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									Extra Bold Membership Application

And thank you for your interest in becoming a Coffee with Krisstina Extra Bold Member.
This lever of membership is reserved for Team Owners, Brokers and Multi-office
Brokers that are committed to the growth and success of their business and provides
you with the closest access to me and the rest of my GoodLife Team.

Only 10 applicants may be accepted at one time based on the answers to the questions
on this application form and my assessment of their intentions and ambition. Please
take the time to answer these questions thoughtfully!

Live the Good Life!


The Application

Please fill out the form below and submit to
Applicants will be notified within 72 hours of submitting the application.

1. Tell me about yourself and your career in a few lines. How long have you been in real
estate? What is your current focus and responsibilities?

2. What are your main reasons for applying to this program?
3.Twelve months from now, when you look back at the last year of building your
business and living a good life, what would have to have happened during those months
to make you feel like you achieved your ambition?

4. What’s the #1 thing you need help with in building your brand and business?

5. What are the 3 things that frustrate you the most in building your brand and

6. How many people are on your team (Agents and Staff)? What are their roles?

7. If you’re honest, what areas of your life have you been stalling in or procrastinating
with, and why do you feel you have been doing so?

8. What are you most proud of having accomplished so far in your professional life?

9. Who would you like to meet or do business with in the next 12 months?
10. Ten years from now, what do you want to have accomplished and what do you want
your life to be like?

11. Have you ever been in another high-level mastermind or group coaching program?
If so, describe the group, the leader of the group, and what you liked and did not like
about the group.

12. Personal data:
     Full Name:
     Brokerage Name:
     Email Address:
     Billing Address:
     City, State, Zip:
     Phone Number:
     Annual Sales Volume:

*Please Answer All Questions-- Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Considered

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