Ideas for use of Parent Helpers: by bwIjXO


									                            Ideas for use of Parent Helpers:

1. The Stock Market Game

2. Destination Imagination

3. School Newspapers coordinated and run by parents.

4. Math Enrichment Groups: teachers prepare curriculum and parents
   lead pull-out groups; examples= Math stories-
   ($25. per teacher), Math Problems of the Week-

5. Science Fairs: Parents meet with students during school time to
   research projects and the students do projects at home. Parents can
   then coordinate the Fair.

6. Math Forum: Cost is $25. for Problems of the
   Week ($71.00 for the Problem Library) Parents can take groups out
   for higher level problem solving

7. Junior Great Books groups

8. Lego and Robotics: If you’ve got
   the kits, parents can take kids out to do these fun activities. Some
   lessons have worksheets included. Look under activities.

9. National Geographic Bee:
Schools with students in grades four through eight are eligible for this entertaining and challenging test of
geographic knowledge. Parents can also do the GeoBee Quiz Game online with students. This is a GREAT
enrichment program for students.

10. News Bowl:

News Bowl Weekly is 74 questions based on news from the past week. The questions are assigned point values for
difficulty. There are many games and activities available with News Bowl Weekly. The main goal of News Bowl
Weekly is to provide upper elementary, middle school and high school students with an exciting, fun activity that
deals with current events. The questions are written so students can guess at the right answers and have fun doing
it. News Bowl is published for teachers each week through May. News Bowl Primer is the same as the News Bowl
Weekly except that questions are written specifically for lower elementary students. The weekly quizzes are
developed to bring current events interest and fun to younger students. News Bowl Primer consists of 32 questions
and answers each week.

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