBRARY OPENING TIMES. The library will re-open on Monday 10th September at
1.00 pm. These are the new lunchtime arrangements. There will be no computer access during these times. Library
access only.
       Monday:         S1 ONLY
       Tuesday:        S2/S3 ONLY
       Wednesday:      S1 Book Club
       Thursday:       CLOSED for Kids Lit Quiz practice
Any S1 wishing to join the Book Club please come to the library during Wednesday lunchtime. Thanks, Miss

S1-4 GIRLS FOOTBALL. There will be training on Tuesday 11th September from 3.05pm-4.05pm on the
pitch/gym 1. Any pupils who wish to take part must have collected and returned a completed consent form to Miss
Reid (SS1).

TRAMPOLINING CLUB. Trampoline Club starts today after school to those who secured a place with a consent
form. Thanks, Mrs Cook.

S1 FOOTBALL TEAM. Could all players in the S1 Football Team please attend a meeting at Interval on today
Monday in the PE class. The meeting is regarding this weeks home cup game v St Mungo's. Mr Douglas.

S4 XL - STATIONARY SALE. The stationary sale will be starting back this week from Tuesday onwards. Pupils will
be coming around tutor classes every week from Tuesday to Friday. Mr Douglas.

VOLLEYBALL CLUB. Staff & pupil volleyball club starting next Tuesday 11th September, Gym 1, please see Mrs
Mulholland for consent forms/further details.
S6 LEADERSHIP AWARD MEETING. All S6 pupils who have elected to pursue the NQ Leadership Award this
year are asked to attend a very important meeting with Mr Anderson in ICT 1 during lunch (1pm) on Wednesday
12th September to discuss and plan your next steps.

S2 FOOTBALL TEAM. Could all players in the S2 Football Team please attend a meeting at Interval on Tuesday in
Gym 1. The meeting is regarding next weeks home cup game v Vale of Leven. Mr Douglas.

S1/2 CHAMPION’S LEAGUE COMPETITION. Tuesday at lunchtimes. Sign up in PE with Mr Pattison.

FOOTBALL 5 OR 7 ASIDES COMPETITON S1 & S2. This competition will be a league format played on a
weekly basis either on pitch or games hall. Please sign up in PE with Mr Pattison, Thursday’s 3.15 pm – 4.15 pm.

SOCCER AM BREAKFAST CLUB. Fancy football before school? Football in games hall, Friday’s from 28th
September for 6 weeks. Just sign up in PE.

MARY’S MEALS INITIATIVE IN THE FUEL ZONE. Cordia are once again supporting Mary’s Meals and will
hold their ‘Pitch in for a Kitchen’ initiative on 12th September in the Fuel Zone. Every meal eaten on Wednesday will
generate points that Cordia will translate into money to build a school kitchen in Malawi. All you have to do to help
with this initiative is buy your lunch in the Fuel Zone on Wednesday. A power point and short video clip will be
shown during tutor time this week to give you more information about this initiative. Mrs Belford.

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