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									                 CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT

                    EXECUTIVE OFFICER
                                     OUTDOORS WA Inc

The following conditions of employment shall apply between Outdoors WA Incorporated as the Employer
and ------------------------- as the employee.

1.     Availability of Funding:
                              All clauses of this Agreement are subject to the availability of funding. The
                              employee shall however receive all entitlements due as determined by this

2.     Length of Agreement:
                               This Contract shall commence as at the ___ day of ______ 2009 and shall
                              remain in force for a period of 2 years until ___ day of _____ 2011 unless
                              altered sooner following agreement by both parties in writing.         Re-
                              negotiation of a Contract of Employment, contingent upon the performance
                              of the Employee will commence no later than ___ day of ____ 2011.

3.     Duties and Responsibilities:
                              The duties of the position shall be those specified in the Position Description
                              in Schedule A. The Position Description may be amended to include
                              additional tasks if agreed to by both parties. The position shall be
                              responsible, to the Board of Outdoors WA.

4.     Salary:                (a) Salary shall be $80,000 per annum.
                              (b) Payment of salary shall be made monthly by cheque or by any other
                              method agreed between the parties.

5.     Superannuation:        The Employer shall contribute monthly an amount equal to 9% of salary to
                              an approved superannuation fund of the Employee’s choice.

6.     Allowances:            Meals, Vehicle and Travel Allowance
                              Allowances shall be determined by mutual agreement between the parties.

7.     Leave:          a)     Annual Leave
                              The Employee shall be entitled to four (4) weeks Annual Leave per annum
                              on a pro-rata basis. Such leave shall be taken at a time mutually agreed
                              between the parties and shall be exclusive of any public holidays that fall
                              within the period of leave. Leave loading shall NOT apply. The Employee
                              shall not accrue greater than six (6) weeks leave at any time.

                       b)      Sick Leave
                               The Employee shall be entitled to ten (10) days pro-rata sick leave per
                              annum to be cumulative. A medical certificate shall be required if a sick
                              leave absence extends beyond three (3) days.

                       c)     Long Service Leave
                              The Employee shall be entitled to long service leave in accordance with the
                              provisions under the Public Service Management and Employment Act.
                             d)          Special Leave
                                         In emergent situations the Employee may be granted up to 1.5 days paid
                                        leave non cumulative.

                             f)         Bereavement Leave
                                        Bereavement Leave shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Public
                                        Service Management and Employment Act.

                             g)         Leave Without Pay
                                        At the request of the Employee and where agreed to by the Board, periods
                                        of leave without pay for any reasonable purpose may be granted.

8.    Public Holidays:                  The Employee shall be entitled to paid leave for all Public Holidays.

9.    Meal Breaks:                       The Employee shall take meal breaks at his / her convenience so as not to
                                        interfere with the effective operations of the organisation.

10.   Grievance Procedure:
                                        The object of this procedure is to promote the prompt resolution of
                                        grievances by consultation, co-operation and discussion and to promote
                                        efficiency, effectiveness and equity in the workplace. It applies to all
                                        administrative and industrial matters.

                                                    Stage 1: In the first instance either the Chair of the Board or the
                                                             Employee shall inform the other of the existence of a
                                                             grievance and they shall attempt to resolve the
                                                    Stage 2: If the grievance remains unresolved, the Chair of the
                                                             Board or the Employee shall refer the grievance to the
                                                             Board in writing. The Board shall take such steps as to
                                                             ensure that the grievance is investigated in a thorough,
                                                             fair and impartial manner.
                                                    Stage 3: The Board shall advise the Employee in writing of its
                                                             determinations in terms of course of action and timeline.

                                         It is recognised that the Employee has the right to consult and be
                                        represented at all stages.

11.   Ownership of Products:
                                         All products developed and produced for and or by the Board and or the
                                        Employee, shall remain the property of Outdoors WA and shall not be rented
                                        / leased / loaned / sold by any person or organisation other than following
                                        the Board’s decision to do so. The Employee shall abide by this ruling at all

12.   Termination of Employment:
                             a)         The Employee may terminate this Contract upon two (2) month’s written

                             b)         The Board may terminate this Contract upon one (1) month’s written notice.
                                        This clause shall not affect the Board’s right to summarily dismiss the
                                        Employee for serious misconduct or dereliction of duty.

      .................................................                    …………………………………..
      For and on behalf of Outdoors WA                                         Date

                                      OUTDOORS WA

                                EXECUTIVE OFFICER

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

Position Details

Position Title:                   Executive Officer
Location:                         Perth
Reports to:                       Board

Primary Purpose

To manage the operations of the business of Outdoors WA in so doing develop and promote
    1. Industry development in the outdoor adventure activity industry
    2. The significance of Outdoors WA as a viable and valued organisation representing the outdoor
       adventure activity industry

Internal to Outdoors WA :
              1. Board of Management
              2. Staff
              3. Sub Committee Members
              4. Members

External to Outdoors WA:
              1. Industry members
              2. Relative agencies and their representatives on local, state and national levels

Authority Limits
The Employee shall adhere to the Outdoors WA Policy Framework
Key Job Result Areas

The Employee shall be responsible for the advancement of the following strategic agenda. Strategies and
initiatives apropos this agenda are itemised in the Outdoors WA Strategic Plan.

   A.    Industry Development and Sustainability

        1) Develop, position and maintain an integrated Industry Quality Framework for industry standards
           including accreditation, activity standards, leader registration and codes of conduct for the
           purposes of enhancing program quality, safety and environmental sustainability
        2) Establish and develop an effective industry training plan with development pathways capable of
           maintaining supply of suitably developed persons to met the scope and scale of industry
        3) Maintain and service multi / cross agency communications and networks prerequisite of effective
           industry function and sustainable growth
        4) Develop and support research based evidence linking participation in outdoor adventure
           activities to key social wellness indicators including health, crime, education and community
        5) Establish a collaborative strategy to establish an industry strategic plan for recreation and to
           reframe the value that the public and the Government place upon participation in outdoor
        6) Facilitate a sustainable model of coexistence for private and Government provision of outdoor
           adventure activities and programs that increase the physical activity levels of Western
        7) Promote the outdoor adventure activity industry to ensure it has appropriate audience, support &
        8) Establish a plan for the development of sustainable indigenous adventure tourism initiatives in
           regional Western Australia

   B.    Organisational Health and Development

        1) Create, develop and maintain an effective and sustainable Industry Peak Body in terms of
           governance, risk management, strategy, policy settings, succession and relationship servicing

   C.    Representation and Member Services

        1) Respond to / represent / communicate / advocate statewide industry and member issues to
           appropriate jurisdictions / agencies and to the public
        2) Provide valued services to members
        3) Advocate and promote the social value of outdoor adventure activity so as to ensure access to
           preferred locations

   D.    Participation and Events

        1) Create events which engage industry members and associates in the promotion of safe outdoor
           environmentally sustainable physical activity to the broader community
        2) Develop professional development and training initiatives that contribute to the continued
           growth of professional outdoor industry members

In addition the Employee shall be responsible for managing the Administration Support
Officer, the Industry Standards Panel and all operations of Outdoors WA.

      The performance of the Executive Officer shall be appraised annually by the Board and or its nominated
      representatives. Where the performance of the Executive Officer is deemed to warrant developmental
      work in the form of education and training, the Board shall make such arrangements and the Executive
      Officer shall undertake such work as dictated by the Board.

      The performance appraisal of the Executive Officer shall be qualitatively and/or quantitatively determined
      by the Board. The Board shall report such to the Executive Officer by mid December annually.

      The criteria by which the Executive Officer’s performance shall be appraised are to include -

      1.  The extent to which Outdoors WA has established and maintained key strategic relationships with
             a. the Department of Sport and Recreation;
             b. the Department of Environment and Conservation;
             c. the Department of Education and Training;
             d. the Outdoor Council of Australia;
             e. Future Now;
             f. Other agencies as dictated by the Board;
      2. The extent to which Outdoors WA has conducted its business within its Policy Framework - Policies
          and Procedures;
      3. The extent to which the organisation remains solvent;
      4. The extent of membership involvement with the business of the Association;
      5. The appropriate management of the human resources of the Association;
      6. the quality of the Executive Officer’s communications
             a. internally to the Board;
             b. externally to the membership;
             c. externally to the public;
             d. externally with agencies and the like;
      7. The effectiveness of the Association’s records management;
      8. The degree of external acceptance and respect for the Association and its business;
      9. The effectiveness of the positioning of the Association and within the broader physical activity
      10. The extent to which industry development initiatives have positively impacted upon the standard of
          program delivery in outdoor adventure activities.

               The signatories hereto hereby personally warrant that they have express and sufficient authority to
               execute this Agreement on behalf of the party on whose behalf they have signed.


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in the presence of:

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