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									Country:     Afghanistan
Project:     IRD SPR COCB
Abstract:    Gravel Road
Contract/Bid Request For Expressions Of Interest
Number:      SPR-TO-06 COCBROAD1-2009
Deadline:    September 13, 2009
Subject:     Expression of Interest for Request for Proposals SPR-TO-06


IRD is implementing the USAID-funded Strategic Provincial Roads – Southern and
Eastern Afghanistan (SPR-SEA) program that focuses on road infrastructure
development of 1,500 to 2,000 km of provincial roads. The overall objective of the SPR-
SEA program is to increase stability, security and sustainability through economic
development opportunities and improve access to social services for men, women and

Provincial roads can help facilitate and improve the availability of services for
communities residing along these roads. In particular, increases in agriculture, livelihood,
health service, education and other social services are attributable to the road projects.
Road rehabilitation projects significantly increase the availability of freight services in
the project influenced community. The time needed to reach the closest hospital in case
of a serious injury declines by an impressive level varying from region to region.

The SPR-SEA program works to ensure community participation and involvement
throughout the life of the project. This is done primarily through its Community
Outreach and Capacity Building Program (COCB). COCB’s goals are two-fold: 1)
engender a sense of ownership among the communities residing along the road as well as
their use and maintenance of the roads; and 2) improve the socio-economic development
of these communities. COCB programming facilitates dialogue and supports community
outreach and capacity building activities at the local, district and provincial levels. This
component plays a critical role in securing community endorsement of the project,
improving economic opportunities, and creating and maintaining a secure operating

Project Information

IRD wishes to hire a Subcontractor to build a 2.5 km gravel road in the Shinwar
Ghanikhel District of Nangarhar Province. The road is connected with SPR road at
chainage 4+047. The mentioned road is a link road connecting Dur Baba with Jalalabad
Torkham asphalt road. The first part of the road is from Jalalabad- Torkham road up to
main irrigation canal of Ghanikhel District, and the second part is from the irrigation
canal up to Katelia area which is connected to SPR road# 05.
The road will be built according to the national standards set by the Ministry of Public
Works. The communities that are served by this road will play a significant role in the
construction process. A board of directors has already been set up to facilitate
community participation in this process. It is expected that community labor – skilled and
unskilled – will be used to the maximum extent possible.

The Subcontractor will work along with IRD staff, both at headquarters in Kabul, as well
as IRD staff working with the communities settled along said road.

The following summarizes the key functions of the Subcontractor:

Project Overall Goal and Objectives

Goal: To include the community members in construction activities and enhance their
capacity to the maximum extent possible.


   •   To enhance capacity of the community in construction and technical activities.
   •   To provide technical training from credible centers for the community members.
   •   To include the community members in all steps of the project, such as planning,
       organizing, monitoring, and evaluation.
   •   To provide job opportunities for the residents of rural areas.
   •   To provide opportunity for women to form female CDGs, and for female Shura to
       participate directly or indirectly in the construction activities or technical
   •   To provide access road for the community.

Special Qualifications:

   1. Demonstrated ability to work in the Shinwar Ghanikhel District through past
      work experience in the districts, and/or signed letters of commitment from
      community leaders including district governors, Community Development
      Council (CDC) members; and/or village elders. Letters of commitment should
      include the author’s name, position within the community, and contact
      information (including telephone number). Letters provided by government of
      Afghanistan representatives should be written on agency letterhead and include
      the appropriate stamps. Letters of commitment should specifically mention the
      name of the contractor and the project for which the support is given and provide
      as much detail as possible as to the type of support the writer will provide.

   2. The Subcontractor will hire 70% of all workers on this project from within the
      road’s Zone of Influence (2.5km on either side of the roadway). The
      Subcontractor shall provide documents upon request to IRD to verify this
   3. The Subcontractor shall set aside .2% of the total contract amount for community
      outreach activities. These activities will be distributed equitably to communities
      along the length of the roadway and shall be described in the Subcontractor’s
      Community Action Plan (CAP). Prior to implementation, the Subcontractor must
      submit the CAP for approval to SPR-COCB. The CAP will be implemented in
      coordination with and oversight by, SPR-COCB.

   4. The subcontractor shall also provide Donor’s recommendation letters attached to
      the email that shows that the subcontractor has successfully completed the Road
      Construction projects specifically in the Eastern Region.

Subcontractor Role

The Subcontractor shall ensure that the communities settled along said road will be
directly included in all implementation procedures. The Subcontractor will play a dual
role, which will require that the project is implemented accurately from a technical
standpoint, while also displaying sensitivity to community members, and include them in
project activities, share information with them, enhance their capacity building, consult
them, invite their views accordingly and prove his accountability and transparency to the

IRD invites eligible Subcontractors to indicate their interest in providing these services.
Interested firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the
services, as per above requirements. Subcontractors will be evaluated and qualified
Subcontractors will be invited to submit proposals. Guidelines for the proposals will be
given to qualified candidates.

Submission of Questions: Written questions may be submitted no later than September 10
2009, (Kabul, Afghanistan local time). Interested parties are invited to address questions

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this project, send an e-mail to with the subject line “Expression of Interest”. Include the RFP
number, name of your company, the name of your company representative, company
address, and phone number in the e-mail. Please submit your e-mail of interest no later
than September 13, 2009.

Please see Appendix: A for Location Map in the Separate

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