May 2012 Menu FINAL by bwIjXO


									                           Full Size meals serve 4-6 people; Half Size meals serve 2-3 people.
Bruschetta Chicken with Parmesan Pasta $30 Full ~ $18 Half <Favourite!> (Full=5 chicken breasts; Half =3 chicken breasts)
Chicken Breasts are breaded in a homemade mixture, baked crisp, then topped with a tasty combination of tomatoes, balsamic vinegar,
and cheese! Served with creamy parmesan pasta. Cooking: 30 minutes; Oven and Stovetop
Bursting with Berries Breakfast $24 Full ~ $13 Half <Favourite!>
Treat mom on Mother’s day with this breakfast that is best described as chunks of French toast stuffed with bite-sized pieces of cream
cheese and blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Topped with a blueberry sauce. Cooking: 60 minutes; Oven
Chicken Wellington with Wild Rice $33 Full ~ $20 Half <New!> (Full=5 chicken breasts; Half =3 chicken breasts)
You’ll look like a master chef! Chicken breasts and a mixture of Swiss and cream cheese and vegetables (red pepper, broccoli, carrots,
spinach) are wrapped in puff pastry and baked. Comes with wild rice. Cooking: 40 minutes; Stovetop and Oven
Crazy for Cajun Chicken Pasta $27.50 Full ~ $14.75 Half <Favourite!>
Make this as spicy or mild as you like it! Tender chicken breast strips are tossed in a homemade Cajun spice then sautéed with red and
green peppers. Served over your choice of white or whole wheat pasta. Cooking: 30 minutes; Stovetop
Feta & Spinach Turkey Burgers with Tomato & Basil Pasta Salad $28.50 Full ~ $15.25 Half <Favourite!>
They are back! For a healthier burger, try these ground turkey, feta cheese, and spinach burgers with artisan buns and a side dish of
our tomato and basil pasta salad. Cooking time: 20 minutes Method: Grill and Stovetop
Greek Meatballs over Egg Noodles $26 Full ~ $14 Half
Homemade meatballs are cooked in a crockpot or simmer on the stove in a delicious combination of diced tomato, feta cheese, spinach
and a variety of Greek spices. Spooned over tender egg noodles. Cooking time: 4-8 hours Cooking method: Crockpot and Stovetop
(Not So) Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Green Beans $27 Full ~ $14.50 Half <Favourite!>
Perfect for grilling! This pork tenderloin is coated in a homemade jerk rub that is full of flavor, yet not spicy! We serve this with a side of
green beans. Cooking time: 30 minutes; Oven/Grill and Stovetop
Shredded Salsa Chicken Wrap $27.50 Full ~ $16.50 Half <New!> (Full=5 chicken breasts; Half =3 chicken breasts)
Chicken breast are slow cooked in a combination of salsa, marinara, red and green peppers and a variety of herbs and spices. They are
then shredded and wrapped in warm tortillas with cheddar cheese and sour cream. Cooking: 4-8 hours; Slow Cooker
Southwest Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries $30 Full ~ $18 Half (Full=5 chicken breasts; Half =3 chicken breasts)
A new creation that you will love! Chicken breasts are marinated in southwest herbs and spices then topped with a peach and mango
salsa. Kids will even love this! Served with baked sweet potato fries. Time: 40 minutes; Method: Grill and/or Oven
Spring Has Sprung Pasta $26.50 Full ~ $14.25 Half
This pasta just looks like spring with all of its delicious colors! Pasta is tossed in a light cream sauce along with tender chicken strips,
broccoli, carrot, peas and mushrooms. Cooking time: 30 minutes Cooking method: Stovetop
Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry over Peanut Noodles $28.50 Full ~ $15.25 Half <New!> <Peanut Allergy Warning>
Tender beef strips are marinated in fresh ginger, pineapple juice and soya sauce and served over Asian noodles and a variety of
vegetables in a light peanut sauce. Cooking: 30 minutes; Stovetop
Thai Green Curry over Basmati Rice $20 Full ~ $11 Half (or add chicken for $8 Full or $4 Half)
This very ethnic tasting dish has a bit of bite! This vegetarian dish consists of stir fried vegetables tossed in a creamy coconut sauce that
has a fresh, yet sweet and savory curry flavor. Served over basmati or brown rice. Cooking: 30 minutes; Stovetop
The Ultimate Greek (with Chicken or Pork) $30 Full ~ $16 Half <Favourite!>
You can’t get more Greek than this! Tender pork or chicken souvlaki is grilled or baked then wrapped in warm naan and topped with
tzatziki and served with a side of lemon orzo. Cooking Time: 20 minutes; Cooking Method: Grill/Oven and Stovetop

                                                    May’s Homemade Dessert
                 Chocolate Skor or White Chocolate Cranberry Pecan Cookie Dough $8
                                                   ~       290-0909

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