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      THE Core/Corp of the Library

Dee Crowner
Library Director
North Liberty
Community Library
North Liberty Community Library Volunteer Policy
The North Liberty Community Library’s volunteers are an important extension of the Library’s
staff. Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks that are vital to the institution. The
following policy is designed to promote a maximum degree of excellence.

Definition of a Volunteer

One who performs a service of his or her own free will; one who contributes time, energy
and talents directly or on behalf of the North Liberty Community Library and is not paid by
Library funds. All volunteers must be accepted and enrolled by the Library prior to
performance of assigned tasks.

Overall Policy on Utilization of Volunteers

In order to achieve the vision and mission statement of the North Liberty Community Library,
we view the active participation of citizens, of a variety of ages, as a valuable resource to the
Library. After fulfilling Library procedures, the Library accepts and encourages the
involvement of volunteers at most levels of the Library and within appropriate programs and
activities. Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the
right to be treated as an equal, the right to effective supervision, the right to full involvement
and participation and the right to recognition of good work.
Guidelines for Volunteers
                                                                     Library Volunteer Policy (continued)
1.    Each volunteer is required to wear a volunteer badge.
2.    Volunteers will receive regular training from the appropriate supervisor.
3.    Special accommodations will be made upon request.
4.    A background check may be made on each adult volunteer.
5.    Volunteers will make note of time donated in the Volunteer Notebook.
6.    Volunteers will show respect to patrons, other volunteers and staff.
7.    Should a Volunteer have a grievance with a staff person, another volunteer or library patron, every attempt will
      be made to handle the situation through the Library Director or appropriate supervisor.
8.    The North Liberty Community Library reserves the right to terminate the services of the volunteer if merited.
9.    Volunteers may be used to increase the Library’s services.
10.   Volunteers may not be used to establish and maintain new library services.
11.   Volunteers will not be used to replace or reduce the number of paid staff.
12.   Volunteers will be covered with respect to liability insurance in relation to their duties.
13.   Volunteers should expect to fulfill a commitment agreed upon with the Library.
14.   Volunteers are recognized as contributors to the goals and services of the Library.
15.    Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of ALL library information. Failure to maintain
      confidentiality will result in immediate termination of the volunteer.
16.   The Library staff will, upon request, provide letters of reference for the volunteer, if deemed appropriate.
17.   Volunteers may start service in 5th grade.
18.   All volunteers are registered by completing an application form.
19.   Procedures and requirements for the volunteer will vary with age of volunteer.
20.   All personal information about the volunteer is for internal use only.
21.   Written parental permission is required for all junior volunteers (5th and 6th grade).
22.   Volunteers will not be expected to do anything staff would not do.
23.   Discriminatory or racist incidents will not be tolerated
24.   Volunteers are prohibited from being under the influence of, using, possessing, selling or otherwise being
      involved with illegal substances and alcohol.
                                             Library Volunteer Policy (continued)

Tasks That May Be Performed By a Volunteer

1. Shelf Reading (mandatory)
2. Shelving material (mandatory)
3. Helping with programs and projects
4. Being a group leader with the Summer Reading Program
5. Light cleaning assignments
6. Answering the telephone
7. Basic reference work
8. Working the circulation desk
9. Cataloging
10. Filing
11. Special events
12. Helping with material selection

Most task assignments will depend on the interest and age of the volunteer. Junior
volunteer assignments are handled on a volunteer by volunteer basis by the Youth and
Teen Services Librarians.
                                      Library Volunteer Policy (continued)
Types of Warnings

1. Verbal
2. Written
3. Dismissal

Types of Volunteers

1.   Adult
2.   Teen (TAG—Teen Advocate Group)
3.   Junior (junior volunteers)
4.   Community Service workers
5.   Friends of the Library
6.   Library Board
7.   Special Projects
                                            Library Volunteer Policy (continued)

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

1. Feeling good about yourself
2. A feeling of accomplishment
3. Being of service to your community
4. Great parties
5. Good food
6. Recognition by staff, community, friends, etc.
7. Special “perks” offered by the library
8. Chances at Continuing Education Opportunities
9. References provided
10. Awards
11. Meeting new people and making new friends
12. Getting to know the library procedures, policies, the effort it takes to run and
    maintain a library
13. Job training for future jobs
Application for Volunteer Service - North Liberty Community Library
The Library offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. Please fill out the following application form.

Date of Application______________

Last Name ________________________ First Name___________________M.I.____


City__________________________________ State____________ Zip_____________

Phone (H)________________________ (Other)_______________________________

E-mail__________________________ Date of Birth___________________________

Availability: Please circle the day(s) of the week you are available

Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday       Thursday      Friday   Saturday    Sunday

Please circle time of day you are available

9am to 11am      11am to 1pm      1pm to 3pm        2pm to 4pm    3pm to 5pm       5pm to 7pm     6pm to 8pm

Arrangements may be made to volunteer at other times.

How often can you volunteer? Please circle one of the following

Once a week     once every two weeks          once a month    as needed    by special arrangement
Volunteer assignments interested in learning: Please circle areas of interest:
                                                                                  Application for
Shelving (mandatory)     Shelf reading (mandatory)     Computers     Cataloging   Volunteer Service
Material selection     Working with children    Storytimes    Office work

Working with young adults     Processing materials    Summer Reading Program


Please list prior volunteer experience______________________________________

Emergency Contact:

Name__________________________________________ Phone__________________


Volunteer’s Signature___________________________________________________

Parent Signature _______________________________________________________
(for junior volunteers)
Recruitment of volunteers
      I.     All media
             A. Library newsletter
             B. Newspapers
             C. Radio
             D. Television

      II.    Library
             A. Newsletter
             B. E-mail
             C. Friends brochure
             D. Web page (library and city)
             E. Scrolly thing
             F. Bulletin Board

      III.   Through schools (all levels and homeschool)
      IV.    Word of mouth
      V.     Senior Centers
      VI.    Youth Centers
      VII.   Local clubs and organizations
                       Types of recruits
I.    Adults
      A. Can/will do pretty much anything
      B. Available most any time/dependable
      C. Have other commitments/not always available when needed
           1. Kids
           2. Gone in winter/vacations
           3. Appointments
           4. Play time
      D. Can call on them to step in when needed

II.   Teens
       A. Can/will do pretty much anything
       B. Good with younger kids/help with programs
       C. Not available much during school year
       D. Great help with SRP/during summer
               1. SRP group leaders
               2. Help with shelving
               3. Help with patrons
               4. Help at desk
       E.   Will step in if they see you need help when they are in the library
                 Types of recruits (continued)

III. Kids
     A. Don’t go younger than 4th grade but even better to stick with 5th and 6th graders
     B. Attention spans of gnats (don’t schedule for more than two hours but better for
          an hour)
     C. Love to help
     D. Can do a lot of what teens and adults can

III. Homeschoolers
     A. Available during day
     B. Get whole families involved
     C. Can do almost anything
     D. Listen well

III. Handicapped
            Types of recruits (continued)

VI. Boards/commissions
    A. Library Board
        1. Informed
        2. Usually doesn’t involve as much time as regular volunteer work
        3. Willing to attend workshops
        4. Like to micromanage
        5. Can be on Board forever
    B. Friends of Library
        1. Willing to raise and spend money
        2. Get business people involved
        3. Doesn’t involve a whole lot of time
        4. Think they know what library needs to spend “their” money on

VII. Community Service “volunteers”
     A. Service groups
     B. Patrons working off fines
     C. “Bad” people that need community service hours
                      Pros and Cons
I.   Pros                                  II.    Cons
      A.Available most hours of the day          A. Powers that be don’t think you
      B.Want to be at library                       need paid staff
      C.Dedicated                                B. Takes time to train and then
      D.Learn well                                  they leave
      E.Impress powers that be                   C. Don’t always want to be there
         1. City councils                           (kids especially but parents think
         2. County Board of supervisors             it is great idea)
         3. State Officials                      D. Friends want to work with
         4. Community                               friends
         5. Patrons                              E. Not always there when you
         6. Parents                                 really need them
         7. Other kids
     F. Good for getting outside funding
         1. Grants
         2. Donations
     G. Help staff with many jobs
     H. Can fill in for staff
                  Benefits for volunteers
A. Satisfaction of being able to help
B. What we do at NLCL
    1. Volunteer Week
         a) Friends (who are volunteers) provide small gift
         b) Volunteer Appreciation Lunch--If we can’t talk restaurant into
             donating food Friends pay for lunch
         c) Library also contributes small gift
         d) Acknowledgement in local media
    2. Plaques on Wall of Fame
         1. Name on plaque after 200 and 400 hours
         2. Picture on Wall after 600 hours
         3. Plaque acknowledging Friends Board members
    3.     Use library discount to order books (if legal in state)
    4.     Write letters of recommendations
         1. School
         2. Jobs
    5. Free pass to Rec, Center and aquatic Center
    6. Learning something interesting
    7. Library pays for volunteers to attend workshops/PLM
Things to remember when working with volunteers
  A. Start your program small (one of two people)
  B. Have volunteer policy and application (see I)
  C. Will probably need Volunteer Coordinator when program gets going
  D.    Don’t start with kids
  E.     Keep expectations low at first
  F.    Give them meaningful tasks
  G.     Most adult volunteers can do anything we can do
  H.     If you have a union find out what they allow volunteers to do
  I.     It is okay to fire/discipline volunteers
  J.     Say thank you a lot
  K.    Okay to give tests
  L.    If possible assign someone else to be volunteer coordinator but make sure they are
       “good with people (either staff or another volunteer)
  M. With Junior High and older volunteers let them take responsibility—not parents. You
       aren’t writing recommendations for parents.

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