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									                                                                                Third Grade Newsletter
                                                                                                     February 7, 2012

   CALLING ALL HISTORIANS!                                        Academics

                                                                  Reading Story: “I’m in Charge of Celebrations”

                                                                  Reading Skills: Visualizing, Elements of Poetry,
                                                                                     Robust Vocabulary
                                                                  Nonfiction Text majestic, vendor, adorn,
                                                                                  emerald, organize,
                                                                  Writing: Pourquoi Tale, Figurative Language
                                                                                    conceal, restore

                                                                  Math: Chapt. 7: Understanding Fractions; Problem
                                                                                 Robust Vocabulary Words
                                                                 Solving – Multi Step Problems
                                                                             confirm, indicate, gracious, inscription,
                                                                                humane, diplomat,
                                                                  Science: Sun and Stars/Energy integrity

                                                                  Social Studies: Black History Month, Weekly Reader
                                                                  “Go Kids!”

                                                                      Spelling Words               Weekly Assessments:
                                                                       words with suffixes
                                                                  1. farmer                        Spelling Test, Robust Vocab
                                                                                                   Quiz, Reading Test, Chapter 7
                                                                  2. useful
                                                                  3. softly
Shoeboxes Needed                                                  4. suitable                      Nightly Homework
                                                                  5. lonely                        Reminders:
         We will be making mailboxes for Valentine’s Day on                                        -Read for 20 minutes (Read
Friday, and are in need of 6 shoeboxes with lids. Thank           6. quietly                       “I’m in Charge of
you!                                                              7. teacher                       Celebrations”)
                                                                  8. thankful                      -Timed Multiplication Facts
                                                                                                   -Math Workbook Page
                                                                  9. exactly
3rd Grade Field Trip!                                             10. readable
                                                                                                   -Study Spelling words
                                                                                                   ***Remember to continue
          On Tuesday, February 14th we will be going on a         11. nicer                        working on FCAT Explorer
field trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve. Look for important
                                                                  12. safer
information about this field trip in the Tuesday Folder
                                                                  13. harmful
                       Mark Your Calendar                         14. playful
                                                                  15. suddenly                          Robust Vocabulary
       2/13-2/15 Jump Rope for Heart
                                                                  16. pleasant                          ordinary, apology,
       2/14/12 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve                                          scowl, ambitious,
                                                                  17. beautiful
       2/20/12 Student/Staff Holiday *More info on back*
                                                                  18. float                           mischievous, sympathy,
       2/21/12 Spring Picture Day                                                                              scan
                                                                  19. breathing
       3/6/12 Spring Concert at Victory Church 6:30 pm            20. gentle
                                                                                                      Weekly IXL Assignment
                                                                                                           R.11, R.12, S.1
                                                                       Story Vocabulary

Contact Me: molliemccullough@mckeelschools.com                     admiring, choosy, average,
                                                                   signal, tracks, celebrations
Tuesday, February 21st is Spring Picture Day. Students are not required to wear uniforms on this day and may wear an outfit
of choice that fits the Polk County Schools Dress Code. Please see the following information to be sure your student will be
dressed appropriately on this day.


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